Be Awesome Africa Day 1 Results

Hey everyone,

Day one is in the books and Be Awesome Africa is  underway !

Our goal for week one:

Facebook storm!

What we want to do with week one is shower the largest social media network in the world with post, re-post, statues and private messages about our campaign! It is still very early in regards to where we are in funds and publicity, but we believe that Facebook Storm will be a large part of our success. This week up until next Wednesday, the facebook team will post like crazy, and message as many of our friends about Be Awesome Africa.

What can you do? We ask that you do the same. You may not want to get to crazy (it can get annoying for most people) but a private message is better than a direct link on someone’s wall (Unless you are comfortable doing do). Copy the link: and send it to all of your friends and family!

Contributions: Thank everyone who has funded our project on Day 1. Our project is 6% completed and we are so pumped about that! With lots of time left we are confident in reaching our final goal $27,993 !!!

Until next time!



BeAwesome: #321: Stop dreaming and start living

BeAwesome: #321: Stop dreaming and start living



Without struggle there is no progress—

I woke up from a dream and looked around. After noticing I was going to be late for work, I quickly washed up, grabbed an apple and headed to the bus. Once I arrived on the bus I started to think. What a nice dream I had.

-What is a dream? A series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

I was in the park. I was walking with a female friend. With us came a little girl and a little boy. As we walked, I remembered daddy and mommy being called by these two younger children. I remember ice-cream cones falling on the pavement. As we sat near a bench, in a nearby neighbourhood,  the my son yelled “Be Awesome” as he pointed to a young child that we did not know, playing on the playground. The young child was with her mom and older sister. I noticed  a bright sweater with positive words written across the front chest. We smiled, and went on with our day in the park.

While on the bus, an inner smile and joy started to arise. Yes, my dream was over but something stuck with me. Something started to play on my mind. How could I be so happy about a dream? What made me so happy? Something that is not real. Something that is made up. What is stopping me from feeling this way all the time? (This is an important question) This is when I came to a conclusion/and more questions:

Why do we continue to dream (literally) so big and allow ourselves to live an average life? In worst cases, why do we allow others to make these choices for us? How many of you reading this blog have been told what to do with your professional life? Personal life? What to buy? What to eat? And have actually considered all of these things because others said so? Why do we allow others to control different parts of our life. How many times have you said “yes” for the sake of saying yes? How many times have you actually tried to follow your dreams?



What do you get from dreaming?

Dreaming is not bad. It is what you do after you dream that is crucial. Do you allow this dream to just be a dream? Do you wake up and try to make this dream reality? Do you write stories and tell everyone about your dreams, but never really try to accomplish them? What do you do? Following a dream or doing something you love can easily decide whether or not your life or lifestyle will be satisfying. In our dreams, everything is perfect (at times). The sweat, tears and hard work that people do in real life does not exist in your dreams. We easily reach our full potential.

“In your dreams, everything is just the way you want it to be”



Dreaming is often (“sometimes”) a misconception of what we think and only “want” to happen. How often do we wake up and tell ourselves that we are going to make our dreams come true today (We should be doing this all the time). Do we ever ask ourselves, why not? Why can’t we do what we dream of (Super powers and flying do not count) Why can’t you make that feeling within a dream be real? You can, but it is entirely up to you to make it happen. This happening usually involves hard work.

 Start Living

Allow yourself to be happy every day by following your dreams. When you wake up from something special, give yourself a chance at it in real life. If you fail, so what? Big deal. Everyone must fail before they reach success. Following a dream or pursuing something you love has more value than a normal job or something you dislike. Start today. Stop dreaming and start living the dream.


