Be Awesome Africa Day 6 Results


Whats up everyone!

The Be Awesome Team continues to thank everyone who has contributed to our campaign for Africa. We are slowly reaching $5,000 with 32 Days left (not including the rest of today) and we remain optimistic about our goal to reach over 27,000$.

Tomorrow is Friday, with that we are looking to release another product! Please continue to follow the link  to stay update on the campaign:

We are also expecting our Awesome bands next week! They will be used for a simple reminder to Be Awesome at all times. We also received news today that our official website is near finished! Please don’t forget to subscribe at . We are looking forward to our launch, and have a variety of activities “YOU” will be able to get involved in during the event.


Operation facebook is still underway, (if you missed the last few post) we are showering facebook with our campaign link. We ask you to take the link below:

And share it on facebook with all of your friends. You may share it in your status. Through direct message, or simply through word of mouth. Thanks again for your support! Continue to:



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