If I was your Bestfriend, I’d want you Round All the Time



Do you currently have a best friend? Or someone you know you can depend on when times get tough, need a laugh or share a secret? If you want to find someone, most people have to wait or build  years of trust, commitment and understanding before this title is given. Best friends don’t magically appear in thin air (do they?). They usually come unexpected and are built on experiences you go through together.

How do you find a best friend?

What qualities do you look for?

Most children by the age of 3-5, according to AboutOurKids.com have developed an imaginary friend. Why are imaginary friends good? Well they usually do what ever you want, never talk back and disappear upon request. They also prepare you for when a “real” friend comes a long. If you have never had a best friend, practice with an imagery friend. Best friends talk back!

Finding the Right Person

It is not easy to find someone you enjoy being around, enjoy talking to and don’t mind telling stories to. Some of these experiences, that you cherish are not meant for “just” anyone. You want to share them with people you care about (just a little bit more than everyone else). Finding the right person is often the part most people don’t understand. 1. You can’t make someone into your best friend & 2. Don’t pressure them into doing so.

I have 4 really good friends. These are people I’ve shared experiences, stories and secrets with. They understand me because we’ve gone through most of these experiences together. We’ve bonded and created a trust that is unspoken. Years of ups and downs, and experiences that relied on trust and commitment have passed, and the outcome is people who I consider “best friends”.

I didn’t go looking for these people. And they didn’t go looking for me either. I strongly believe “best friends” just happen. It isn’t something you can’t sign up for, unless you’ve seen bestfriendmatch.com, a place supposedly that allows you to find your best friend. Pretty dumb if you ask me. Either way, it is going to take a lot of work to find this individual(s).

Where do I look?

Before you go out on a wild goose chase, look right in front of you. Give someone a chance to be a part of your life. And if they aren’t exactly what you are looking for, kindly show them by giving them less information and spending less time with them. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it simply means you have other things to do, and that person “should” understand that. You have every right to pick and choose who you want to share information with, or allow to enter your life (on a personal level). Never allow anyone to pressure you into doing so.

 Often people who are best friends have a variety of things in common. And sometimes they are total opposite. You can’t go walking in the park thinking you are going to find the perfect friend because you love parks. Does that make sense? No. You have to simply enjoy every encounter, and if you feel there is potential, open up a little and slowly build the trust and commitment you are looking for. WARNING: Blowing the doors off a conversation is a big no, no.  What is blowing the doors off? Giving too much personal information when not needed or asked.

What Happens When I Think They Are the One

Umm. How about ask them? May sound a little silly, but why not? At least you’ll know for sure. If they haven’t popped the question, why can’t you. The worst thing they can say is no right? Some people are too perfect to ask, will you be my friend? Better yet, will you be my best friend? When you are older it is a lot more difficult. When you are younger, you have no idea what you are doing anyways, and you could care less about the results because eventually someone will (hopefully) say yes.

Slowly give information to this individual and (IF) they share back, you have potential right away. If they do not, back off a little and see what they say next. If you still see potential, ask them a question and see if they tell you a sincere answer. If they do not, maybe they need a little more time with you to open up. Or maybe they are not the right person. Note: You can’t share information and expect information to be shared back. Most people don’t operate that way. And remember,  YOU are volunteering to share information, they never asked you to do so.

Take it slow, and ride it out. Be careful with your questions and see how they respond:

Sample questions you could use:

1. Do you have brothers or sisters?/Follow up question: What do they do for a living?

2. What do you like to do for fun? /Follow up question: Do you prefer to do this with friends or alone and why?

3. Who is the most important person in your life? Follow up question: Why?

Use this to get a feel for who the person is, and what they value in a person.

How do I ask a FRIEND out?


You’ve finally built a relationship with your new friend and you are bored. You want to ask them to do something and you have no idea what you want to do. Before anything, friendship stuff is never usually planned. The first 2 or 3 outings are usually organized really well between the two of you. Everything else after turns into a “your going with me right?” or “I need you to come with me”. And that is what you want it to be like. Unfortunately, you end up doing things you additionally do not want to do, but more often than not you have a good time, and your friend appreciates you a little more for coming with them.

