BeAwesome: #320 Top 5 Fist Pumps of All Time

BeAwesome: #320 Top 5 Fist Pumps of All-Time

How it works?

How it works?

Throughout history the fist pump has become a popular way to express ones emotion. These emotions are usually positive. The fist pump is a tool to inspire or encourage great action, acts or involvement in an occasion. It is a celebratory gesture in which your fist is raised in your own particular manner. Your body’s adrenaline is racing through your veins like a Nascar. Your heart is beating like an African drum. Enthusiasm. Excitement. Energetic. What is your fist pump? What get’s you excited to do more? Be more? Work harder? Strive for greatness at what you do. Find your fist pump and start changing the world.

Here are the top 5 fist pumps of all time:

Martin Luther King Jr

Watch and listen to the video R.I.P MLK

Michael Jordan

Fast forward to 3:20

The best basketball player to ever play the game. Need I say more? Sure why not. 5 NBA Regular Season MVP. 6 NBA Championships. 6 NBA Finals MVP. 10 NBA First Team. 9 NBA All Defensive Team. 1 NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Get my point?

Tiger Woods:

Say what you want about Tiger, but when it is all said and done, Mr. Woods will go down as the greatest golfer to ever play the game. PGA Tour Wins: 77, European Tour Wins: 39 Japan Golf Tour Wins: 2 (to name a few)

Sidney Crosby

Over the past couple of years, Sidney Crosby has been criticized for taking time from hockey and dealing with nagging concussion like symptoms. I know it is a short season (2013) but Mr. Crosby is the Offensive Point Leader so far with 53(As of March 28th/2013). The Pittsburgh Penguins are also the best team in the Eastern Conference. Not to mention The Kids awards: 1 Stanley Cup. 1 Art Ross. 1 Lester B. And the list goes on and on.

Serena Williams

Miss Williams owns 18 Grand Slam Single titles, amongst many more. With this type of resume, Serena has the right to “come on” and fist pump up and down the clay, carpet and grass when suited up for action. (Sorry Sloane Stephens). 

Note: Tommie Smith should have been mentioned in this blog as well

Honorary Mentions:









Find your fist pump and work it to perfection. All the greats have one;-)


BeAwesome: #317 How to Accept #Criticism

BeAwesome: #317 How to Accept #Criticism


If dogs can take it, we can too!

Criticism is not for the weak

What is the meaning of criticism? The expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes. An analysis and judgment of a literary or artistic work. To be critiqued or reviewed.

Criticism is something we all have to deal with. Some of us are good at it, and some of us flat-out stink. Growing up, I never really noticed when I was being critiqued or reviewed. In school (university), teachers would watch my presentations. While playing sports, coaches would critique my play. When others would give me feedback, I would never take offence to what they were saying. I never really thought about it as criticism (but it was). I embraced the facts, and use it to get an A+ instead of a B. 5 more points to make 10. I was blessed with the idea that it was simple help (which it truly is/depending on how you take it). I never really thought about it as anything else.

Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. When someone speaks to us about our skill, we act different. People “take offence”. Many of us show anger. Some of us go as far as physical involvement. Our body language changes and our tone of voice becomes different. Why? We often forget what others are trying to do for us. We forget how to act like professionals amongst one another. When being reviewed | critiqued | judged | in a proper manner, we need to sit back and take it all in. How do you get something from this experience? Here are some simple things to remember:




Know matter what is said you must consider it some form of feedback. This can be tough. What if it is not what you want to hear? Guess what? It very may well be. BUT you need to suck it up and use the feedback to better what ever it is you are doing. Feedback is what makes you approve. Feedback allows you to see what you need to practice or work on. Accept feedback and use it to keep the motivation alive

Be a good listener



The point of criticism is to get feedback (see above) and you can’t receive good feedback if you are not listening. You will run into people who you do not like (that is life). You will not want to listen to these people. Matter of fact, you may possibly not stand to even look at them. BUT. You still need to be a good listener. A friend use to tell me, “take something out of every conversation you have, and use it to your advantage”, and this is exactly what you have to do with criticism. Give your undivided attention even if it hurts. You will receive something that will benefit you, if you listen.

Reply with manners



Sometimes your trigger instinct is to respond in defence. In a different tone or manner. If you want to really get something out of this experience you need to reply with manners. Who cares, if it is not what you wanted to hear. Be a professional and take it like a grown-up. Why add more fuel to the fire. Even if you disagree with everything they are saying, say “thank you”. You do not have to go and do what ever they say. They are giving you ideas and suggestions for next time. It is up to you to put them into place if you think it will influence the results for the next time. If you want to be respected by others, you should probably do the same to them (even if they do not show it to you. Be the bigger person)

Criticism is the pathway to success



Criticism builds character. It gives you an idea of what you need to do to get better at what you love or need to get done. You can ask questions. Find out what others think about your progress. Everyone who is successful, used criticism to build on what they have to get what they got. It takes a lot to stand there and listen to someone critique you. Talk about you, and review what you’ve done. Know matter what they say, you should benefit from the conversation. Whether it causes you to work harder or change a few ideas, it is all-beneficial in the process of being successful.