Be Awesome Africa Day 5 Results

Hey everyone!

I hope your day was awesome like mine:-)

We’ve really made some moves with our campaign today. We’ve jumped from 8% to 17% funded with 34 days to reach our goal! Our team remains optimistic with our approach to seeking support. We again, thank everyone who has donated and shared/tweeted our campaign through social media. The early success would not be possible without any o you! We’ve bounce from 2,205$ (yesterday) to 4,624$ today. That is a 2,599$ difference all because of you guys. We ask you to stay tuned for more new cool perks and updates.

Operation facebook is still underway, (if you missed the last few post) we are showering facebook with our campaign link. We ask you to take the link below:

And share it on facebook with all of your friends. You may share it in your status. Through direct message, or simply through word of mouth. Keep up the great work, and thanks again!



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