BeAwesome: #319 10 Ways To Take Care of the Environment

317. Earthy



Do you litter? If so you should probably stop. #NotCool

I am grateful to have live in a place (Canada) where the environment is a priority. Is it the number one priority (maybe not)? But it is something we try to take care of. Green grass. Bright Trees. And litter in the garbage can. It is all something we take for granted sometimes(Me included). Being able to travel and see different parts of the world has really changed my awareness of the world and what we need to do to take care of it. Here are 10 Awesome Reminders on How You Can Take Care of The Environment:

1. Compost:

Why waste something that can help something grow. Try to keep organic waste from being tossed in the garbage. It helps our trees and plants grow stronger. Have you ever seen a plant grow inside a municipal dump? Didn’t think so.

2. Plant more trees:

It really is not that hard. Go to your local grocery/plant store and buy a few trees for your front or back yard. Trees improve your health, cool your home and help control pollution around your house. Everyone loves trees.

3. Buy organic grocerey bags:

In parts of Europe, they give you nothing. That is right. You either bring your own bags/backpack or what ever it is you use and you put your products in that. This is the way it should be. Why kill the world and make millions of plastic bags. They last for a really long time. Don’t be cheap, buy something to put your groceries in.

4. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth:

Something we are all guilty of. Stop running the water when it is not being used. Turn it off and on when needed. Plain and simple (I am guilty of this :-()

5. Dry your clothes with natural sunlight:

The sun will eventually rise. Use the sun as a resource, maybe it will take a little longer but it saves energy and the world while doing so. Hang your clothes to dry. I am not saying dryers are bad. I am saying use the sunlight when you can. Plus it makes your clothes smell fresh!

6. Energy Saving Transportation:

Some of us have no choice but to drive to work. But think about these ideas before you step out of the door. Can I car pool? Is my public transportation that bad? How far am I  from work? Is driving a bike out of the question? What about walking? All of these things should come to mind before you decide to hop into your car and take off. I get it, we all can’t afford a hybrid. But consider the outcomes and possibilities first.

7. Water your plants:

Sounds very simple, but we often forget to water what is ours. We bought them and forget to take care of them. Find out how much water it needs, and put it in your daily/weekly planner. Plants need loving too!

8. Pull the plugs:

This is hard I know. It is annoying to take the plugs out every time you are finished with something. If you do it, saves energy. If you do not, it technically is still on. Once in a while, pull the plugs and let your electronic devices take a break. They need to relax just like people do. It is okay. The device will not be mad at you if you pull its plug once in a while.

9. Don’t litter/Pick up litter:

Sometimes it is too much. You can’t pick up everything. For starters, don’t be a part of the problem. Secondly, pick up what you can and make the world a better place while you are doing so. Litter is #NotCool. Find a garbage can and toss it in. Very simple. If you do not have a garbage can, but it in your bag until you see one. It is not that hard.

10. Smile

The world hates an upside down smile. Smile more and the world will be more happy.

Take Care of your environment #BeAwesome


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