If I was your Bestfriend, I’d want you Round All the Time



Do you currently have a best friend? Or someone you know you can depend on when times get tough, need a laugh or share a secret? If you want to find someone, most people have to wait or build  years of trust, commitment and understanding before this title is given. Best friends don’t magically appear in thin air (do they?). They usually come unexpected and are built on experiences you go through together.

How do you find a best friend?

What qualities do you look for?

Most children by the age of 3-5, according to AboutOurKids.com have developed an imaginary friend. Why are imaginary friends good? Well they usually do what ever you want, never talk back and disappear upon request. They also prepare you for when a “real” friend comes a long. If you have never had a best friend, practice with an imagery friend. Best friends talk back!

Finding the Right Person

It is not easy to find someone you enjoy being around, enjoy talking to and don’t mind telling stories to. Some of these experiences, that you cherish are not meant for “just” anyone. You want to share them with people you care about (just a little bit more than everyone else). Finding the right person is often the part most people don’t understand. 1. You can’t make someone into your best friend & 2. Don’t pressure them into doing so.

I have 4 really good friends. These are people I’ve shared experiences, stories and secrets with. They understand me because we’ve gone through most of these experiences together. We’ve bonded and created a trust that is unspoken. Years of ups and downs, and experiences that relied on trust and commitment have passed, and the outcome is people who I consider “best friends”.

I didn’t go looking for these people. And they didn’t go looking for me either. I strongly believe “best friends” just happen. It isn’t something you can’t sign up for, unless you’ve seen bestfriendmatch.com, a place supposedly that allows you to find your best friend. Pretty dumb if you ask me. Either way, it is going to take a lot of work to find this individual(s).

Where do I look?

Before you go out on a wild goose chase, look right in front of you. Give someone a chance to be a part of your life. And if they aren’t exactly what you are looking for, kindly show them by giving them less information and spending less time with them. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it simply means you have other things to do, and that person “should” understand that. You have every right to pick and choose who you want to share information with, or allow to enter your life (on a personal level). Never allow anyone to pressure you into doing so.

 Often people who are best friends have a variety of things in common. And sometimes they are total opposite. You can’t go walking in the park thinking you are going to find the perfect friend because you love parks. Does that make sense? No. You have to simply enjoy every encounter, and if you feel there is potential, open up a little and slowly build the trust and commitment you are looking for. WARNING: Blowing the doors off a conversation is a big no, no.  What is blowing the doors off? Giving too much personal information when not needed or asked.

What Happens When I Think They Are the One

Umm. How about ask them? May sound a little silly, but why not? At least you’ll know for sure. If they haven’t popped the question, why can’t you. The worst thing they can say is no right? Some people are too perfect to ask, will you be my friend? Better yet, will you be my best friend? When you are older it is a lot more difficult. When you are younger, you have no idea what you are doing anyways, and you could care less about the results because eventually someone will (hopefully) say yes.

Slowly give information to this individual and (IF) they share back, you have potential right away. If they do not, back off a little and see what they say next. If you still see potential, ask them a question and see if they tell you a sincere answer. If they do not, maybe they need a little more time with you to open up. Or maybe they are not the right person. Note: You can’t share information and expect information to be shared back. Most people don’t operate that way. And remember,  YOU are volunteering to share information, they never asked you to do so.

Take it slow, and ride it out. Be careful with your questions and see how they respond:

Sample questions you could use:

1. Do you have brothers or sisters?/Follow up question: What do they do for a living?

2. What do you like to do for fun? /Follow up question: Do you prefer to do this with friends or alone and why?

3. Who is the most important person in your life? Follow up question: Why?

Use this to get a feel for who the person is, and what they value in a person.

How do I ask a FRIEND out?


You’ve finally built a relationship with your new friend and you are bored. You want to ask them to do something and you have no idea what you want to do. Before anything, friendship stuff is never usually planned. The first 2 or 3 outings are usually organized really well between the two of you. Everything else after turns into a “your going with me right?” or “I need you to come with me”. And that is what you want it to be like. Unfortunately, you end up doing things you additionally do not want to do, but more often than not you have a good time, and your friend appreciates you a little more for coming with them.

