BeAwesome: #300 Fresh

BeAwesome: #300 Fresh

Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it- Lucy Maud Montgomery 




I love the smell of new shoes. It is in my top 5 favorite smells of all time. Actually, it is in my top 3. Weird right. I know I get it all the time. Don’t you love the smell of something new. Opening the wrapper or the box. The feel and touch of something fresh. Not used, touched or worn. I try to get and receive a lesson from everything I do. That is one way I keep positive throughout life. I take the old. And the new. And use both of them to influence my future. I try to stay fresh all the time. Not cool. Not buying new clothes. Not buying expensive jewelry. It means keeping what you do up to date. Being aware. And continuing the push yourself towards having the future you dream about. That fresh smell does not have to go away. It has to be something you continue to smell over and over again. Put the work in every day. And start fresh tomorrow. Run into walls (not literally) Make mistakes. And later start fresh. You always have to go back. And smell it again. Before you can move forward.




Fresh. Not previously known or used; new. Or different. Recently. The first thing that comes to mind when we see this word is cool. And of course we all have our on type cool (Or so-called swagger) but that has to do with your appearance and style. This has to do with your way of life and thinking. Allow yourself a fresh start. Every time you start something. Or go back to something that you’ve been previously working on. That is a fresh start. Never rely on your past to make things happen. Understanding the importance of making experiences. Work. And drive. Fresh each time you beginning. And start. This will give you a lot to look forward to. When you start in your past. Or where you left off. That is giving your mind a memory. Asking you to think about what happen before. Open a fresh thought. And then get going. Starting off fresh is an important part of being successful.


Those who are awesome are fresh. That is all:-)




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