Stop Being Lazy

Stop Being Lazy (You Getting Beat)

People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them- Tony Robbins

Blame is just a lazy person’s way of making sense of chaos- Doug Coupland 



When you are motivated. When you have your mind set on something. When you have a “reason” for what you are doing. When you want to be successful (Drizzy voice) Being lazy is not even in the conversation. It is a word that is forgetting and ultimately hidden behind walls and rocks within your day to day schedule. Do we get tired or take rest. Yes of course we do. But being lazy is not an option. Some may ask what is lazy anyways. And the first thing that comes to mind is potato chips and tv. And sure that can be a part of it. But that is only 5-10% of being lazy. Lazy does not just entitle your favorite bag of chips. Or your favorite tv show. It is an entire different category that we forget about. And never really realize until we think about it. Let me remind you:




Lazy is having low self-confidence and a unwilling desire to do what one believes in.


Watch the clock. You only have 24 hours in a day. Make every second of your day meaningful and worth waking up. Schedule what is high priority and low priority. You have to start somewhere.


Internal motivation can go a long way when you are unmotivated or so called being lazy. Those who are able to find a fire inside and an eagerness to do well., simply  live a happier life.


Don’t go looking for anything. Just because someone told you to get up off of the couch and find a job. Take your time. Find what suits you best. Successful people do what they love. It makes hardwork fun. And weekend mornings less painful.


A common world amongst our society to day is “because”. We really don’t have a meaning for a lot of different things, so we result in because. When planning or preparing yourself “JustBecause” can get you into a lot of trouble. Never do something “JustBecause”. Ask someone about it. Research it. Think about it.


We all know what this means. But I wish to remind you of this idea. Procrastination is the root to variety of bad habits and trends. Wasting time is unacceptable when trying to be successful.


Patience does not mean to sit around and wait for magic to happen. It means take your time and never rush into anything you do not feel comfortable with. Some of the worst decisions in the world could have been avoided if individuals decided to wait.


Continue to move on through with your life. When things get down. Or happen to not go your way (which will happen) never give up.  When you run into roadblocks, you must find ways to get around or go over. Never settle for standing still.




Whether or not you are actually lazy, finding balance in your life is important. Working hard at what you do is essential. Giving out, what you put in will benefit you in the long run. You have to redefine what matters to you in life. If sitting on the couch is your thing so be it (It will be a long 10-12years) doing the same thing over and over again. Work hard and reward your self for ever little accomplishment. Stay on track. Consistently remind yourself who you are. And “WHY” you are doing what you are doing.



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