If you are looking for ideas with your new best friend here are some options:

1. Simply hang out and watch re-runs of old television shows

2. Eat ice cream/Order food and gossip (Gossip is bad, but builds relationships)

3. Make pretend you have to go on an errand to the mall or to the grocery store

4. Help babysit a little sister/brother/or animal (dogs are cute)

5. Make pretend you need help fixing something, but have it fixed before they come, offer to stay for a cup of tea or hot chocolate


Best friends can’t be packed and delivered to your front doorstep. If you think you can turn someone into that person you are creating a fire that is going to be very difficult to put out. Give others the time to breathe and make a decision on their own. The best friends are found through experience or surprise. Some people find friends instantly and some people need time. If you honour every conversation and interaction you have with new people, you will slowly see who you want to become closer with. With that, you have to understand that everyone you feel connected with, may not necessarily feel the same way about you. Either way, that doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.

Do you have another way of making friends? How do you know someone is going to be a BFF? Contact use through Twitter: @BeAwesomenow_ca or Facebook: BeAwesomenow . We’d love to hear your response!

Until next time!



Champagne Birthday

Champagne Birthday

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter- Mark Twain



I am not a big birthday person. But today is my 25th birthday. So old right?. I remember when I was small (like above), I use to love having parties and celebrating my birthday with lots of people. I really loved DQ ice cream cakes aswell. I am not really sure what happen to this idea, but I now think about birthdays in a new light. Today I want to thank a number of people for my birthday:

Mom & Dad:



I know I am miles and miles away but thank you for bringing me into this crazy thing we call a world. I have learned so much from you both. I remember when you use to wake me up to go to Big Moms in the morning for school. I remember being scared of my own dog (rip tanner) because he was ten times bigger than me. I remember piano lessons. And after two weeks ready to call it quits. I remember softball and hardball. Bats swinging and loud cheers from my dad. Black flies and mosquitos flying around my head, asking myself why did I get into this sport. I remember basketball games. Serious talks from my dad about life and being positive. I remember our trip to Disney land with NannaG. A parade. Seeing the other part of the border. And smiling from ear to ear. I remember university. The struggle. The commitment from two strong people to help me get through. Always putting me (and my sister) first. I remember superman (dad). Going through snowstorm after snowstorm. To pick



me up from an event at school. Mom and dad I remember everything you’ve done for me. And this day is just as much yours as it is mine. Someday I will repay you for what you’ve done for me. I thank you for being such great parents. And I wish you a happy birthday


I remember fighting with you over nothing. We use to do this all the time. I remember yelling at you because you would sing songs that I sing or rap lyrics that I rap (you still do this). I remember wanting to be like you. A great artist. Drawing and painting. Fashion designer. Smart and always liked by her peers. Willing to give anything to make others happy. Super family orientated. A singer (wink). Priorities all lined up and in order. Independent. Able to go through obstacles and conversations by yourself. And finding great solutions to solve problems on your own. I remember growing up together. A better understanding. Arguments. Disagreements. You’ve always been someone I could talk to. A secret always safe



in your arms. I know I have a funny way of showing it, but I love you and appreciate everything you’ve ever done for me. You are everything a sister should be, and again I am happy to be your brother. And I wish you a happy birthday


These two individuals have influenced my life more than anyone in the entire world. They are why I am here. I am a product of them. The memories and life lessons learned from these two individuals will forever be with me, and passed down, to the next generation. I remember Nanna kicking me and my cousins out of the house. I remember carrying in wood for Granddad. Cutting the lawn. Selling Christmas reefs. I remember Granddad picking us up from school. Basketball games. Piano. I remember him always being there when I needed him (and not just because Nanna said so) I remember Nanna and her Sandwiches. Peanut butter. Jelly. Turkey. Chicken. I remember not wanting to share. Holidays. Loads of people around the table. Grandad waiting for everyone to leave. I remember him driving. Nanna asking for baking products and other grocery store items. I love my grandparents with all my heart. Losing one of them last year hurt a lot. But understanding his legacy and what he’d want me to do today, for myself and my family. Nanna I love you. And like the individuals above, this is your(s) and Granddad birthday too. I wish you a happy birthday

