Motivational Music For The Ears

BeAwesome: #328 Motivational Playlist

Love Music

Love Music

Please read Six Reasons You Should Let Your Child Listen to Hip Hop by Ross Simmonds. I know this is a lot of reading but it is definitely worth the read.


Music is so much more than just sound, video and lyrics. Music has a place in everyone’s heart for different reasons; first date, marriage, prom night. If you ask someone to tell you about a time they enjoyed music, and I’m sure they could come up with something entertaining. Have you ever heard someone say they do not like music? I haven’t. I’ve heard people talk about the different genres they enjoy, but never a dislike for music (in general).

Music is one of the most powerful weapons in the world. A piece of music has the ability to easily affect our emotions. How we think, and the way we go about our every day life. Music is often written based on the lives of the artists and their journey in life. Often their journeys and struggles are the same as ours. This is one way we connect to music and the artist. Music easily puts you in a mood. It causes your mood to swing: happy, sad, playful, sexy (amongst many others). This is one phenomena that has the ability to change the world. Unfortunately we use it in a more mainstream kind of way.

Motivational Playlist



If I told you everything music is used for I would writing this blog all day. As you already know, music is used to help, encourage, inspire, entertain, religion, rights, politics, therapy, fashion, video games, movies and sports (to name a few). We use music for healing all the time. We allow music to determine our moods, and what we think about.

Motivational Playlist:

–       The Roots- The Fire

–       Eminem- Till I collapse

–       Kante West- Stronger

–       Drake-Over

–       Wiz Kahlifa- Work Hard

–       Ace Hood- Hustle Hard

–       Eminem/Drake/Wayne/Kanye- Forever

–       Jay Z-Encore

–       Roy Jones- Can’t Be Touch

–       Lupe Fiasco- Little Weapon

–       B.I.G- Juicy

–       Eminem- Not Afraid

–       Dj Drama- My Moment

–       DMX- Right Wrong

–       Eminem- No Love

–       Jay Z- Run This Town

–       Lupe Fiasco- The Instrumental

–       B.I.G- Victory

  Albums on my iPod :

Old School:

The Fugees- The Score

Cypress Hill-  Black Sunday/ Cypress Hill

Bob Marley- Legend

Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

A Tribe Called Quest- Midnight Marauders)

Beastie Boys- Pauls Boutique

New School:

Kendrick Lamar- Good Kid Maad City)

Maclemore & Ryan Lewis- The Heist)

Frank Ocean (Orange Channel)

Kanye West (Everything)


Eric Thomas- Heart of Detroit (Free Download)

Eric Thomas- Blueprint to Success (Free Downloand)

What ever it is you use Music for, make sure you use it as motivation as well. In times of struggle DANCE 😉



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