BeAwesome: #301 Sweet

BeAwesome: #301 Sweet

Change in all things is sweet– Aristole




I am not a big fan of sweet. Cakes. Chocolate. That type of thing. I like sour and spicy. I love candy. Most of you know that. I guess we have our own preferences(bad habits) right. And this is my breaking point. I need to cut down on candy. Any suggestions? (That is my rant for the day/Starting to substitute apples for candy shah)But recently I was given a large portion of candy by my family. Thanks to a good friend. I was able to receive them safely.Through the air and across the ocean. As I made my self sick from eating everything in the bag. I noticed how. Without knowing. I was not picking different candy to eat first. That is what I usually do. I’m picky. And I save the good ones for last. By touch. And partially by seeing I ate what ever I got my hands on. And then I thought. I am going to eat the entire bag anyways, right? What happen to my favourite? I had about 2 dinosaurs left. (sad face) The moral the story is. It was all sweet. It was Good. It was enjoyable. I forgot about being picky. And enjoyed it. But I would not have had this bag of goodies unless the individuals on the other end were sweet. So I thank each and every one of you It is okay to be picky. It is something we must do in life to get by. But we need to realize when the time is appropriate. I guess that is something we all need to think about (including me, yup) Being sweet is more important.


Having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey. Not salty. Not sour or bitter. Nice. Lovely. Candy. Fresh. When something is sweet we enjoy it. We all need to be a little bit more sweeter. Making someone else’s life a little bit more awesome than what it already is. Really. It is not that hard. We talk about it all the time. But do we put it into action. Taking into consideration another individuals feelings and how they would feel if something was done for them. If we all found this type of sweet tooth. The world would be okay. People would smile more often. Money and greed. Would be around. But less approachable. Less needed. (Yeah I said it) Sometimes we get so lost in how we are being treated. We forget how we are treating other people. Again. Something else to think about.


Those who are AWESOME are sweet. Doing the little things to make someone else’s day a bit better. It does not have to be a gift. It does not have to an object. A look. Or touch. Anything with a positive meaning can cause the worst day to turn slightly around into the best day ever. Be careful of your sweet tooth



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