How to Survive the First Month of School


Is your first day of school coming up? Are you wondering what your new teacher is going to be like? What pair of nikes you are going to use to sway new friends? What parties and exams are you going to skip or make a priority? What sport teams are you going to watch or try out for? How close is the nearest grocery store, and can I make it in my slippers?

It is about that time of the year again, back to school! For me, that means new kids, new parents, and new desire to inspire young minds to believe in themselves and be nice to one another. The summer is gone, and it is back to the grind in the classroom for many of us around the world.


Let’s talk about September

What are the main concerns of an elementary student? 1. Is my teacher going to be nice 2. What do I have for recess? When I was little, every year I would wonder if my teacher was going to be nice, or if I had to watch out for the Big Bad Wolf, or did mom pack my Dunkaroos, or will I have to trade my sandwich with another classmate. As we get older, these thoughts continue to run through our heads, only in slightly different context. 1. Will I meet new friends or like my boss/or professor 2. I should have ate breakfast today/I need to pack a lunch.

September is crucial to your survival in your new setting. The first month will separate the men from the boys. The women from the girls. Your idea and perception of your new setting and experience will be fresh. Your ears will be alert and your mind and body will be focused on the task at hand. But for how long? Some of us will be entering a new school. Some of us will be going back to a similar setting after the summer holidays. Either way, September is the start of the “new” year. How do you have a great start?


The First Impression is Key

Don’t show up to school in hammy down’s aka hand me down’s. I am not saying go out and buy the most expensive pair of shoes or t-shirt, I am saying take care of your self and look presentable. Carol Goman writes, “that moment that stranger sees you, his or her brain makes thousands of computations: Are you someone to approach or to avoid? Are you friend or foe? Do you have status and authority? Are your trustworthy, competent, likeable, confident?

 The decision of others and whether or not they will like or even deal with you are made quickly (7 seconds). Leave a great impression and you are well  on your way to an excellent week during the first month of school. Say hello to your collages. Shake the hand of your professor or teacher. Really mean what you say when talking to new people. Do the little things that count. Put in the work early and everything else is smooth sailing!

 Keep smiling


Being a teacher, I understand what it feels like to be exhausted from smiling and shaking hands with people you typically have nothing in common with or have know desire to be long-time friends with (sounds cruel but it is true). You can’t be best friends with everyone BUT you can be a great acquaintance. People can love to be around you even though they never see you.  Just keep smiling, just keep smiling, just keep smiling, smiling, smiling. Know one said you had to be everyone’s bestie on the first day. Smile, be polite and shake hands with everyone (use sanitizer often). This again, goes with your first impression. People will always remember your first encounter. This will set you up for easier interactions down the road.

Stay ahead of the Game

In my first year of university (for lack of better word) I sucked! I flat-out didn’t know what was doing, decided to watch sports instead of study, went for walks instead of reading and ate cereal to distract me from assignments. To often we allow ourselves to fall behind. We overlook what is ahead of us, and hope that it will magically complete itself the night before

Surviving September is about Staying a head of the Game. Sure, your friends will want to party. Your boyfriend will want to cuddle. Your friends will want to hangout and chat it up, talk about stuff you necessarily do not want to talk about anyway. Than don’t do it! When you are given an assignment, start it. You don’t have to finish it, but at least look and see what you have to do to complete it. A lesson plan, prepare for the week. Heck, prepare for the month if you have the time. A project to fulfill, do the research. Get the resources and be ready to produce some quality work.

Make a list of priorities and “at least”get started before the week that they are due. We all know what it feels like when Wednesday comes along, and you have a 4000 word essay due on Auscultation and Bromhidrosis by Thursday. Yeah, I don’t know what they mean either.

Don’t allow yourself to get in this position. Force yourself to make a list of up and coming due dates, and get started right away. The best feeling in the world is knowing that you are done something, when everyone else is scratching to make a deadline.

For me, I make a monthly schedule, of what I want to accomplish, by priority. I take 15-20 index cards, put a hole in each  one of them, and tie a string to hold them tight. I often check my dates and make sure I am on schedule. I see priority and needs and attack those ideas first. Life is a party, you will always have time for that. Friends will understand if they are true friends. Everyone else doesn’t matter.


September is the start of a new year. It is not quite, champagne and balloons yet, but it represents a new beginning. Every September students and professionals go back to the grind. Don’t be that person who, talks about doing things and never get’s it done. We all talk about this person and often fall in the same category at times. Put your words into action and do what it takes to be a head. What are you going to do to make this “new”year better than any other year?

