BeAwesome: #321: Stop dreaming and start living

BeAwesome: #321: Stop dreaming and start living



Without struggle there is no progress—

I woke up from a dream and looked around. After noticing I was going to be late for work, I quickly washed up, grabbed an apple and headed to the bus. Once I arrived on the bus I started to think. What a nice dream I had.

-What is a dream? A series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

I was in the park. I was walking with a female friend. With us came a little girl and a little boy. As we walked, I remembered daddy and mommy being called by these two younger children. I remember ice-cream cones falling on the pavement. As we sat near a bench, in a nearby neighbourhood,  the my son yelled “Be Awesome” as he pointed to a young child that we did not know, playing on the playground. The young child was with her mom and older sister. I noticed  a bright sweater with positive words written across the front chest. We smiled, and went on with our day in the park.

While on the bus, an inner smile and joy started to arise. Yes, my dream was over but something stuck with me. Something started to play on my mind. How could I be so happy about a dream? What made me so happy? Something that is not real. Something that is made up. What is stopping me from feeling this way all the time? (This is an important question) This is when I came to a conclusion/and more questions:

Why do we continue to dream (literally) so big and allow ourselves to live an average life? In worst cases, why do we allow others to make these choices for us? How many of you reading this blog have been told what to do with your professional life? Personal life? What to buy? What to eat? And have actually considered all of these things because others said so? Why do we allow others to control different parts of our life. How many times have you said “yes” for the sake of saying yes? How many times have you actually tried to follow your dreams?



What do you get from dreaming?

Dreaming is not bad. It is what you do after you dream that is crucial. Do you allow this dream to just be a dream? Do you wake up and try to make this dream reality? Do you write stories and tell everyone about your dreams, but never really try to accomplish them? What do you do? Following a dream or doing something you love can easily decide whether or not your life or lifestyle will be satisfying. In our dreams, everything is perfect (at times). The sweat, tears and hard work that people do in real life does not exist in your dreams. We easily reach our full potential.

“In your dreams, everything is just the way you want it to be”



Dreaming is often (“sometimes”) a misconception of what we think and only “want” to happen. How often do we wake up and tell ourselves that we are going to make our dreams come true today (We should be doing this all the time). Do we ever ask ourselves, why not? Why can’t we do what we dream of (Super powers and flying do not count) Why can’t you make that feeling within a dream be real? You can, but it is entirely up to you to make it happen. This happening usually involves hard work.

 Start Living

Allow yourself to be happy every day by following your dreams. When you wake up from something special, give yourself a chance at it in real life. If you fail, so what? Big deal. Everyone must fail before they reach success. Following a dream or pursuing something you love has more value than a normal job or something you dislike. Start today. Stop dreaming and start living the dream.



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