BeAwesome: Fitness Extraordinaire- Ryan Trueman

The best ab exercise you aren’t doing!

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Hey guys, Its Ryan Here..I am an abdominal fanatic and I love the burn and beating they can take, so I have tried a lot of ab exercises over the years.   This one has to be one of my favorites that works for even a beginner gym rookie!  This exercise is called the myotonic crunch or the half ball crunch and I try to do it at least once a week even in the bulk season!

This ab exercise can be seen in the video below and should be done at the same speed.  The speed is the most important part here guys!  The constant load your abdominal bear from the instability of the ball mixed with the speed control stress, makes for an awesome exercise! If you find it easy go slower or add weight to your hands.  Additional to speed, another major thing to remember is to not go past vertical at the top, and try not to pause unless you know you aren’t.  When you sit up passed straight, your abdominal will get a rest and you will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.  I recommend 12-15 reps for 3 sets with around 30 seconds rest.


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