BeAwesome: #311 Mature: 4 Things You Should Spend Less Time With

BeAwesome: #311 Mature (4 Things You Should Spend Less Time With)




Everyone has a kid in them. Something will always excite you. If you do not. Or nothing can excite you. You are missing out. We catch ourselves acting like a kid in different situations all the time. It is normal of course. It is something great about the person.The individual. And different experiences that cause different reactions to things in life we enjoy. You do not have to be an adult to be mature. You do not have to act like an old man or woman either (Even though everyone calls me old man :-)Growing up. I was always considered and “old man”. Or a oldsoul. Mainly because of the decisions I made in the moment or before and up and coming event. Deep thinking. Sometimes when you are growing up, you do not think about occasions or events. You do things because you are asked. You get involved because it looks cool. Or feel pressured. Me. I would really think about the beginning, middle and end of everything. I would think about the benefits of each occasion.I would think about the outcome before it happened. I would often look deep into things. I would often say things beyond my years. Being mature to me was about making the right decisions. And being able to say no, when you were pressured to say yes or do things you had no interest in.


Fully developed physically; full-grown. Being mature is about experiencing more and taking everything out of that experience and using it to better yourself as you grow. It is not about drinking coffee and wearing suspenders. (Nothing against suspenders or coffee @TheCoolestCool;-) Or. Wearing a skirt. And high heels. That is not the meaning up growing up. Being mature is recognizing the bigger picture and preparing yourself for what is next in life. Understanding social rules. Understanding what it is you want in life. Again. Seeing the big picture. And having an idea of how to get there. Being mature is about letting go of things that have zero value towards your success. Or better yet. Spending less time with them. Here is a list of things you need to spend less time with:



Spend less time with:

1. Gossip (No time for it. Leave it for those who are bored)

Not a big fan of gossip. Everyone likes news, but gossips is a poor conversation starter. So and so is dating so and so. Did you hear about this. What do you think they should do. When ever I hear about gossip I laugh. It never bothers me inside that it interest people, but it never interest to the point were I want to participate either. Gossip is a rumour that may or may not be true. Having true facts is another story. Understanding the different between the two is important. Leave gossip for junior high and high school kids. There are so many other things in the world you could talk about. Talk facts. Don’t gossip.

2. Video Games (Not literally, but don’t over do it)

Not a huge fan of video games. I have friends that love to play them. And I do once in a while. Often in the summer. Or on rare occasion at a friend’s place. They are modern technology. The individuals that create video games are extremely talented. And should be recognized for their accomplishments in this trade. But for those who are mature. Don’t over do it. A new game comes out. Sure go and get it. Play it. Enjoy it. Embrace its digital loveliness. But when you start to allow it to interfere with your life. Wife. Kids. School. Job. Significant other. Then we have a problem. Today. Parents. Adults. Everyone is guilty. For spending hours in front of the t.v screen shooting monsters. Or playing sports. And. Hey it is okay to have fun. I am just saying that those who are mature. Understand their limits. And when enough is enough. Enjoy it. Put it away. Repeat.

3. Bad eating habits (Eat what you like, but be responsible)

As we grow older. We need to take responsibility of what we eat. I did not graduate with a health degree. Better yet, I know very little about nutrition. But we all have a sense of what is healthy and what is not. As we grow. We need to start taking care of our bodies a little different. Instead of grabbing the fruit roll ups. Grab the apples or oranges. Instead of taking the fruit loops. Take the Cheerios (I know this is hard). But you need to find a balance in what you eat. And find the things you like. So you do not have to go wandering around the store looking for healthy food you like. Of course. Treat your self once in a while. Grab those fruit loops or lucky charms and go for it. But you have to find a balance between the two. An important yet forgotten part about life is that we are what we eat. We need to take care of our bodies. So our bodies can take care of us.

4. Procrastination (Don’t lie to yourself)

I always tell myself that, “Procrastination is the road to failure”. This is one of the biggest challenges amongst young adults growing up. When you are unsure about life and what you want to do. When you have friends pulling you from different angles. When you are trying to experience new things. And trying to please everyone. We forget about our purpose. Why we are doing what we are doing. We take a 2 hour break instead of a 1 hour break. We talk to a friend about a question. And forget about our homework. Instead of watching one movie we watch 2. Instead of watching what hockey game we watch 3. Understanding how procrastination can hurt our future is important. It is something we should all look up. And try to balance in our work schedules. It is great to take breaks. But when you find that instant thought about something you need to do. Simple do it. Sit down and get it done. There is not better feeling then completing something, you thought would be overly difficult. The benefits are that it is over. You’ve sat down and completed the work. Now you can move on. Don’t lie to yourself. And put things off until tomorrow. Do it now. And get it over with.


Those who are AWESOME are mature. We have fun but we understand our boundaries. We do things because we want to. Not because of the outside influence. We love being ourselves. And searching for things we love to do and enjoy. We stay busy. And have a purpose for what we are doing. We try our best to please ourselves and the people around us.



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