1. One blog a day (or once a week)

2. Visit Africa, take pictures, and help others

3. Change one life a month

4. Skype a different friend once a week

5. Workout (at least 4 times a week)

6. 200 push ups in a row

7. Parachute out of an airplane

8. Teach in 5 different countries

9. Write a children’s book

10. Find Cinderella

11. Make 5 people smile a day

12. Generate 1500 views a day on this blog (hopefully more)

13. Travel to 30 different countries (Or  visit/go to all 7 Continents)

14. Receive Masters in Education

15. Pay for strangers Meal or Groceries

16. Take a picture with Michael Jordan/Wayne Gretzky

17. Bungee Jump (ekkk)

18. Learn how to make sushi

19. Give away 30$ every month

20. Help/Build a school in Africa

21. Save 1750$ mnth (may increase/decrease depending)

22. Place Be…Awesome Tshirts in 10 stores around the world

23. Skydive 🙂

24. Dance at least once a month

25. Meet Eric Thomas

26. Donate to the IWK (checkmark)

27. See the Great Wall

28. Attend the Opera

29. Get Married (Maybe)

30. Laser Eye!

31. Go to the SuperBowl/NBA Finals/World Series

32. Learn to swim like a fish

33. Fly First Class

34. Build a School in Africa

35. Meditate once a day

36. Travel with family to foreign country

37. Learn a magic trick

38. Master Yoga

39. Take more pictures of Life

40. Full time at Be Awesome by 20??


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