Be Awesome Africa Day 1 Results

Hey everyone,

Day one is in the books and Be Awesome Africa is  underway !

Our goal for week one:

Facebook storm!

What we want to do with week one is shower the largest social media network in the world with post, re-post, statues and private messages about our campaign! It is still very early in regards to where we are in funds and publicity, but we believe that Facebook Storm will be a large part of our success. This week up until next Wednesday, the facebook team will post like crazy, and message as many of our friends about Be Awesome Africa.

What can you do? We ask that you do the same. You may not want to get to crazy (it can get annoying for most people) but a private message is better than a direct link on someone’s wall (Unless you are comfortable doing do). Copy the link: and send it to all of your friends and family!

Contributions: Thank everyone who has funded our project on Day 1. Our project is 6% completed and we are so pumped about that! With lots of time left we are confident in reaching our final goal $27,993 !!!

Until next time!



Help Us Help Others!!


Well it’s been two years now (I think, maybe a little more) since  I’ve decided to try to change the world, one T-shirt at a time. How is it going? Well pretty good! I have a family of supporters who have helped me continue this journey and I am learning and growing every day. Since I started selling t-shirts from my apartment in Antigonish, during school, I have been through variety ups and downs. Negatives that I quickly turn into positives. And great friends I’ve found along the way.

Today, I live in Kuwait (If you didn’t know already) It has been a unique experience so far. This is a little country in the Middle East. What am I doing here? Well I teach grade 2 (Not just ENGLISH/Science, Math & Social Studies too). It’s been a challenge trying to manage two separate things that I love doing: Teaching & Spreading Awesome; but I some how keep both rolling. With experience comes learning, and I do not regret taking this journey for one second.

Help Us Help Others:

I’ve been thinking lately: What else can I do to make the world more awesome? I quickly thought about it. And thought about it. And came to the conclusion of reaching out to non-profit organizations, charities and programs. I want to give 16% of proceeds, and promote and raise awareness for their causes. ALL FOR FREE OF COURSE:-)

I have a written proposal ready to be sent to all organizations that are interested. For those of you who do not know who I am, I have university professors, doctors, lawyers, ministers,  teachers, friends, parents, aunts, uncles, dogs, cats and even rabbits ready to be my reference. I have given all of them notice that individuals may call or email them. I know it is hard to give a stranger a chance, but I promise you I am sincere and will try my best to help your organization reach its full potential, if it has not already. I’m just a young guy trying to make the world more awesome.

See Links:

Current Website:

Twitter: @BeAwesomeTm

Facebook Page: GaryGrayArt 

What to look forward to: 

Website: Be Awesome will get a fresh new look thanks to the gentlemen at Q&A, Orange County, CA. A new website will launch this summer 2013! Check out Q&A on the link provided.

Awesome Logo: Be Awesome will look a little different once the re-launch! A great design has been developed and we are excited to present it to you very soon!

My Mission:

My mission is very clear. I want to make the world Awesome. If I have to go broke doing so. SO BE IT. Whether that is giving T-shirts  away. Raising money for groups or individuals independently. I am ready to put my eggs in the basket. Be Awesome will find a way to give and make people smile. You can help too! Contact: for more information on the concept and ideas. Follow us @ the links above!

How can you help?:

Repost. Retweet. Share. Like. Call. Write, ReBlog. This post to all of your friends and family. Please help Be Awesome Support Awesome Causes!

Until Next Time,

Stay Awesome;-)


20 Facts About A Good Person

BeAwesome: #326 20 Facts About A Good Person



A good person is someone who cares. They care about themselves and the people around them. It does not matter if it is their best friend, family or even a stranger. Good people have a heart for everyone.

Good people do the little things that average people do not like to do: Opening the door for the elderly. Not judging. Being nice and compassionate. Telling the truth. Expressing how one feels. Charitable. Good manners.Being Positive. Being respectful and a good listener. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Being a good person ask you to be and do a lot of different things. Is it a lot?  Heck yes it is! And that is why only some people can do it. Am I happy with whom I am as a person? Do I love my self? These are general questions that are made up to see the bigger picture.

