BeAwesome: #315 Diligence (How to grow success)

BeAwesome: #315 Diligence

Diligence is the mother of good luck- Benjamin Franklin 



A special secret to success is diligence. Doing something with care and showing conscientiousness in your work every single day. 100% is not enough for you to get better or to make something great. It is about consistency. Giving and going beyond 100% and giving it that little bit extra. That is how special things/people are born. Everyone out there is doing 100% and working hard. You need to work that much harder to get over the top (110%). Think about it this way:

Growing a success plant:

You have to believe it is going to grow eventually. Start from the bottom up. You give your plant (your goals and dreams) your undivided attention. Add water (heart) and plant soil (determination). Understand if it needs to be damp or dry. Don’t over water it, check for the right consistency (work hard at it, but never over work yourself so the dream dies). Make sure you have proper lighting (Make sure you are doing what ever it takes to make your dreams come true). Select the best location for you to place your plant (Put yourself in a place that negative energy cannot affect you. Be brave enough to continue what you love to do). Add fertilizer to the soil (get help if you need it). A plant needs to eat too (Listen to others). Keep the temperature ideal. Just right. Choose a pot that is best for the plant. Some plants need larger pots so the roots will have room to grow. Check the humidity. (Give it 110%. Take pride in what you do and how you do it. It’s not about having the best plant. It is about preparing yourself to do your very best every single time)


When it comes down to it, you create your own success. Some people have connections or are born into successful families with more privilege, but everyone has to work hard to be truly successful. Diligence and patience is the key to this madness. Go beyond your ego, and get your hands dirty. Step outside your comfort zone and make a commitment to yourself to grow the best plant (for you) You are in competition with you. Do it the right way, and you will see your plant blossom in no time.



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