BeAwesome: #310 Adventurous

BeAwesome: #310 Adventurous

I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them- Elizabeth Taylor 





If someone told me 5-10 years ago that I would be an elementary teacher in Kuwait. I would have probably looked at them like they were crazy. Followed by an enormous amount of laughter. The traveling. The doing things that are out of my comfort zone. Not entirely out of the norm for me. But this experience has definitely been something I could have never guessed. Sometimes trying new things can be easy. A simple taste in new food. A scary ride at the waterpark. Or even a simple hello to a crush or a new friend. These things can be challenging for different people. Traveling. Trying on a new dress. Working at a new job. Doing something you enjoy. Whenever the opportunity is there, I think it is best to embrace it. I think as a culture (world), we miss out on opportunities, new friendships and life changing ideas and moments because we are scared to try new things. Or better yet, walk outside of our comfort zone. If I could take anything from this experience early on, it would be to relax and enjoy the new things that are presented to me. Life happens once on earth. So enjoy it.


Willing to take rise or to try out new methods, ideas or experiences. Involving new ideas or methods. Risky. Before anything I would like to clarify what it means to take a risk. Some of you may quickly think it means, something has to be dangerous or uneasy. But risk taking is about (like said above) stepping outside your comfort zone and being or trying to be comfortable in a new setting. Being adventurous or taking a risk does not have to conclude by jumping out of a plane in a parachute. It does not have to be jumping from a bridge with a cord wrapped around your waist. Being adventurous means you are willing to try new things in hopes of finding what you love and feel passionate about. A lot of people think this term is about doing threatening events that may cause harm to your body. Or worry your friends or family. Those acts are not adventures. They are usually called stupid. Or simply dumb. Be adventures not stupid.




Those who are AWESOME are adventurous. We love to try new things. We love to get outside of our comfort zone see what happens. Maybe not right away. But we try to experience, and take every experience and learn something from it. About ourselves. And about other people. We are adventurous.



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