BeAwesome: #307 Serious

307. Serious

Take life serious, but laugh at lame jokes…




To start. I do not watch a lot of movies. I have a few that I like a lot. And I often watch them over and over again when and if I ever find the time. But this movie (The Dark Knight) is an exception. I have not seen it in a while. But it is a great watch for anyone. When I think about it. Often, one line stands out for me, a little more than the others. If you’ve been able to watch you’d know which line–> “Why so serious” the epic scene of the Joker (rip Heth Legar) discussing how he got the scars on his face. It was intense

Sometimes I do ask myself that question. Why am I taking life. Or what ever it is so serious. Something’s we go through in life entitle us to focus. And approach things seriously. In a different manner. Straight eyed. And ready to go. But remember when these times are needed and called for. We have to be able to distinguish these times. Is it that important? Do I have to be so serious right now. Would smiling be okay. Would it give my experience a better feel. These are all questions we forget to ask when we are serious. Or begin to worry about something. Sometimes we need to be serious. But be serious when appropriate. Only you know when its time for this feeling. Never just for the sake of it. A lot of things in life are taken for granted. A lot of things are taken to seriously.


Thoughtful or subdued in appearance of manner. Not joking or trifling. Deeply interested. Not easily answered. Or solved. Of course we have to take things seriously in life. Things happen and we cannot help but look at it in a certain way. Life is not simply fun and games (as they say) but we need to lighten the mood as much as possibly. Enabling your self to smile. Or have fun. Is detrimental to your health as a person. Be serious when the time is right. Smile at everything else. Is it really that bad? If it does not concern your family. Your health. Or a friend. It probably is not that bad. And sometimes we have zero control over the situation as well. So lighten up. And Be Careful with your emotions.




Those who are AWESOME are serious. BUT. At the same time we understand what it means to lighten the situation. Things are and will go wrong in life. How we react and respond will determine how we feel, and how our future emotions will be determined what we do later in our future. Take a step back. And ask your self. Why so serious..



3 thoughts on “BeAwesome: #307 Serious

  1. I agree. Whenever I get caught up in life and find myself taking everything too seriously, I try to watch little kids playing. They are so innocent, so unbiased, so natural about their fun. They do not take any of it seriously and never worry about outside problems, nor do they exclude any other child for any reason, no matter how different that child might be. They just know how to have fun. Leave the serious stuff for another time….

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