Thinking about yourself? #GoodIdea

BeAwesome: #327 Thoughts About Yourself



Because of fast trends, music, pop culture and people who our world is built around. Celebrities. Videos. Commercials. Technology. Social Media. We now allow all of these things to control who we are and what we do. We change when they change. We eat what they eat. We watch what they watch. We forget about our own image and thoughts. Even our own feelings. As an individual in the world, we need to realize that we are special too. We do not have to be rock stars to be special to someone.


Love Yourself

When you wake up in the morning, and brush your teeth, get in the shower and eat breakfast, tell your self “ I love you”. We go days, weeks and even months and years, without having the conversation with ourselves. An important part of self-worth, and confidence is believing that you are special. Every day we will encounter someone or something that tries to make you feel inferior. You need to build your confidence so these moments are used as positives instead of negatives. Negative things are so beneficial to us, but we never realize and understand them until it is too late.

Loving yourself is agreeing that what you see and what you do, and who you are is what the world wants and needs. If you change that (because) of what others say, you are not being true to yourself. People give suggestions. People help change lives. But deep down you need to figure things out for yourself. You need to want to do it. And want to be whom you see in the mirror everyday. What can you do to remind yourself about your worth?

  1. Write down 5 things you love about yourself
  2. Name 5 things you are proud of
  3. Make a funny face and take a picture (frame it)
  4. Ask a best friend to write you a letter explaining why you are both friends
  5. Smile more

Please Read: 

I can’t run the fastest

I can’t swim the sea

I can’t type the quickest

I love being me

I can’t kick a ball

or even climb a tree

I can’t roll in the grass

I still love being me

You see, this is my life

as others would see

don’t know what it’s like

to really be me

So next time I’m about

rolling down the street

don’t think of me disabled

but someone cool to meet

I have lots I can teach you

I have loads I can share

you will never gain my wisdom

if you just point and stare

So maybe I can’t run the fastest

maybe I can’t kick a ball

but I wouldn’t change being me

not for you, not at all



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