20 Facts About A Good Person

Fact: A Good Person accepts everyone for who they are

Fact: A Good Person never compares themselves to others

Fact: A Good Person is respectful to their elders

Fact: A Good Person is compassionate

Fact: A Good Person helps others

Fact: A Good Person tells the truth

Fact: A Good Person gives 110%

Fact: A Good Person loves to listen

Fact: A Good Person gives

Fact: A Good Person loves one self

Fact: A Good Person is trust worthy

Fact: A Good Person forgives (Never forgets)

Fact: A Good Person is tolerant

Fact: A Good Person is responsible

Fact: A Good Person humble

Fact: A Good Person is educated

Fact: A Good Person faithful

Fact: A Good Person is patience

Fact: A Good Person is friendly

Fact: A Good Person loves


Being a good person is about trying to do the right thing

(Can we do the right thing all the time? Probably not. But we can definitely try)




3 Myths about a Good Person:

Own Things

Sometimes we get confused about how to be a good person. We do things “just because” instead of “from the heart”. You do not have to be rich or live in a fancy house to be a good person. You do not have to be wealthy and own fancy cars, and eat fancy food either. The truth is, some good people have all of this while some good people have none of this at all. Objects and things do not make good people.


You do not have to be religious to be a good person. You do not have to go to church either. You do not have to read the bible. You do not have to do anything when it comes to  Religion, to be considered a good person. You can still be a good person without this. This is a personal choice. It does not mean you are a more or less of a good person if you decide to follow religion or not.


Being conceited means: Excessively proud of oneself. Arrogant and vain. This means you believe you are above all. Good people are not conceited. Do not get this definition mixed with good-hearted people. Good people do not need the spot light. Good people do not care who gets the credit as long as someone is happy


You be the judge.. Are you a good person? What are you doing to make others around you happy? Are you happy?


BeAwesome: #314 Excited (10 Feel Good Videos)

BeAwesome: #314 Excited (10 Feel Good Videos)

When I’m inspired, I get excited because I can’t wait to see what I’ll come up with next- Dolly Parton



I can’t say I get excited much. Not sure what it is, but I really never get excited about anything. Do things spark my interest? Of course! But excitement, that is something I am unable to explain. I’ve had the opportunity now to travel and visit a variety of places. And by all means, these places have been beautiful. And I am blessed to have had the opportunity to see them. But was I excited? Again, I am not too sure about it.

Recently, I’ve found a few different things that excited. One thing I kind of already knew about, and the other was a light bulb moment. The first thing is candy. Hey, I have a sweet tooth for sour and chewy things. Can’t help it. The second thing is seeing others overcome obstacles or be nice to people. Is that strange? Personally, I don’t think so. I’d like to think that the enjoyment I have in seeing this process or people succeed is a good thing. How can you not like a feel good story? (See below)

Take a look at what I am talking about below:


Sometimes, a hug is all that we need. Free Hugs is the real life controversial story of Juan Mann, a man whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger put a smile on their face.


Shane Koyczan was bullied a lot when he was a kid. So he took that pain and made this stunning video with the help of some amazingly talented people. It’s kind of breathtaking and powerful, just a warning. Also, it has a happy ending.


Young man overcomes disability through sports


Young man, Sung-bong Choi steals the show at Korea’s Got Talent. He had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world!


SoulPancake hits the streets to see what happens when two strangers sit in a ball pit… and talk about life’s big questions.


We often head from place to place so quickly that we forget to take a break and just enjoy the moment.


The amazing Zach Hodskins. Just watch and be amazed at the level of talent from this gentlemen.


Watch arriving passengers be given a welcome home to remember at Heathrow Terminal 5.


Guaranteed to change your life..


Coke Happiness Machine In London.

When ever you are having a bad day. Watch one of these videos and feel good:-)


BeAwesome: #300 Fresh

BeAwesome: #300 Fresh

Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it- Lucy Maud Montgomery 




I love the smell of new shoes. It is in my top 5 favorite smells of all time. Actually, it is in my top 3. Weird right. I know I get it all the time. Don’t you love the smell of something new. Opening the wrapper or the box. The feel and touch of something fresh. Not used, touched or worn. I try to get and receive a lesson from everything I do. That is one way I keep positive throughout life. I take the old. And the new. And use both of them to influence my future. I try to stay fresh all the time. Not cool. Not buying new clothes. Not buying expensive jewelry. It means keeping what you do up to date. Being aware. And continuing the push yourself towards having the future you dream about. That fresh smell does not have to go away. It has to be something you continue to smell over and over again. Put the work in every day. And start fresh tomorrow. Run into walls (not literally) Make mistakes. And later start fresh. You always have to go back. And smell it again. Before you can move forward.