As years go by, you will slowly understand the preparation, both mentally and physically to start fresh, and get off to a good start. The only people I know that can start poorly and still win are Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Muhammad Ali. I guess and a few others. Once you get on their laugh, you’ll have nothing to worry about 😉

Start the grind early!

In the mean time, continue to #BeAwesome


BeAwesome: #321: Stop dreaming and start living

BeAwesome: #321: Stop dreaming and start living



Without struggle there is no progress—

I woke up from a dream and looked around. After noticing I was going to be late for work, I quickly washed up, grabbed an apple and headed to the bus. Once I arrived on the bus I started to think. What a nice dream I had.

-What is a dream? A series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

I was in the park. I was walking with a female friend. With us came a little girl and a little boy. As we walked, I remembered daddy and mommy being called by these two younger children. I remember ice-cream cones falling on the pavement. As we sat near a bench, in a nearby neighbourhood,  the my son yelled “Be Awesome” as he pointed to a young child that we did not know, playing on the playground. The young child was with her mom and older sister. I noticed  a bright sweater with positive words written across the front chest. We smiled, and went on with our day in the park.

While on the bus, an inner smile and joy started to arise. Yes, my dream was over but something stuck with me. Something started to play on my mind. How could I be so happy about a dream? What made me so happy? Something that is not real. Something that is made up. What is stopping me from feeling this way all the time? (This is an important question) This is when I came to a conclusion/and more questions:

Why do we continue to dream (literally) so big and allow ourselves to live an average life? In worst cases, why do we allow others to make these choices for us? How many of you reading this blog have been told what to do with your professional life? Personal life? What to buy? What to eat? And have actually considered all of these things because others said so? Why do we allow others to control different parts of our life. How many times have you said “yes” for the sake of saying yes? How many times have you actually tried to follow your dreams?



What do you get from dreaming?

Dreaming is not bad. It is what you do after you dream that is crucial. Do you allow this dream to just be a dream? Do you wake up and try to make this dream reality? Do you write stories and tell everyone about your dreams, but never really try to accomplish them? What do you do? Following a dream or doing something you love can easily decide whether or not your life or lifestyle will be satisfying. In our dreams, everything is perfect (at times). The sweat, tears and hard work that people do in real life does not exist in your dreams. We easily reach our full potential.

“In your dreams, everything is just the way you want it to be”



Dreaming is often (“sometimes”) a misconception of what we think and only “want” to happen. How often do we wake up and tell ourselves that we are going to make our dreams come true today (We should be doing this all the time). Do we ever ask ourselves, why not? Why can’t we do what we dream of (Super powers and flying do not count) Why can’t you make that feeling within a dream be real? You can, but it is entirely up to you to make it happen. This happening usually involves hard work.

 Start Living

Allow yourself to be happy every day by following your dreams. When you wake up from something special, give yourself a chance at it in real life. If you fail, so what? Big deal. Everyone must fail before they reach success. Following a dream or pursuing something you love has more value than a normal job or something you dislike. Start today. Stop dreaming and start living the dream.


BeAwesome: Tired of Losing

BeAwesome: Tired of Losing



Tired of Losing

In sports. You have a winner and a loser. You can’t win them all. And hopefully you do not lose them all as well. I believe that the stories on individuals working hard at their crafts and developing their skills, are what fans miss out on. Someone new to the league see’s an individual that is skilled and assumes they are gifted. Or assumes this so called“talent” comes from thin air. Or is so enormously God like. (Don’t get me wrong, I believe in God) but these individuals were not born this way. Hard work is what helped them succeed. They decided to work harder than everyone else.

I was never a big KG fan (Kevin Garnett ) but I do love basketball and I respect hard work and dedication. I talk about what I know. From personal experiences and from what I read. For those of you who do not follow basketball. I will give you a little breakdown. Minnesota is no hot head for sports. It is not a big name professionals want to go. Better yet, the average person in general (Normally doesn’t) pick Minnesota as their first and favorite destination on a holiday either. Nothing against Minnesota (Sorry).



A high school kid from South Carolina tried to (I think he did to a certain extent) change the atmosphere in a city. What do you have to lose? Fresh out of high school. And a million dollar franchise is giving you the team. And asking you to do what ever it takes to make them a title contender. Now although, he was well crafted and an obvious superstar from the beginning, the rest of the league slowly moved past them each year. Minnesota made playoffs seven straight seasons (97-03). Which is an accomplishment itself. But in life, when things keep re-appearing we start to want more. How do we get more?

We work harder.In 2004 KG had said, “I am tired of losing”. Everyone started to see the teenage boy now grown into a man. He was awarded the leagues best player. His team also made it pass the first round of the playoffs for the first time. Unfortunately, his goal of winning a championship was still cut short in the NBA finals. As his franchise struggled repeatedly in giving Mr. Granett some well-deserved help, 12 years later he had nothing else to give this organization. Can you really blame him? After 12 years.

