BeAwesome: #322 Why giving up sucks

BeAwesome: #322 Why giving up sucks



Being defeated is temporary, giving up is permanent 

Every day we go through trails and tribulations. We face things that we do not want to face. We have encounters with all walks of life and make decisions we sometimes do not want to make. One thing I’ve noticed through reading and studying people is that the happiest people never give up. The happiest people do what ever it takes to find joy and strength in what they love to do. Of course on different occasions, things will never always go the exact way you want it to, but having a mindset that is ready to keep going know matter what the circumstances are is important. Remember, you will become upset, you will want to start over or try something new, you will want to give in and let the thought of defeat win, bon’t don’t allow this to happen.

Don’t give up so easily 

Today you should…

Write something worth reading

Read something worth sharing

Say something worth repeating

Give something worth getting

Choose something worth keeping

Sacrifice something worth giving up

Go somewhere worth seeing

Eat something worth tasting

Hug someone worth holding

Buy something worth treasuring

Cry tears worth shedding

Do something worth watching

Risk something worth protecting

Listen to something worth hearing

Teach something worth learning

Be someone worth knowing


Don’t give up

–       Be Awesome


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