If you are looking for ideas with your new best friend here are some options:

1. Simply hang out and watch re-runs of old television shows

2. Eat ice cream/Order food and gossip (Gossip is bad, but builds relationships)

3. Make pretend you have to go on an errand to the mall or to the grocery store

4. Help babysit a little sister/brother/or animal (dogs are cute)

5. Make pretend you need help fixing something, but have it fixed before they come, offer to stay for a cup of tea or hot chocolate


Best friends can’t be packed and delivered to your front doorstep. If you think you can turn someone into that person you are creating a fire that is going to be very difficult to put out. Give others the time to breathe and make a decision on their own. The best friends are found through experience or surprise. Some people find friends instantly and some people need time. If you honour every conversation and interaction you have with new people, you will slowly see who you want to become closer with. With that, you have to understand that everyone you feel connected with, may not necessarily feel the same way about you. Either way, that doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.

Do you have another way of making friends? How do you know someone is going to be a BFF? Contact use through Twitter: @BeAwesomenow_ca or Facebook: BeAwesomenow . We’d love to hear your response!

Until next time!



How to Survive the First Month of School


Is your first day of school coming up? Are you wondering what your new teacher is going to be like? What pair of nikes you are going to use to sway new friends? What parties and exams are you going to skip or make a priority? What sport teams are you going to watch or try out for? How close is the nearest grocery store, and can I make it in my slippers?

It is about that time of the year again, back to school! For me, that means new kids, new parents, and new desire to inspire young minds to believe in themselves and be nice to one another. The summer is gone, and it is back to the grind in the classroom for many of us around the world.


Let’s talk about September

What are the main concerns of an elementary student? 1. Is my teacher going to be nice 2. What do I have for recess? When I was little, every year I would wonder if my teacher was going to be nice, or if I had to watch out for the Big Bad Wolf, or did mom pack my Dunkaroos, or will I have to trade my sandwich with another classmate. As we get older, these thoughts continue to run through our heads, only in slightly different context. 1. Will I meet new friends or like my boss/or professor 2. I should have ate breakfast today/I need to pack a lunch.

September is crucial to your survival in your new setting. The first month will separate the men from the boys. The women from the girls. Your idea and perception of your new setting and experience will be fresh. Your ears will be alert and your mind and body will be focused on the task at hand. But for how long? Some of us will be entering a new school. Some of us will be going back to a similar setting after the summer holidays. Either way, September is the start of the “new” year. How do you have a great start?


The First Impression is Key

Don’t show up to school in hammy down’s aka hand me down’s. I am not saying go out and buy the most expensive pair of shoes or t-shirt, I am saying take care of your self and look presentable. Carol Goman writes, “that moment that stranger sees you, his or her brain makes thousands of computations: Are you someone to approach or to avoid? Are you friend or foe? Do you have status and authority? Are your trustworthy, competent, likeable, confident?

 The decision of others and whether or not they will like or even deal with you are made quickly (7 seconds). Leave a great impression and you are well  on your way to an excellent week during the first month of school. Say hello to your collages. Shake the hand of your professor or teacher. Really mean what you say when talking to new people. Do the little things that count. Put in the work early and everything else is smooth sailing!

 Keep smiling


Being a teacher, I understand what it feels like to be exhausted from smiling and shaking hands with people you typically have nothing in common with or have know desire to be long-time friends with (sounds cruel but it is true). You can’t be best friends with everyone BUT you can be a great acquaintance. People can love to be around you even though they never see you.  Just keep smiling, just keep smiling, just keep smiling, smiling, smiling. Know one said you had to be everyone’s bestie on the first day. Smile, be polite and shake hands with everyone (use sanitizer often). This again, goes with your first impression. People will always remember your first encounter. This will set you up for easier interactions down the road.

Stay ahead of the Game

In my first year of university (for lack of better word) I sucked! I flat-out didn’t know what was doing, decided to watch sports instead of study, went for walks instead of reading and ate cereal to distract me from assignments. To often we allow ourselves to fall behind. We overlook what is ahead of us, and hope that it will magically complete itself the night before

Surviving September is about Staying a head of the Game. Sure, your friends will want to party. Your boyfriend will want to cuddle. Your friends will want to hangout and chat it up, talk about stuff you necessarily do not want to talk about anyway. Than don’t do it! When you are given an assignment, start it. You don’t have to finish it, but at least look and see what you have to do to complete it. A lesson plan, prepare for the week. Heck, prepare for the month if you have the time. A project to fulfill, do the research. Get the resources and be ready to produce some quality work.

