BeAwesome: #308 Boyfriend

BeAwesome: #308 Boyfriend

A boy-friend is someone who cares. Takes pride in friendship. And has your back through thick and thin-Annoymous   




All guys are not bad. Ladies. Please. Never hinder a future relationship with a guy because you’ve been mistreated in the past. The past is the past for a reason. Gentlemen. Stop taking your friendships for granted. Love is word. Being close to a guy is not going to hurt you in away way. Everyone needs a boyfriend. Me I have a good core group of them. And man do I ever love them. Being away. Has really made me appreciate them that much more. The laughs. The inside jokes. The conversation. NBA 2k. Madden. Barbeques. Walks. Family gatherings. Its been missed. Sure you meet new people. And ultimately become good friends. Maybe even bestfriends. But they are never the same individuals who you grew up with. One thing I like about MAN friends are. 1. They usually like The are up to date on what is happening in some form of sport no matter what. 2. They care. They may not show it by crying or hugging you. But they will let you know. Sometimes in a harsh way. But they will put it out there for you. 3. They enjoy seeing you happy. And will stick beside you know matter what you decide to do. If they do not like it. They will tell you. But still support you all the way through.


A regular male companion with whom one has a romantic or sexual relationship with. has not done a great job at defining this word. But they do mention a friend. Fellow or Pal. Which is more accurate. As a society we have put a common stigma around this word. Simply meaning a boy who is a friend that you have relations with. Everyone needs at least one boyfriend in his or her life. I’ve been lucky to have a few. And I think I’m ready to add two more to that list (GS&BB). Lads it is okay to talk about your feelings with a guy. Ladies all guys are not trying to be with you. It is possible that they may. But it’s entirely up to you to set that boundary. Nice guys do exist. And some of them are great to take too.




Those who are AWESOME have boyfriends. A guy that is a friend that you can talk to is important. For a female: Honestly, it lets you in one what most guys think. I can’t say everyone but possibly the average guy. They can determine and come up with things you’ll never think of. For a male: There is nothing wrong with a little bro-mance. Love your boyfriends and cherish the time with them. Life is too short to take close relationships not seriously



4 thoughts on “BeAwesome: #308 Boyfriend

  1. Hi Robbie,I was so touched by your last message(THE CREW).It was very nice,I read it twice,almost made me cry.They are all so touching and inspirring.Miss you,LOVE MOM,haha laugh out loud.P.S.DAD says hello too;AKA henry.

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