BeAwesome: #306 Young

BeAwesome: #306 Young

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age- Lucille Bal

We are all young at heart. If we decide we want to be. We always talk about life. And how it is your choice to live it the way you want it to be. Life is about choices. And we have the power to make anything happen. If you have the determination and desire to do so. Your images. And thoughts will come to life. We are young. We grow old in age. But our hearts remain the same. Don’t be in a rush to get older. Or wish yourself a happy birthday. Take some time out and enjoy your age right now. You can never go back. Your age always goes forward. Fun. We are young. Tonight is the night. Let’s set the world on fire. Every opportunity you have to sit aside work. Or really enjoy yourself. You have to go for it. Life moves so darn fast. That every second. Every opportunity. Anything you decide not to do. May not come back around. We can be young forever. But if our choices remain the same. Our bodies will not move. And we will not enjoy life and the many experiences waiting for us.


Those who are AWESOME are young. We look at every opportunity and outcome as a new beginning. Our youth and light heart is what drives us throughout life. It takes us on adventures. It lands us in strange places. Being young is about being AWESOME. And continuing to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Know matter how fast you grow up.





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