BeAwesome: #313 I Get #HIGH

313. BeAwesome:  #313 I Get #High

Work hard & achieve anything. Aim higher. Dream bigger. Fear less. Love more.Look after yourself. Be grateful. Stay blessed. Trust your struggle. It’s now or never


Unfortunately I quit smoking when I was 10 years old

I get high all the time. Of course my high affects me differently. I spend my life in the clouds. I feel weightless. I am amazed by pictures and the things around me. Sometimes I go really fast. Sometimes I walk in slow motion. I get extremely happy. Sometimes I feel sad as well. My highs change every year. It makes me laugh. Often by myself. But sometimes with friends. I see great detail most people usually overlook. A small fly on the wall. A piece of lint on the pillowcase. A curved line or mark on a book or a piece of paper. I get absorbed into an object. I think deeply. I go on random journeys and spend time with my thoughts. My mind flows differently. I think deep and long about the things around me. These thoughts bring ideas. I understand magic better. I am able to write and sing a bit better as well. I get lost in success. I get trapped in my world and surroundings. I experience thinking and problems I have never faced before. It let my mind go off in its own direction. I look at words and conversation differently. My high doesn’t harm me. Not the least bit. My high doesn’t cause the munchies (well sometimes it does). My high is legal (around the world). My high smells good. My high allows me to see clearly.

My high is not a drug but it does the same thing. My high is #LIFE. What is your high?



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