Happy Birthday from Lebanon Beirut 🙂


BeAwesome: #270 Analyze

BeAwesome: #270 Analyze

Our past is a story existing only in our minds. Look, analyze, understand, and forgive. Then, as quickly as possible, chuck it- Marianne Williamson 


When others assume or decide to analyze, they are typically trying to discover or reveal something. You are searching and coming up with ideas to make something make sense. You are trying to wrap your head around a question. A comment. Or something you are a bit unsure of. Where’s Waldo(Wally@Americans). A childhood book, with double-page illustrations of detailed pictures. Readers are challenged to analyze and find a character named Waldo (Wally) hidden in the group of images; wearing his typically red-white striped shirt, bobble hat and glasses. Looking back at this book, I’ve come to a conclusion as to why I enjoyed analyzing such detailed pictures. I’ve also decided why this book (concept) can still help others today in real life. When searching and finding out information about something, you have to be sure before you jump to conclusions. Conclusions are what break friends and cause tension between individuals. Like Waldo, find the exact image, and use concrete evidence for your descriptions.


Consider the details. Discover the facts and meaning of what you are trying to figure out. Analyze the real motives. Never act on assumptions or make-believe concerns about things that “could” be, but or are not actually true. Study. Survey. And make sure what ever it is you are checking into makes sense. Analyze with great detail the obstacles you’ve faced and why they come about. What is the meaning behind them. Get help. Talk to someone about it. Compare and contrast past events. When you become certain about something, and decide to act on it, be sure. Be 100% sure. Ask yourself why it is now okay to present this information to the world.


Those who are AWESOME analyze. We take the time to think. Put ideas. Goals. Big and small obstacles and hurdles. Into perspective. Our thoughts and may wishes take action after we are sure. After we have determined that it is safe and okay. The feelings and heart of others. Of self. Are all taken into consideration. We find Waldo (Wally). Circle him and make sure. Analyze


ImInKuwait: Week 8

Never a dull moment in Kuwait..


This week was a backlash of all the reports I sent out last week. After waiting for hate mail ahah I received a number of kind words asking to meet with myself in regards to individual reports. (To make things clear-I did not receive hate mail). Last week I spoke with 8 parents in regards to their student progress and where they are headed/should be headed for the rest of the school year. It was a bit difficult to discuss seeing the reports were very difficult to write, with a limited amount of words you can use, along with a variety of drop down menus you had to insert. With that comes the questions from parents, which is very appropriate.

During the week I focused a lot of lesson planning and assessment. I find myself busy all the time. Time management is extremely important here, especially with myself. The week went by very fast. The school started, after school activities this week. I was surprised by the number of options students had: ballet, swimming, dodgeball, soccer, rugby, frisbee, running, arts and crafts, science, you name it! It was great to see the students get involved and really get excited about these events. I monitored a swim try out on Thursday which was pretty fun to watch. 2 graders and 3 graders jumped into the pool and tried to swim their fastest to the other end. I watched some really good swimmers. I was jealous.

Today (Friday) I have DUNES CRAWL and a Masquerade Ball at the British Embassy. Not sure what to expect from either to be honest. The Dunes crawl is basically the same thing as a house crawl or a pub crawl, only it is in the Dunes building. Each apartment that is participating will have a snack or drink for their guest. It should be fun. The Masquerade Ball is being catered and dinned by the finest hotel in Kuwait (I picked the Salmon). Again, sorry no pictures can be taken in any Embassy.