BeAwesome: #315 Diligence (How to grow success)

BeAwesome: #315 Diligence

Diligence is the mother of good luck- Benjamin Franklin 



A special secret to success is diligence. Doing something with care and showing conscientiousness in your work every single day. 100% is not enough for you to get better or to make something great. It is about consistency. Giving and going beyond 100% and giving it that little bit extra. That is how special things/people are born. Everyone out there is doing 100% and working hard. You need to work that much harder to get over the top (110%). Think about it this way:

Growing a success plant:

You have to believe it is going to grow eventually. Start from the bottom up. You give your plant (your goals and dreams) your undivided attention. Add water (heart) and plant soil (determination). Understand if it needs to be damp or dry. Don’t over water it, check for the right consistency (work hard at it, but never over work yourself so the dream dies). Make sure you have proper lighting (Make sure you are doing what ever it takes to make your dreams come true). Select the best location for you to place your plant (Put yourself in a place that negative energy cannot affect you. Be brave enough to continue what you love to do). Add fertilizer to the soil (get help if you need it). A plant needs to eat too (Listen to others). Keep the temperature ideal. Just right. Choose a pot that is best for the plant. Some plants need larger pots so the roots will have room to grow. Check the humidity. (Give it 110%. Take pride in what you do and how you do it. It’s not about having the best plant. It is about preparing yourself to do your very best every single time)


When it comes down to it, you create your own success. Some people have connections or are born into successful families with more privilege, but everyone has to work hard to be truly successful. Diligence and patience is the key to this madness. Go beyond your ego, and get your hands dirty. Step outside your comfort zone and make a commitment to yourself to grow the best plant (for you) You are in competition with you. Do it the right way, and you will see your plant blossom in no time.


Champagne Birthday

Champagne Birthday

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter- Mark Twain



I am not a big birthday person. But today is my 25th birthday. So old right?. I remember when I was small (like above), I use to love having parties and celebrating my birthday with lots of people. I really loved DQ ice cream cakes aswell. I am not really sure what happen to this idea, but I now think about birthdays in a new light. Today I want to thank a number of people for my birthday:

Mom & Dad:



I know I am miles and miles away but thank you for bringing me into this crazy thing we call a world. I have learned so much from you both. I remember when you use to wake me up to go to Big Moms in the morning for school. I remember being scared of my own dog (rip tanner) because he was ten times bigger than me. I remember piano lessons. And after two weeks ready to call it quits. I remember softball and hardball. Bats swinging and loud cheers from my dad. Black flies and mosquitos flying around my head, asking myself why did I get into this sport. I remember basketball games. Serious talks from my dad about life and being positive. I remember our trip to Disney land with NannaG. A parade. Seeing the other part of the border. And smiling from ear to ear. I remember university. The struggle. The commitment from two strong people to help me get through. Always putting me (and my sister) first. I remember superman (dad). Going through snowstorm after snowstorm. To pick



me up from an event at school. Mom and dad I remember everything you’ve done for me. And this day is just as much yours as it is mine. Someday I will repay you for what you’ve done for me. I thank you for being such great parents. And I wish you a happy birthday


I remember fighting with you over nothing. We use to do this all the time. I remember yelling at you because you would sing songs that I sing or rap lyrics that I rap (you still do this). I remember wanting to be like you. A great artist. Drawing and painting. Fashion designer. Smart and always liked by her peers. Willing to give anything to make others happy. Super family orientated. A singer (wink). Priorities all lined up and in order. Independent. Able to go through obstacles and conversations by yourself. And finding great solutions to solve problems on your own. I remember growing up together. A better understanding. Arguments. Disagreements. You’ve always been someone I could talk to. A secret always safe



in your arms. I know I have a funny way of showing it, but I love you and appreciate everything you’ve ever done for me. You are everything a sister should be, and again I am happy to be your brother. And I wish you a happy birthday


These two individuals have influenced my life more than anyone in the entire world. They are why I am here. I am a product of them. The memories and life lessons learned from these two individuals will forever be with me, and passed down, to the next generation. I remember Nanna kicking me and my cousins out of the house. I remember carrying in wood for Granddad. Cutting the lawn. Selling Christmas reefs. I remember Granddad picking us up from school. Basketball games. Piano. I remember him always being there when I needed him (and not just because Nanna said so) I remember Nanna and her Sandwiches. Peanut butter. Jelly. Turkey. Chicken. I remember not wanting to share. Holidays. Loads of people around the table. Grandad waiting for everyone to leave. I remember him driving. Nanna asking for baking products and other grocery store items. I love my grandparents with all my heart. Losing one of them last year hurt a lot. But understanding his legacy and what he’d want me to do today, for myself and my family. Nanna I love you. And like the individuals above, this is your(s) and Granddad birthday too. I wish you a happy birthday

