BeAwesome: Death of the Cell Phone

Death of the Cellphone

There are some of you, who, if you give up your cellphone, you will be successful- Eric Thomas



This is an honest statement “I love my cellphone”. I check emails. I use text messaging. I read Ibooks. I surf the net. I do a lot on my phone. Rule number one #ADMIT IT. It is the first or second thing I check in the morning. I use it for an alarm. I touch it. I watch videos. I check stats. And creep facebook once in a while. A cellphone is a hand-held computer. Computers will know longer be used in the near future. Everything will be shaped and designed like a cellphone. (You heard it here first)


Of course the cellphone has a variety of benefits (See list below). Easy to contact a friend or a family members. Quick searching of the internet. Easy to access information and banking.  Videos. Stats. And pictures. All at your fingers tips. It is a great source. It is a great invention.


Benefits of a cellphone:




Music Player



Now. The reality of this is that cell-phones is ultimately stopping you from working and presenting your very best. Every second. Minute. Hour. You spend on your phone. Someone else is getting ahead of you. Someone else has found a way to separate his or herself from their cellphone. The benefits of this are enormous (See #DEATHOFTHECELLPHONE) and the amount of focus and real life work being done increases 100%. When you say you love something. Or better yet. You feel passionate about it. You begin to dream it. Sleep it. And wake up in it everyday. You think you’re really dedicated. You think you are trying really hard. And then your phone rings…

If I wrote a blog about how much I never use my cellphone. I would be liar. If I told you I never checked emails or text messages. I would be a liar as well.I love my cell phone. It is something I use on a daily basis. But I am most efficient when my phone is put away and my mind is focused on my goals and dreams. Cellphones are not going out of style. They are still very popular. But they are one thing that is keeping you from being the most successful person you can be today.





If you want to get beat in a race or scored on during the last second of the game. Continue to use your cellphone, every minute and hour of the day. Today, the cellphone is more than cellphone in our lives. It is something that controls our actions and movements on a day-to-day basis. It is a consistent excuse for us to not work and give 100% during a task. It is a distraction during a test or an exam. It is the reason your C+ will never be a B+. Your B+ will never be an A+. But your cellphone down and give your undivided attention to what it is you are trying to focus on.

When this tool (the cellphone) is out of your way, you are free of all distractions. That is right. You are free. When you are able to go hours without looking at your phone, you are committing your self to what you really think is important. Not a message to a friend. How are you doing? What are you doing this weekend? The common message and alert on your phone is not an emergency. It is not something you have to, or must respond to right away. A cellphone is that, a distraction for you and your friends. It keeps you unmotivated. And further away from your dreams. You may not want to hear this but. It is a consistent excuse for you not to work hard.



When trying to reach are maximum amount of potential. Climbing the highest mountain. Overcoming difficult odds. Breaking stereotypes. And fighting against the norm. The cellphone is not going to do the work for you. If you want to be fully committed, put it down. Some of you can’t put it down for 2 minutes. Some of you have it attached to your waist. The cellphone is not only stopping our dreams. It is hindering out way of conversation. Our speaking and language. Our personal approach to situations. We can hide behind emails and text messages. But we cannot hide behind the person we see in the mirror.

Some people will not put their cellphones down in light of having a good future. Think about the moments you have and what is going to help you go forward. Every second you have is precious. Every minute you waste is gone. You cannot get that back. Put it down. DeathoftheCellPhone



2 thoughts on “BeAwesome: Death of the Cell Phone

  1. I don’t own a cellphone, never have…but I have thought about getting one lately, especially with the many offers out there in the material world. But I spin it out in my mind many times, and still ponder whether it will be worth it. On one point I see it as a viable alternative to keeping a land-line, and see it as a better means which I can carry around in my pocket everywhere I go. Then I wouldn’t be stuck looking for a phonebooth on a street downtown…a phonebooth that are getting harder and harder to find, now that cellphones are making them disappear, when I need to make a call to someone or some business I want to contact. On the other hand I wonder if I really only want a cellphone for the wonderful options of having a carry-around computer all day, rather than only being able to call people. It is a difficult choice to make right now, and I will someday surely have to come to a decision on this…

    • Thanks for commenting Brian!
      Cellphones are great! They have the ability to do amazing things for you on a day to day basis without being at your computer. They are fascinating devices. With that, I believe (personal opinion of course) that they can also slowly take over a large portion of your life if you are not careful. It is definitely a good investment though! Go for it! Let me know how it goes! 🙂

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