BeAwesome: #309 Selfish

BeAwesome: #308 Selfish

Sometimes you need to be selfish enough to believe that you deserve an equal chance at success..



Sometimes we have to look out for ourselves. Being nice. Allowing other people to be apart of your life. Making friends. This is an essential part of living life to the fullest. But there will come a time in your life that you have to do something FOR you. Being selfish does not mean. Shutting others out of your life. It does not mean. That you have to stop caring. Or being responsible. It means. Doing something because you want to do it. And being proud of that achievement or accomplishment while doing so. It is that simple. A little selfishness can be a good thing.

I remember when I use to play basketball (Still got a little left in me). All of my coaches use to remind me about being selfish. Why? Well I was a passer. I loved to set others up for the score. It was a passion. Something I enjoyed doing. At the same time, I noticed that is was starting to become un-beneficial at times during the process. You know. Trying to please everyone. Is not possible.

After a while I started putting these traits into my real life. I was a helper. I always wanted to help others and be there for them. I’d do anything for a friend if I could. I’d be there. And a lot of my friends know that. It was something about seeing others smile. And helping them through a situation they needed help with that really got to me. I still do not understand what it is. But it is still there.


I have a hard time saying no. I usually say yes. Even if I no I really do not want to. It is a bad habit. It is something I continue to work on to this day. But one thing that stood out for me throughout the course of my life, is that no matter how much you try, and help others, you will always remain responsible for what you do and the reasoning behind it. So what do you do to be more selfish?

  • Take more responsibility into the commitments you make with other people. Do you really want to go to dinner? Do you really like that tv show? Be responsible for what happens next. Stop allowing others to do it for you.


  • Say what is on your mind. Be careful, but if you really want to say something say it. People will never know unless the hear it or physically see it


  • Care about yourself. Take the time out to enjoy you. Do things you like once in a while. Encourage others to do things you like or are interested in.


  • Figure out how to say no. If you disagree with something, let the person or individuals know “right away” . The worst feeling is allowing something to go on and on, knowing you do not want to be involved what so ever.


  • Enjoy something you like. Do it and talk about it. If this is what makes you happy. This is what you should be doing. No break for in-between hard work.


Those who are AWESOME are selfish. We love our friends and family. But. Understand some things need to be done on our own.


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