It is about 1:30am here in Kuwait. I just arrived home from the British Embassy Masquerade Ball. I must say I was very impressed with the evening/night. It was super fun and well worth it (20Kd). When we arrived, we all anticipated a variety of things. I was wondering, what in the world this event was going to look like. And it passed all expectations. It looked as if a fancy wedding was being held outside. The tables and chairs were decorated. A server event tucked in my chair as I sat down. I really wish I could have taken a picture. Talking about this event will not do its justice. As the night started the Dj played. And I bought 2 tickets to try to win some fabulous prizes (IPad/IPhones/Flights to Dubai/etc). Great prizes to be won (I didn’t win anything #sadface)

Drinks were being served. Before the main course. The waitresses served sushi, vegetables and chicken, a long with salad. We also had the opportunity to try 3 different kinds of dessert. All of which were really good. ( I did not like the coffee treat) The night was never overwhelming, only shocking at how nice and beautiful everything was set up. It was amazing. It reminded me of a fairy tale. Lots of adults with mask and having a really good time.

Later in the night I was able to meet a few individuals from the British school, along with one Canadian from Ottawa. They all seemed really nice. We shared our stories, as to why we were here and what we were doing. Many of us were teachers, some were engineers and business representatives.

By the end of the night I was ready for bed. I did not fall asleep on the way home which was good. I was really tired though. Later today (830) I woke up to go to school. I was able to get some marking finished and some great playing (with the help of a friend:-) And tomorrow will be the start of another week. I get evaluated Monday. Please pray for me lol


Interesting facts of the week:

            – You can always find stuff to do in Kuwait if you search

– Noticed I should have brought more jeans

– Weather is changing! (It does get cooler)

Until next week. Continue to Be…AWESOME

ImInKuwait: Week 2

ImInKuwait: Week 2


So seeing that week 1 was a blurrr, week 2 was much of the same. The weekends are different here in Kuwait(Friday & Saturday ) and Sunday is a work day. It can easily throw you off a bit, but im sure I will get use to it. I continue to remind myself of the time and day of the week. Being so busy, you forget what week it is. I guess this can be a good and bad thing at times.

DelishPotatoes: -)

To start this week, as a group we went to a beautiful Lebanese restaurant called Mais AlGhanim (see pictures). For starters, let me just say it was absolutely  amazing! If you ever happen to come to Kuwait;-) you must go to this restaurant and try everything.ahah As a group we were able to share and taste a variety of different foods, including salads. The service and waitresses were awesome. The minute you seemed out of water, your glass was full. The second you finished a plate of anything, it would disappear from your table. It was fast, polite and very tasty!

Later in the week, as a group our school staff (and new staff) followed up with further orientations to new programs and school rules. Being a first year, freshly graduated I felt a bit overwhelmed by the programs and instructions. Everything seemed to make sense, only it was so much to take in and think about. Daily 5 for literacy. Every day math for Mathematics. Responsive classroom for our everyday community inside the school. It seemed to have a great direction. Now it is time to try to apply it to the classroom! I am confident and putting in place these educational tools!


Speaking of classroom (See pictures) I finally received my first classroom! Tear. Tear.lol It was a bit emotional state for me.lol. I slowly looked around and imagine my student desk where I wanted them. Posters and pictures on the walls. Space for art work and student achievements. It was great. Matter of fact, it was perfect. I opened the space in the middle of my class for morning meetings.  Overall, it is almost ready for some students!

The school itself  is great! The admin and staff areoverly kind and always willing to help out and take great care of you. They understand being what it is like to be in a new school, the ups and downs you may face. I feel confident that I will receive the support I need to become a great teacher in this school. The school goes from KG1-12 (I believe). The elementary being the biggest half of the school with over 100 teachers/staff to organize the group. Between turf soccer fields. The Dome gym. The walking outside to reach another classroom. The smiling workers cleaning or watering the grass. The warm feeling of ASK (American School of Kuwait) is welcoming and very intriguing so far. I am really looking forward to the start of the school year.

Earlier in the week:


We went to Fahaheel Mall where we could find local products such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. The fish market, literally had live and dead fish laying out on counters. Every fish/seafood you can imagine. Locals would politely ask you to talk or take a look at what they had, some also asked you to actually try (taste test). I did not. The meat section was very similar. It did not smell as strong as the fish but it had a certain vibe about it. From live chickens. Animals skinned and hanging from store racks. It was something I’ve never seen before. Locals would sit next to their doors and mingle with other workings next to them. These markets were available to anyone, along with a local grocery store that had your average foods and produce.


