BeAwesome: #297 Clever

297. Clever

If we cannot be clever, we can always be kind 




One of my all time favorite movies is Old Yeller (1957 film) from Walt Disney. I’m a sucker for Disney and animated movies (this is not animated). But this one is a classic. If you have yet to see it, you are missing out, and I request that you head to your local library and rent it. Better yet, go onto eBay or Amazon and buy it. It is worth every dollar. I can’t remember the exact age, but when I saw this movie I was so impressed with the idea and concept (Loved the dog!). Back when,  I specifically remember the dog. And the way it handled its self in tough situations. The dog was smart. In short here is a run down of the story: It is a bout a boy and a stray dog. In the beginning the dog was not liked by many. It gradually earns the family trust by saving individuals from black bears, wild boards and other wild animals. Eventually, without telling the entire story Travis (Yellers best friend) finds himself in a tough situation, and Yeller ends up badly hurt. Now that I look back on this classic, the word clever comes to mind. We forget how fast and easy it is for animals to stick up for their friends and family. But we as society have a hard time allowing a bird or small animal cross the street. If you are human. And I am human. Shouldn’t we all be looking out for one another. Strange concept right. I guess a lot of us just don’t agree the same. Maybe we should think about this a little more.


Quick to understand. Learn. And diverse or apply ideas. Intelligent. And always skilled at doing or achieving something. One does not need university. A PhD. Nor any type of post secondary education to be clever. Actually, you should not have to have much schooling at all on this term. This is taught in the home. Around the friend. A few books. Being clever is about looking out for one another. Being around or in the area when no one else is. Standing up for what is right. Instead of being cool. Keeping it safe. Clever is about doing the right thing when everyone else is only thinking it, and having a hard time putting it into action. We are a society of bright people. Some of the greatest most brightest human beings ever, are in our time today. We have so much to be thankful for. So much to smile about. Let’s start standing in front. Instead of hanging out in the back. Be clever about our way and action.




Those who are AWESOME are clever. NO matter WHAT, we try to put our best foot forward. We think deeply about the occasion or experience. And we consider what we can do to make better it. We often take risk. But we understand the difficulties and results of an outcome and how it can affect our livelihood.  We are clever.




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