Make a list of priorities and “at least”get started before the week that they are due. We all know what it feels like when Wednesday comes along, and you have a 4000 word essay due on Auscultation and Bromhidrosis by Thursday. Yeah, I don’t know what they mean either.

Don’t allow yourself to get in this position. Force yourself to make a list of up and coming due dates, and get started right away. The best feeling in the world is knowing that you are done something, when everyone else is scratching to make a deadline.

For me, I make a monthly schedule, of what I want to accomplish, by priority. I take 15-20 index cards, put a hole in each  one of them, and tie a string to hold them tight. I often check my dates and make sure I am on schedule. I see priority and needs and attack those ideas first. Life is a party, you will always have time for that. Friends will understand if they are true friends. Everyone else doesn’t matter.


September is the start of a new year. It is not quite, champagne and balloons yet, but it represents a new beginning. Every September students and professionals go back to the grind. Don’t be that person who, talks about doing things and never get’s it done. We all talk about this person and often fall in the same category at times. Put your words into action and do what it takes to be a head. What are you going to do to make this “new”year better than any other year?

As years go by, you will slowly understand the preparation, both mentally and physically to start fresh, and get off to a good start. The only people I know that can start poorly and still win are Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Muhammad Ali. I guess and a few others. Once you get on their laugh, you’ll have nothing to worry about 😉

Start the grind early!

In the mean time, continue to #BeAwesome

Be Awesome Africa Day 1 Results

Hey everyone,

Day one is in the books and Be Awesome Africa is  underway !

Our goal for week one:

Facebook storm!

What we want to do with week one is shower the largest social media network in the world with post, re-post, statues and private messages about our campaign! It is still very early in regards to where we are in funds and publicity, but we believe that Facebook Storm will be a large part of our success. This week up until next Wednesday, the facebook team will post like crazy, and message as many of our friends about Be Awesome Africa.

What can you do? We ask that you do the same. You may not want to get to crazy (it can get annoying for most people) but a private message is better than a direct link on someone’s wall (Unless you are comfortable doing do). Copy the link: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/be-awesome-africa/x/3442576?c=home and send it to all of your friends and family!

Contributions: Thank everyone who has funded our project on Day 1. Our project is 6% completed and we are so pumped about that! With lots of time left we are confident in reaching our final goal $27,993 !!!

Until next time!


Help Us Help Others!!


Well it’s been two years now (I think, maybe a little more) since  I’ve decided to try to change the world, one T-shirt at a time. How is it going? Well pretty good! I have a family of supporters who have helped me continue this journey and I am learning and growing every day. Since I started selling t-shirts from my apartment in Antigonish, during school, I have been through variety ups and downs. Negatives that I quickly turn into positives. And great friends I’ve found along the way.

Today, I live in Kuwait (If you didn’t know already) It has been a unique experience so far. This is a little country in the Middle East. What am I doing here? Well I teach grade 2 (Not just ENGLISH/Science, Math & Social Studies too). It’s been a challenge trying to manage two separate things that I love doing: Teaching & Spreading Awesome; but I some how keep both rolling. With experience comes learning, and I do not regret taking this journey for one second.

Help Us Help Others:

I’ve been thinking lately: What else can I do to make the world more awesome? I quickly thought about it. And thought about it. And came to the conclusion of reaching out to non-profit organizations, charities and programs. I want to give 16% of proceeds, and promote and raise awareness for their causes. ALL FOR FREE OF COURSE:-)

I have a written proposal ready to be sent to all organizations that are interested. For those of you who do not know who I am, I have university professors, doctors, lawyers, ministers,  teachers, friends, parents, aunts, uncles, dogs, cats and even rabbits ready to be my reference. I have given all of them notice that individuals may call or email them. I know it is hard to give a stranger a chance, but I promise you I am sincere and will try my best to help your organization reach its full potential, if it has not already. I’m just a young guy trying to make the world more awesome.

See Links:

Current Website: www.beawesomeapparel.com

Twitter: @BeAwesomeTm

Facebook Page: GaryGrayArt 

What to look forward to: 

Website: Be Awesome will get a fresh new look thanks to the gentlemen at Q&A, Orange County, CA. A new website will launch this summer 2013! Check out Q&A on the link provided.

