BeAwesome: #299 Taste

BeAwesome: #299 Taste

Get excited and enthusiastic about you own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire – you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away- Denis Waitley 




Most people enjoy eating (Who doesn’t right?) Some would consider themselves a talented eater. We eat. Most of the time, we eat what we want or enjoy. When we get older, we prepare our own meals. Or for some of us we have others prepare it for us. The main idea is, we get to decide what we eat. Growing up, you are asked to taste and eat a variety of different foods. This is to allow your body to adjust and give your mouth a taste and feel for what it is like to try new things (This continues as we grow) I remember hating the thought of peas and green vegetables. It was a nightmare. I would toss as many as I could down the sink. I would swallow as many as I could with water. I would try to mix everything with my potatoes. They were something I was never a big fan of. Now that I look back, I understand the process and the experience that my mom and dad put me through. Mom, “You eat your vegetables or your not getting dessert”. Dad “We can sit here all day, but we aren’t leaving until that plate is clear”. Me “Why does she have less than me, I have all the vegetables. Not fair!” Like success, you have to taste the bad apples before you reach the good ones. OR. You have to make the bad apples taste good through time because of their importance. You have to take what you get and try to experience it as much as possible until you find what you like or build an acquired taste for what is presented.


The sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance. Palate. Experience. Try. Flavor. Sample.  We all like to try new things (Well some of us) (If not you should start) And a part of being successful and motivated into what you love is tasting what you are presented with first. Trying it out. Thinking about the combination of flavors and taste in one shot.  What do you like. As you get older you will be able to identify the taste and food you like. Sour. Sweet. Hot. Mild. And like successful people. You figure out the combinations that work. They are people call the go to’s. When you are unsure of a meal. When you are unsure of a path. You always have your go to, to back you up. Tasting doesn’t mean, go out there and try everything that is pushed in front of your face. Tasting does not mean you have to eat everything. It means as my mom and dad would say “Don’t knock it, until you try it”. The same thing goes for success.




Those who are AWESOME taste. You know, I enjoy taste test. Walking in the super market and being presented with food. Why wouldn’t you try it. For one its bite size. You can easily get rid of the taste with a glass of water, or some form of substance. Taste test your way into success. Try new things and allow yourself to explore what is new out there. Those who taste, have a habit of finding what is just right for them. Taste

PS: Eat your green vegetables 😉



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