BeAwesome: #304 GirlFriend

BeAwesome: #304 GirlFriend

One loyal girl that is a friend is better than 10 inconsistent relationships- Unknown


I can’t say I’ve had a lot of them. I can’t say I entirely understand them either. But I do know one thing. I’ve been learning. And some day I shall understand. One thing I believe is that. I do think everyone needs a girlfriend. They are funny. Smart. Intelligent. The most beautiful living on earth. Why some decide to treat them wrong. I do not know. I am too to. Crazy right. Long hair. Short hair (Kinda have a thing for short hair.olol) Lips. Legs. Confidence. Lady like. Put together. Sometimes understanding. Honesty. Athletic. Great conversation. Smiling. Courageous. How can you not want something like that in your life. Everyone needs a girlfriend that has your back. That you can talk to. That cares about you. Cares about you enough to cry when you are crying. But at the same time not afraid to kick you in the a** when you are being a baby. I’ve found that treating women with respect has taught me a lot. If you are not doing so. Honesty I do not know what you are doing. The benefits of having a great girlfriend are long listing. Advice. Comedian. You name it. Dear gentlemen it is okay to have a friend that is a girl. It is not a crime. It is actually pretty cool if you ask me.


A regular female companion with whom a person has a romantic relationship with. A girl. A sweetheart. If you were looking for a story about me and girl. Or some form of relationship story. I am sorry to disappoint you. Maybe another time 😉 This is more about finding the right girlfriend. Not “girlfriend” stated in the defintion. This is the AWESOME definition. Finding who is right. Everyone is looking. And needs a different type of person. A different type of girlfriend. Be patient and wait until she comes a long. You will know right away if she can be trusted with your feelings. Or trusted with your thoughts. She will be sincere. And open-minded. Gentlemen it is okay to have friends that are girls. (Repeat that sentence) It is very beneficial to your health and environment. They may also bake you cookies. So it is a win, win situation.




Those who are AWESOME have girlfriends. Why? Well, why not. They always know what to do. They set things straight when you are off track. Loveable. And will give the world to see you happy. Real girlfriends help you prosper. They never old you back.





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