BeAwesome: #302 Amazing


It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit- Harry Truman

Amazing things happen all the time. We read about them. We watch and see them happen in person. Once in a while. And we look. Not a whole lot can surprise us anymore can it. I’m a frequent user of facebook and twttter. These are two popular social media networks. And one thing I enjoy the most about them is. You can see what other people are interested in. What is popular. And what is going on. Recently I ran across a special video. This is the amazing stuff I love to see. It was about a little boy and his brother. They were the ESPN 2012 Sports Illustrated Kids Winners.

You have to watch the video to understand the concept and deep thought these two little kids share with each other. So young but so smart. Caring. Both Conner and Caden have a very bright future. Through listening to this kid. You can tell. The parents have been doing a great job at home. I thank you. For raising such a bright future for our world.


Causing a great surprise or wonder. Astonishing. Amazing is a word used to express our thoughts on something. It is 99.9% of the time used in good context. Meaning for something good or great. Amazing is going against the norm. And doing what is right no matter what the circumstances may be. Amazing is expressing that feeling. Sharing that feeling with others. Amazing is not so much a surprise. Or a cheer. It is often common sense. That is shared in the light of ignorance. And people who just do not understand. Holding your head high. Standing up to the big guy. Brushing off the doubters. And living an honest life while helping others. Amazing is against the grain.




Those who are AWESOME are AMAZING. They are considerate. They at least try to understand. And they never take the littlest things for granted. They carry on. And try to do things that will not only influence and affect them. But also affect others who are apart of their life.




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