BeAwesome: #303 Invincible

BeAwesome: #303 Invincible

An invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men- Thomas Fuller 




I’m not a huge comic book guy. Not really into super heroes. Use to have a thing for spider man way back in the day. But it was never my thing. I was always a Care Bears kinda guy. Watched Mr. Dress Up. Loved Gargoyles. Goof Troops. On and definitely Inspector Gadget. I was an 80’s baby. I loved these shows. This summer I went back to my child hood and decided to check out Avengers. Now mind you. This is not necessarily a little kids movie. But it’s about super heroes. It reminded me of when I was younger. First off the movie was great. Definitely a good watch, if you haven’t already. And the lessons throughout the movie are great as well. For me. Thinking back. One stood out for me the most. Who are the Avengers? We as an audience know what is going to happen. But we still love the story of the good guys going down. And overcoming obstacles to reach the top again. And this was exactly what happen. These guys were invincible. Why? Because they wanted it more than anyone else. The fancy gadgets. The high-tech armor. The fast cars and flying powers. It was all well and good. But without heart. They had nothing. And that is exactly what they had..


Too powerful to be defeated or overcome. Unbeatable. Know one is asking anyone to be superman. I kind of like batman better. But you get my point. All of these guys have a variety of things in common that keeps them going. They believe deep down inside that they are invincible. That know one can stop them from helping and saving the world. Be brave. Take the challenges that life presents to you. Stand up to them and try. If you get knocked down. Remember the greatest of the greats understand what it feels like to be on their back. But they still got up. Believe you are unstoppable. Fear nothing. And be sure in yourself and the steps you follow. Trust your heart. Trust and believe what you are doing is right.




Those who are AWESOME are invincible. This attitude. This idea. Is not just a movie. Or a thought. Or something you see written down on paper. It is a feeling. A belief that you can achieve greatest. That you can become or do what ever it is you want. Through dedication. And commitment. You can be invincible. It is entirely up to you.



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