In and outside the mall you could see a variety of electronic stores along with hardware accessories. Lots of people walking from store to store or simply enjoying the nice weather by the water. The streets were really busy. And if you are wondering? Kuwait has every store, possibly MORE then alot of other countries/states/provinces etc. It is very, very westernized. Every jewelery store. Perfume. Fastfood restaurants. Clothing. Athletics. Kuwait is very up to date with the rest of the world (so it seems so far) especially with electronics. Very popular. You will find the youngest kids walking around the mall with ipads, iphones or macbook computers.

Because this post is getting a bit long. I leave you with this. Try something new every day. Never assume by the look. By the word. By the smell of something. Find out for yourself. And determine “your” decision on it.

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Until next time!

Check out this gas price!!

Gas Prices?
This filled a bus!

If you are wondering. You are not seeing things.lol 4KD (Kuwait) is equal to 13.oo$ or so in Canada/(14.00$ US) And yes that is 66.6 Litres of gas!

-Next Week 3 Preview: Kids and Parents!


NSArtist of the Week2: @artbydaina

NS Artist of the Week: @ArtByDaina

Daina Scarola: Daina Scarola (Twitter: @ArtByDaina) was born in Ontario BUT now lives in Nova Scotia on the Eastern Shore. Daina is a well established artist. Her accomplishments are too long to write about.ahah. Her style is also very unique like the individuals written above. I believe her specialty is vintage art (Oil Painting). All of her pictures give you a soothing feel (you have to see to understand). What I like about Daina:  Her ability to pay close attention to detail and still use vibrant colors that make her picture stand out.

You can find Daina’s work @: http://www.artbydaina.com




Family: “Swing”

Family: “Swing”

What does it mean to “Swing”? (Really think about this meaning) In the dictionary it means, “to cause to move to and from or oscillate, as something suspended from above” (over your head any?). Okay, yes dictionaries are stupid and they make things a lot harder than they should but that is the definition. Another definition I found, ” the rhythmic element that excites dancers and listeners to move in time to jazz music” (again, over your head I know). After confusing my self a lot more than what I wanted to, I came up with my own definition, “to remember child hood experiences and or continue to live childhood dreams”. Complicated? Nope.. I didn’t think so…

A few days ago as I was driving home from work (Ps. Work is not fun unless you are doing something you love), I noticed a young girl swinging on a swing. Nowww, without looking like a creep, I barley noticed her because I was driving with a purpose (to get home, my feet were sore.olol). As I arrived home, I started to think about the little girl swinging. I started to think about how happy she was when she went into the air.I remember a laugh or a slight smile on her face. I started to think about her mom (sort of) paying attention as she dug in the garden on the side of their house. I started to think about what she was thinking about, probably, “this is so fun!” or ” I wonder what’s for supper later”, “why is the sky so blue?”. I started to think about my childhood, and how I use to “Swing“. I remember Swinging in front of my great grandma’s house, waiting for the bus to take me to school. I remember Swinging, Jr.High school, 735am basketball practices before class.I remember Swinging, school clothes pressed and ironed to perfection by my mom in the morning.

This little girl made me think. She was a reminder. She reminded me to Swing in the moments you have with others and cherish life. She reminded me that tomorrow is not granted and today is almost over. She reminded me that Swinging is not only for kids, Swinging is for everyone.

Below is an image of what I saw:

Step 1

StepOne: I used a 16×20 canvas to create this picture











StepTwo: I started to play with a blue sky ( I did not like this at all so I changed it) See StepThree..









StepThree: I covered the blue sky with a yellow and white. I also started to create a tree on the right hand side.









StepFour: I finished the tree in the picture and I added a garden. I used a variety of greens, splashes of red and very little black.









StepFive: Here I started to create an image to represent the little girl Swinging










StepSix: SwingCompleted


         Everyone needs to Swing

Swing 4 Today Come Down Tomrrow -BeAwesome