Happy Birthday from Lebanon Beirut 🙂


BeAwesome: #160 Brother (Family Edition)

BeAwesome: #160 Brother

A brother can be called a lot of different things. The term is used loosely in natural conversation. Some of us have our own definition of a brother. With that, we know some of our ideas should not be discussed over the internet (but it is true). Unfortunately there are bad brothers out there. (What ever that means). I will let you define that.

I am a BROTHER, and here is a definition as to what my job entitles.


Brothers are special. Brothers are really special :-). Sometimes more special than sisters (ahahha. kidding)(sorta). They are loving. Caring, and always there when you need them. Brothers are smart. Brothers are strong and tough. Brothers look out for their loved ones. Brothers are protective (particularly towards female members in their family). A Brother is someone you can talk to when you feel upset or when you think your life is upside down. Brothers are funny. Brothers joke. Brothers can be awkward. Brothers need to know. Brothers help. Brothers tease and make a mess. Having a brother means someone you can count on no matter the situation or occasion. Don’t wait until your brother’s birthday to say “I love you”. Those who are AWESOME appreciate these individuals. Brothers are/can be the rock of a family. Brother (That’s me!)


BeAwesome: #159 Sister

BeAwesome: #159 Sister

A sister can be called a lot of different things. The term is used loosely in natural conversation. Some of us have our own definition of sister. With that, we know, some of our ideas should probably not be discussed over the internet (but it is true). Unfortunately there are bad sisters out there.(What ever that means). I will let you define that.

I am not a sister, but here is a definition as to what their job entitles.


Sisters are special. Some people understand what sisters are all about and some don’t. We can all have sisters if we want, they do not have to be biological connected to you (duh). If you have a sister, enjoy her and take advantage of this pleasure. Spend lots of time with this individual. Sisters listen. Sisters laugh ALOT. Sisters care.  Sisters are interesting. Sisters make tough moments easy. Sisters go out of their way to please others. Sisters dress-up. Sisters are protectors. Sisters look out for those who are close to them. Sisters hug. Sisters are know everything (well think they do). Sisters fight (particularly with you ahah). Sisters support. Sisters give advice. Sisters will always want the best for you know matter what you decide to do in life. Don’t wait until it is your sister’s birthday to say “I love you”. Those who are AWESOME appreciate these individuals. Sisters are great. Sisters are/can be the rock of a family. Sister (Love ya)


BeAwesome: #158 Mom (Family Edition)

BeAwesome: #158 Mom

A Mom can be called a lot of different things. The term is used loosely in natural conversation. Some of us have our own definition of Mom. With that, we know, some of our ideas should probably not be discussed over the internet (but it is true). Unfortunately there are bad Moms out there.(What ever that means). I will let you define that.

I am not a mother, but here is a definition as to what their job entitles.


Moms are special. Moms are often called best friends. A Mom can fix your eyebrows when they are out-of-place. Moms kiss you on the cheek. Moms hug you in front of your friends. Moms cry. Moms try not to make you upset. Moms work hard. Moms cook (well most you). Moms care. Moms over care. Moms will always worry. Moms are curious. Moms like to talk. Moms like to know your business(;-)  Let them in (sometimes), they make sense of everything. Moms have a way of getting you to say things you really do not want to say. Moms are sneaky. Moms are spys (#truefact).  Some moms drive soccer vans. Moms cheer. Moms demand attention. Moms laugh. Moms really mean well. Don’t wait until mothers day to say “I love you”. Those who are AWESOME appreciate these individuals. Dads are great. Dads are/can be the rock of a family. Mom (Love ya)

-BeAwesome  (HugYoMomma)