Fresh. Not previously known or used; new. Or different. Recently. The first thing that comes to mind when we see this word is cool. And of course we all have our on type cool (Or so-called swagger) but that has to do with your appearance and style. This has to do with your way of life and thinking. Allow yourself a fresh start. Every time you start something. Or go back to something that you’ve been previously working on. That is a fresh start. Never rely on your past to make things happen. Understanding the importance of making experiences. Work. And drive. Fresh each time you beginning. And start. This will give you a lot to look forward to. When you start in your past. Or where you left off. That is giving your mind a memory. Asking you to think about what happen before. Open a fresh thought. And then get going. Starting off fresh is an important part of being successful.


Those who are awesome are fresh. That is all:-)



BeAwesome: #295 Itchy

BeAwesome: #295 Itchy

You have to itch until you reach your comfort zone. After that you will get what you want in life- Unknown 



I do not remember having the chicken pox. I do remember the experience my sister went through. I remember crying. Oven mitts. And lots of cream and lotion. I remember her and my mom sitting beside the heater. My sister looking with a blank  face. She was obviously in pain. But she was holding on. Not to itch that sensation on her arms and legs. When you have an itch. On your head. On your arm. One your leg. Any place on your body. What does it feel like. What if you and no one else could itch for you. That feeling of an itch on the back of your neck. Or behind your knee. I was thinking about the way my sister felt during the chicken pox. Because it must have been an intense motivation to stop the itch right away. Have you ever tried to “not” itch something when it feels itchy. Try it. And see how long you can last. My sister was a trooper. She had a serious case of these pox. And she handled it like a true lady. Beside driving my mom and dad up the wall. It was great;-)


Is a sensation that causes one to reflect or scratch. It is often an unpleasant experience that causes one to panic if unable to reach the desired place. When you think about being itchy. Or an itch. You think dirty. Or needs to be clean. That is not always the case. Itchy means motivated to move forward. Eager to get there. Willing to do what ever it takes to meet the need of your itch. So itch to be successful. And itch to be great. Believe and want to get what you put into your efforts and motives. Understand the importance of an itch. Pay attention to it. And take care of it when appropriate




Those who are AWESOME Itch. They have steps and guidance. An intense yet calm cool and collect way of meeting this itch head on. They take each itch and us it to build and prepare themselves for their biggest yet most challenging itch of all: Life and its people


BeAwesome:#278 Disappointment

BeAwesome: #278 Disappointment

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope- Martin Luther King Jr. 




Getting into something you are not fully experienced in doesn’t matter. I’ve noticed (most recently) that your best future is made from disappointment. Your determination. Your desire. Is all made from failure (or mistakes). Our let downs. Trying to spread a concept to the world is fun. Getting the support is easy when you have a lot of friends. Or a group of individuals you can trust. But how do you reach those who you do not know. How do you tell the rest of the world that you have an idea. Stores and universities have shut me down. I’ve been told that BE…AWESOME fad. And will eventually die a slow death. Now. I can believe all of this if I want. I can stop trying to motivate others to be nice and believe in themselves. I can stop. Or I can take disappointment. And turn it into something worth appreciating. What will I do. I guess time will tell.


The feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the fulfillment of ones hopes or expectations. Let down. Frustration. Chagrin. Disillusionment. One cannot go through life without a let down. Something that makes you sad. A feeling that bothers you. A different anger. A different feeling. Disappointment is what causes individuals who are mediocre to be great. Disappointment is what turns dreams into reality. A slow effort. Or lack of desire. To commitment. Disappointment creates change. Take your saddest moment and find something positive about it. Use it with you. Not against  you.


Those who are AWESOME use disappointment. We take changes. And understand that a possible outcome may be or result in what we do not want. Understanding the reasons why things happen. Being patient. Using a tough, heartfelt situation to bring joy. Using a tear to create a future.