Awesome Logo: Be Awesome will look a little different once the re-launch! A great design has been developed and we are excited to present it to you very soon!

My Mission:

My mission is very clear. I want to make the world Awesome. If I have to go broke doing so. SO BE IT. Whether that is giving T-shirts  away. Raising money for groups or individuals independently. I am ready to put my eggs in the basket. Be Awesome will find a way to give and make people smile. You can help too! Contact: garygrayart@gmail.com for more information on the concept and ideas. Follow us @ the links above!

How can you help?:

Repost. Retweet. Share. Like. Call. Write, ReBlog. This post to all of your friends and family. Please help Be Awesome Support Awesome Causes!

Until Next Time,

Stay Awesome;-)


20 Facts About A Good Person

BeAwesome: #326 20 Facts About A Good Person



A good person is someone who cares. They care about themselves and the people around them. It does not matter if it is their best friend, family or even a stranger. Good people have a heart for everyone.

Good people do the little things that average people do not like to do: Opening the door for the elderly. Not judging. Being nice and compassionate. Telling the truth. Expressing how one feels. Charitable. Good manners.Being Positive. Being respectful and a good listener. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Being a good person ask you to be and do a lot of different things. Is it a lot?  Heck yes it is! And that is why only some people can do it. Am I happy with whom I am as a person? Do I love my self? These are general questions that are made up to see the bigger picture.

20 Facts About A Good Person

Fact: A Good Person accepts everyone for who they are

Fact: A Good Person never compares themselves to others

Fact: A Good Person is respectful to their elders

Fact: A Good Person is compassionate

Fact: A Good Person helps others

Fact: A Good Person tells the truth

Fact: A Good Person gives 110%

Fact: A Good Person loves to listen

Fact: A Good Person gives

Fact: A Good Person loves one self

Fact: A Good Person is trust worthy

Fact: A Good Person forgives (Never forgets)

Fact: A Good Person is tolerant

Fact: A Good Person is responsible

Fact: A Good Person humble

Fact: A Good Person is educated

Fact: A Good Person faithful

Fact: A Good Person is patience

Fact: A Good Person is friendly

Fact: A Good Person loves


Being a good person is about trying to do the right thing

(Can we do the right thing all the time? Probably not. But we can definitely try)




3 Myths about a Good Person:

Own Things

Sometimes we get confused about how to be a good person. We do things “just because” instead of “from the heart”. You do not have to be rich or live in a fancy house to be a good person. You do not have to be wealthy and own fancy cars, and eat fancy food either. The truth is, some good people have all of this while some good people have none of this at all. Objects and things do not make good people.


You do not have to be religious to be a good person. You do not have to go to church either. You do not have to read the bible. You do not have to do anything when it comes to  Religion, to be considered a good person. You can still be a good person without this. This is a personal choice. It does not mean you are a more or less of a good person if you decide to follow religion or not.


Being conceited means: Excessively proud of oneself. Arrogant and vain. This means you believe you are above all. Good people are not conceited. Do not get this definition mixed with good-hearted people. Good people do not need the spot light. Good people do not care who gets the credit as long as someone is happy


You be the judge.. Are you a good person? What are you doing to make others around you happy? Are you happy?


