How to be a #SuperHuman

How to be a #SuperHuman



Will Smith. Oprah Winfrey. Warren Buffet. Michael Jordan. Donald Trump. Usain Bolt. Muhammad Ali. Jane Addams. Albert Einstein. Elvis Presley. Anne Frank. Henry Ford. Mohandas Ghandi. Hellen Keller. Ellen DeGeneres. William Shakespeare. Leonardo Da Vinci. Neil Armstrong. Christopher Columbus. Abraham Lincoln. George Washington. Mozart. Bill Gats. Martin Luther King. Napoleon. John F. Kennedy. Benjamin Franklin. Bill Clinton. Pablo Piccaso. Michael Jackson. Thomas Jefferson. Mother Teresa. Aristotle. Princess Diana. Walt Disney. Beethoven. Mark Twain. Tom Cruise. Charles Dickens. Harrison Ford. Clint Eastwood.  Bob Dylan. Ray Charles. Jim Carry. Jack Nicholson. Dr. Seuss. Bill Cosby. Justin Timberlake. Denzel Washington. Eddie Murphy. Charlie Brown. Spider Man. Hillary Clinton. Michael J. Fox. Robin Williams. Andy Griffin. Miles Davis. Ken Griffey Jr. Kobe Bryant. Beyonce. Kanye West. Steve Martin. Tom Brady. Keith Richards. Tyra Banks. Hank Aaron. Yogi Berra. Neil Diamod. Jesse Jackson. Terry Fox. Chuck Yeager. Dan Rather. Mae West. Terry Bradshaw. Gloria Gingrich. Jennifer Lopez. Justin Bieber. Lady Gaga. Tom Cruise. Steven Spielberg. Tyler Perry. Simon Cowell. Elton John. Lebron James. Angelina Jolie. Tiger Woods. Wayne Gretzky. Taylor Swift. Brad Pitt . Dr. Dre. Bon Jovi. Adele. Glenn Beck. Jennifer Aniston. Paul Mac Cartney. Peyton Manning. Sean Carter. Michael Bay. Many Pacquiao. Roger Federer. David Beckham. Eva Longoria. Adriana Lima. David Letterman. Kate Moss. Lionel Messi. Floyd Mayweather. J.K Rowling. Serena Williams. Sofia Vergara. Barack Obama. Warren Buffett. Mark Zuckerberg. Jack Dorsey. Satoshi Tajiri. Trip Hawkins. William Wrigley Jr.

When I think about the list above (2 name a few), I think about 4 things: Heart, Motive, Fire, Choice. What is it that separates the regular human being from these super humans? I’ve read a number of blogs, books and articles about why people do what they do. What motivates successful people? What allows others to rise above the norm and overcome obstacles many give up on? Where do they find a second gear?  How are these people so successful?

When people see the success of others, they often forget about the hardships they’ve faced before their fortune and fame. Before the makeovers and money. Being poor on the streets of New York, living in abandon buildings, living pay-check to pay-check, teen pregnancy, gang violence, peer pressure, bullying, rape, child abuse, obesity, name calling, disease, put-downs, head-aches, cancer, lost loved ones, a broken heart. Someone in the above list has overcome one, two or possibly three of these obstacles. What they do for a living now is what we see in the paper. What we see on the movie screen, on packages and clothing. The way these individuals reached their full potential is lost. The steps they went through is an after thought.

People forget that these super humans started from the ground up. They took a long look at obstacles and mountains and found ways to overcome and climb over them. They were not given empires of riches or a big house and a picket fence. Society was never threatened to like these individuals. They did something that the world has never seen before. They had motive to drive their determination. They used hardship and struggle to light their fire. They created a heart of hope and destiny. They left the world with no choice.

What you need to be a SUPERHUMAN:




One thing almost all successful people have is motive. Motive is the striving force behind your inspiration to be successful. This is the key that starts the engine. When you have motive (meaning) behind what you do, your job turns into passion. When you are living a passion, you do not work a day in your life. Motive is finding an experience that is negative or positive, and using it to benefit you in the future.

You can’t just wake up and decide that something is going to be my motive today. You can’t just steal a motive from a friend or pick up a motive from the super market. A motive is something that has been created through some type of experience (positive or negative) Maybe you want to prove a teacher or friend wrong about their idea of you being a doctor or a lawyer. Maybe you want to challenge a coach’s perspective on your chances of making it to the pros and being a superstar. What ever it is, you have to find it and grab a hold of it. Think deeply about what was said (not who said it) and use it to motivate you to be successful.




A lot of people have motives and reasons to do things. They make resolutions and promises to get things going (Get started). The beginning is always the easy part. You have a clear picture of what you want and how you are going to get there. Your confidence is at an all-time high and you feel good. The first few days are usually okay. The fire is fully lit. The next week. Sometimes the next month. The same thing. But after a while that fire is tampered with. Outside influences are trying to put your fire out. What do you do? What would a super-human do?

Outside influences and obstacles that tamper with your success only fuel the fire. You need to take that energy and that struggle and use it to continue to push towards what your ultimate goal is. Super-humans never allow outside influences to affect what they see as the big picture or final project. They continue to use everything in life to motivate (motive) them to keep going. That fire they have, sure it gets tampered with, but it continues to burn. And it burns until a task or goal is complete.




When you do something and you leave society with no choice but to pay attention to what you are doing, you are testing your will and power of achievement to be successful. Life is about choices. You can decide to quit. Give up. Or change your mind at anytime, but when you make up your mind to stick with a cause or a goal, that is when you will be successful. You will never get anything done, or finish it to the best of your ability if you allow others to influence it. When you decide to give society zero choice that is when people start to no you are serious. It takes time to figure out what you are good at. Maybe it is more than one or two things. But consistency and commitment to a choice is what people notice the most. Super-humans leave societies with no choice but to pay attention.

HEART: You have to have it inside you to make it happen (Plain and simple) Sure you must leave society with no choice, keep the fire burning, and find something that keeps you motivated (motive), but it all really comes down to one thing. That one thing is heart. If you can’t find it inside you to do what you love, or try to make a better living for yourself, you are not going to be able to follow through on plans you have for your future. You have to look inside yourself (internally) and believe what you see or write down can come true. You need to tell your self you can do it. Superhumans have it inside them. They breathe and sleep success. Why can’t you?



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