BeAwesome: #305 Single


I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear- Oprah Winfrey 




Recently I was asked ->how does it feel to be single.  And now that I think about it, if this was not coming from the person that ask me, I would have maybe thought it was a crack at my personal life (Not like it matters me). But I replied, like always. It is great. This is usually followed by. A what’s so great about it. I did not get into detail. But like always. I started to think. We must all take a single approach to life before it gets going. Isn’t that how we figure ourselves out. Number one love your self. No one should love you more than you love yourself. Take the time out to look in the mirror and be thankful for what you see. Number two. Spend some time with your self. Buy an ice cream. People watch. Buy a nice shirt. If you deserve it. Number three. Never live in fear of rejection. Or failure. Walk. Run or Sprint through life with a smile. And an endless confidence. Eat alone once in a while. Go see a movie. Dance. Sing out loud. Yes. Sure, relationships are fun (well some of them). Marriage is great (again, some of them). But take part in a single activity once in a while. Get away. Embrace being alone. And be single. (PS: I am not anti-relationships/I Promise..ahah)


Only one. Not one of several. A single red rose. A single lollipop. An individual person or thing rather than part of. Or pair or a group. Only. Lone. Solitary. Separate. Sole. Single does not have to be next to a relationship status. It does not have to be recognized as a social acceptance. Or a specific group. Single is yet a word that allows one to get away. Walk alone and think. Adjust. And apply meaning to life. We often forget the importance of reflection. Self-reward. And self-meaning. Remembering. Take a moment out of your day. And be single. It is okay. The world will not stop. I promise.





Those who are awesome are single (Not literally) 😉


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