How to be a #SuperHuman

How to be a #SuperHuman



Will Smith. Oprah Winfrey. Warren Buffet. Michael Jordan. Donald Trump. Usain Bolt. Muhammad Ali. Jane Addams. Albert Einstein. Elvis Presley. Anne Frank. Henry Ford. Mohandas Ghandi. Hellen Keller. Ellen DeGeneres. William Shakespeare. Leonardo Da Vinci. Neil Armstrong. Christopher Columbus. Abraham Lincoln. George Washington. Mozart. Bill Gats. Martin Luther King. Napoleon. John F. Kennedy. Benjamin Franklin. Bill Clinton. Pablo Piccaso. Michael Jackson. Thomas Jefferson. Mother Teresa. Aristotle. Princess Diana. Walt Disney. Beethoven. Mark Twain. Tom Cruise. Charles Dickens. Harrison Ford. Clint Eastwood.  Bob Dylan. Ray Charles. Jim Carry. Jack Nicholson. Dr. Seuss. Bill Cosby. Justin Timberlake. Denzel Washington. Eddie Murphy. Charlie Brown. Spider Man. Hillary Clinton. Michael J. Fox. Robin Williams. Andy Griffin. Miles Davis. Ken Griffey Jr. Kobe Bryant. Beyonce. Kanye West. Steve Martin. Tom Brady. Keith Richards. Tyra Banks. Hank Aaron. Yogi Berra. Neil Diamod. Jesse Jackson. Terry Fox. Chuck Yeager. Dan Rather. Mae West. Terry Bradshaw. Gloria Gingrich. Jennifer Lopez. Justin Bieber. Lady Gaga. Tom Cruise. Steven Spielberg. Tyler Perry. Simon Cowell. Elton John. Lebron James. Angelina Jolie. Tiger Woods. Wayne Gretzky. Taylor Swift. Brad Pitt . Dr. Dre. Bon Jovi. Adele. Glenn Beck. Jennifer Aniston. Paul Mac Cartney. Peyton Manning. Sean Carter. Michael Bay. Many Pacquiao. Roger Federer. David Beckham. Eva Longoria. Adriana Lima. David Letterman. Kate Moss. Lionel Messi. Floyd Mayweather. J.K Rowling. Serena Williams. Sofia Vergara. Barack Obama. Warren Buffett. Mark Zuckerberg. Jack Dorsey. Satoshi Tajiri. Trip Hawkins. William Wrigley Jr.

When I think about the list above (2 name a few), I think about 4 things: Heart, Motive, Fire, Choice. What is it that separates the regular human being from these super humans? I’ve read a number of blogs, books and articles about why people do what they do. What motivates successful people? What allows others to rise above the norm and overcome obstacles many give up on? Where do they find a second gear?  How are these people so successful?

When people see the success of others, they often forget about the hardships they’ve faced before their fortune and fame. Before the makeovers and money. Being poor on the streets of New York, living in abandon buildings, living pay-check to pay-check, teen pregnancy, gang violence, peer pressure, bullying, rape, child abuse, obesity, name calling, disease, put-downs, head-aches, cancer, lost loved ones, a broken heart. Someone in the above list has overcome one, two or possibly three of these obstacles. What they do for a living now is what we see in the paper. What we see on the movie screen, on packages and clothing. The way these individuals reached their full potential is lost. The steps they went through is an after thought.

People forget that these super humans started from the ground up. They took a long look at obstacles and mountains and found ways to overcome and climb over them. They were not given empires of riches or a big house and a picket fence. Society was never threatened to like these individuals. They did something that the world has never seen before. They had motive to drive their determination. They used hardship and struggle to light their fire. They created a heart of hope and destiny. They left the world with no choice.

What you need to be a SUPERHUMAN:




One thing almost all successful people have is motive. Motive is the striving force behind your inspiration to be successful. This is the key that starts the engine. When you have motive (meaning) behind what you do, your job turns into passion. When you are living a passion, you do not work a day in your life. Motive is finding an experience that is negative or positive, and using it to benefit you in the future.

You can’t just wake up and decide that something is going to be my motive today. You can’t just steal a motive from a friend or pick up a motive from the super market. A motive is something that has been created through some type of experience (positive or negative) Maybe you want to prove a teacher or friend wrong about their idea of you being a doctor or a lawyer. Maybe you want to challenge a coach’s perspective on your chances of making it to the pros and being a superstar. What ever it is, you have to find it and grab a hold of it. Think deeply about what was said (not who said it) and use it to motivate you to be successful.




A lot of people have motives and reasons to do things. They make resolutions and promises to get things going (Get started). The beginning is always the easy part. You have a clear picture of what you want and how you are going to get there. Your confidence is at an all-time high and you feel good. The first few days are usually okay. The fire is fully lit. The next week. Sometimes the next month. The same thing. But after a while that fire is tampered with. Outside influences are trying to put your fire out. What do you do? What would a super-human do?

Outside influences and obstacles that tamper with your success only fuel the fire. You need to take that energy and that struggle and use it to continue to push towards what your ultimate goal is. Super-humans never allow outside influences to affect what they see as the big picture or final project. They continue to use everything in life to motivate (motive) them to keep going. That fire they have, sure it gets tampered with, but it continues to burn. And it burns until a task or goal is complete.