Before the 2007 NBA campaign started, KG decided to part ways with Minnesota. He was traded to the Boston Celtics. One year later. Kevin Garnett is an NBA Champion


Now a lot of things in life can be handed to you. Some individuals do not have to work as hard as you to get what you want, or where you want to be. This is for a number of reasons. But never underestimate the power of hard work and dedication. This story is a testament to that. When you give so much. And put in so much work. Believe you will be blessed in return. 12years spent. To get one championship. I bet this is a magnificent feeling. As Mr. KG once said “Anything is possible!!!


BeAwesome: #262 Record

BeAwesome: #262 Record

You ask me if I keep a notebook to record my great ideas. I’ve only ever had one- Albert Einstein 



When I was about 10-12 years old I would record music from the tv. I loved watching the latest videos and listening to new music every day. I had no way of recording it. I went out and bought the 1990 TalkBoy from HomeAlone. Let’s just say it was something I would never forget. It had all of these fancy buttons and gadgets. I saved all of my money just to get this recorder. The device was a cassette recorder with a great grip. It consist of a stop, fast forward, rewind, pause, and record button. You could also slow/speed up the sound of your voice or what ever it is you were recording.

What I liked most about the Talkboy was its easy handle and accurate recording. I would record everything. Music. Tv shows. Even family conversations. I really felt like HomeAlone. Today, I realize and understand the meaning behind my excitement and recording. Why did I want to hear/listen to something over and over again. Why did I want to keep track of an experience/experiences I was going through.


Recording is about taking evidence. Keeping something for future reference. Register. Write down. Take note. Enroll. To record means “to want” to remember. And in life, to be successful we must record. We go through so many ups and downs throughout life that we often forget what has got us here in the first place. We forget the things that we’ve done, the  people who have helped us. Record theses memories and experiences. Allow your self to be thankful for each recording.


Those who are AWESOME record. We understand the art of memory. And how it is important. How it can slightly be changed insistently. We try to register meaningful information that keeps us happy. Record ones thoughts. Record ones ideas. Record


DreamAwesome2012 (AUGUST 11th)

Halifax do I ever have something for you:


Presented by, BE…AWESOME and, Halifax we present to you Dream Awesome 2012. On August 11th Dream AWESOME brings to you the biggest event of the summer! Everyone dreams right? So come out and express this feeling with friends and other AWESOME individuals. You have a passion or a dream you want to follow? We want to hear about it! Together we will celebrate being ourselves and doing what makes us happy while living a fun, health and loving life.


In partnership with Children’s Wish Canada, half of the proceeds from this event will go towards wishes for Canadian children between the ages of three and 17 who are diagnosed with life threatening illness. The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada is dedicated to granting an exceptional wish to every child. For more information on Children’s Wish follow the link below:

BeAwesome: #183 Chase

BeAwesome: #183 Chase

Chase your passion, not your pension- Denis Waitley 


Will Smith said, “ There is no reason to have a plan B, it distracts you from plan A. Chasing a dream does not mean putting all of your eggs in one basket. It is asking you to maintain a focus on a specific love for doing. Doing what makes you happy. A love you have for getting it done. Chase in a way that is long-lasting and self-worthy of your actions. Realistic? Don’t be realistic. Why be normal and do something everyone else wants you to do. Make it your duty to chase the path in which makes you comfortable. What makes you want to move forward. Chase what ever it is you believe in. Believe it. Continue to be positive. Take criticism. Chase your thoughts and imagination. Allow your ideas to become reality. Understand that what you want is possible and the only person in the way of that is you. Those who are AWESOME chase. We chase what ever it is we want. We know that with faith and hard work, we will eventually reach our goal. We enjoy the thrill and excitement just before the finish line. Chase


BeAwesome: #89 Follow

BeAwesome: #89 Follow

Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself- Oprah Winfrey 


It is okay to follow. Most of the time we as a society use the words “follow” in a context that means you are coping or trying to be like someone else. The Awesome truth about this is wrong. To follow means you have a purpose. To follow means, a continuous effort to be somebody that others believe you cannot be. To follow you must believe in yourself, and your ability to accomplish. Follow what you believe in. Follow what makes you happy:-) Follow your dreams. Follow your passion. Follow the positive state of mind you carry when working towards something you feel courageous about. Follow until you reach the next level. Those who are AWESOME follow.We understand the difference between Twitter and real life following. We follow our dreams and goals. We believe in what we are following. Follow