BeAwesome: #298 Calm

BeAwesome: #298 Calm

When adversity strikes, that’s when you have to be the most calm. Take a step back, stay strong, stay grounded and press on- LLCoolJ



Drake. Aubrey Drake Graham. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. First and still known for playing a role on Degrassi, but now mainly for his success on the music charts. Without a doubt, Drake has redefined the art of hip hop and rap. Back in 2009, Drake released “So Far Gone”. One of the many songs that holds memory in my mind, is “The Calm”.  From my knowledge of the song, Drake is describing how distant he feels from his family and friends, since becoming successful. He talks about his love for his city. And how he is going to stay motivated regardless of what others think of him. Drake is a prime explain of how success can cause others to change the way they think of you. “I’m sitting in a chair but in the future it’s a throne”. The Calm is about maintaining a focus no matter what is going on around you. When I hear him talk about the struggles of being successful.  How people will turn against you. How people with “think” you’ve changed. It reminds me to stay calm. When people see you doing something they do not have to passion or desire to do themselves, that is when they turn against you. And try to convince others to do the same as well. The Calm




Not showing or feeling nervousness, anger or other emotions. Quiet. Still. Peaceful. Keeping a calm attitude is important. Others can see and pick up on a reaction. A body movement or a vibe from someone really easily. Take your time. Understand that your actions cannot always make everyone happy. Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself that you are one person. And cannot control others vision of you. Take your time. But work hard and be efficient.


Those who are AWESOME are calm. Calm cool and relax. Take a breather.



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