When you do something and you leave society with no choice but to pay attention to what you are doing, you are testing your will and power of achievement to be successful. Life is about choices. You can decide to quit. Give up. Or change your mind at anytime, but when you make up your mind to stick with a cause or a goal, that is when you will be successful. You will never get anything done, or finish it to the best of your ability if you allow others to influence it. When you decide to give society zero choice that is when people start to no you are serious. It takes time to figure out what you are good at. Maybe it is more than one or two things. But consistency and commitment to a choice is what people notice the most. Super-humans leave societies with no choice but to pay attention.

HEART: You have to have it inside you to make it happen (Plain and simple) Sure you must leave society with no choice, keep the fire burning, and find something that keeps you motivated (motive), but it all really comes down to one thing. That one thing is heart. If you can’t find it inside you to do what you love, or try to make a better living for yourself, you are not going to be able to follow through on plans you have for your future. You have to look inside yourself (internally) and believe what you see or write down can come true. You need to tell your self you can do it. Superhumans have it inside them. They breathe and sleep success. Why can’t you?


Champagne Birthday

Champagne Birthday

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter- Mark Twain



I am not a big birthday person. But today is my 25th birthday. So old right?. I remember when I was small (like above), I use to love having parties and celebrating my birthday with lots of people. I really loved DQ ice cream cakes aswell. I am not really sure what happen to this idea, but I now think about birthdays in a new light. Today I want to thank a number of people for my birthday:

Mom & Dad:



I know I am miles and miles away but thank you for bringing me into this crazy thing we call a world. I have learned so much from you both. I remember when you use to wake me up to go to Big Moms in the morning for school. I remember being scared of my own dog (rip tanner) because he was ten times bigger than me. I remember piano lessons. And after two weeks ready to call it quits. I remember softball and hardball. Bats swinging and loud cheers from my dad. Black flies and mosquitos flying around my head, asking myself why did I get into this sport. I remember basketball games. Serious talks from my dad about life and being positive. I remember our trip to Disney land with NannaG. A parade. Seeing the other part of the border. And smiling from ear to ear. I remember university. The struggle. The commitment from two strong people to help me get through. Always putting me (and my sister) first. I remember superman (dad). Going through snowstorm after snowstorm. To pick



me up from an event at school. Mom and dad I remember everything you’ve done for me. And this day is just as much yours as it is mine. Someday I will repay you for what you’ve done for me. I thank you for being such great parents. And I wish you a happy birthday


I remember fighting with you over nothing. We use to do this all the time. I remember yelling at you because you would sing songs that I sing or rap lyrics that I rap (you still do this). I remember wanting to be like you. A great artist. Drawing and painting. Fashion designer. Smart and always liked by her peers. Willing to give anything to make others happy. Super family orientated. A singer (wink). Priorities all lined up and in order. Independent. Able to go through obstacles and conversations by yourself. And finding great solutions to solve problems on your own. I remember growing up together. A better understanding. Arguments. Disagreements. You’ve always been someone I could talk to. A secret always safe



in your arms. I know I have a funny way of showing it, but I love you and appreciate everything you’ve ever done for me. You are everything a sister should be, and again I am happy to be your brother. And I wish you a happy birthday


These two individuals have influenced my life more than anyone in the entire world. They are why I am here. I am a product of them. The memories and life lessons learned from these two individuals will forever be with me, and passed down, to the next generation. I remember Nanna kicking me and my cousins out of the house. I remember carrying in wood for Granddad. Cutting the lawn. Selling Christmas reefs. I remember Granddad picking us up from school. Basketball games. Piano. I remember him always being there when I needed him (and not just because Nanna said so) I remember Nanna and her Sandwiches. Peanut butter. Jelly. Turkey. Chicken. I remember not wanting to share. Holidays. Loads of people around the table. Grandad waiting for everyone to leave. I remember him driving. Nanna asking for baking products and other grocery store items. I love my grandparents with all my heart. Losing one of them last year hurt a lot. But understanding his legacy and what he’d want me to do today, for myself and my family. Nanna I love you. And like the individuals above, this is your(s) and Granddad birthday too. I wish you a happy birthday

Happy Birthday from Lebanon Beirut 🙂