If I was your Bestfriend, I’d want you Round All the Time



Do you currently have a best friend? Or someone you know you can depend on when times get tough, need a laugh or share a secret? If you want to find someone, most people have to wait or build  years of trust, commitment and understanding before this title is given. Best friends don’t magically appear in thin air (do they?). They usually come unexpected and are built on experiences you go through together.

How do you find a best friend?

What qualities do you look for?

Most children by the age of 3-5, according to AboutOurKids.com have developed an imaginary friend. Why are imaginary friends good? Well they usually do what ever you want, never talk back and disappear upon request. They also prepare you for when a “real” friend comes a long. If you have never had a best friend, practice with an imagery friend. Best friends talk back!

Finding the Right Person

It is not easy to find someone you enjoy being around, enjoy talking to and don’t mind telling stories to. Some of these experiences, that you cherish are not meant for “just” anyone. You want to share them with people you care about (just a little bit more than everyone else). Finding the right person is often the part most people don’t understand. 1. You can’t make someone into your best friend & 2. Don’t pressure them into doing so.

I have 4 really good friends. These are people I’ve shared experiences, stories and secrets with. They understand me because we’ve gone through most of these experiences together. We’ve bonded and created a trust that is unspoken. Years of ups and downs, and experiences that relied on trust and commitment have passed, and the outcome is people who I consider “best friends”.

I didn’t go looking for these people. And they didn’t go looking for me either. I strongly believe “best friends” just happen. It isn’t something you can’t sign up for, unless you’ve seen bestfriendmatch.com, a place supposedly that allows you to find your best friend. Pretty dumb if you ask me. Either way, it is going to take a lot of work to find this individual(s).

Where do I look?

Before you go out on a wild goose chase, look right in front of you. Give someone a chance to be a part of your life. And if they aren’t exactly what you are looking for, kindly show them by giving them less information and spending less time with them. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it simply means you have other things to do, and that person “should” understand that. You have every right to pick and choose who you want to share information with, or allow to enter your life (on a personal level). Never allow anyone to pressure you into doing so.

 Often people who are best friends have a variety of things in common. And sometimes they are total opposite. You can’t go walking in the park thinking you are going to find the perfect friend because you love parks. Does that make sense? No. You have to simply enjoy every encounter, and if you feel there is potential, open up a little and slowly build the trust and commitment you are looking for. WARNING: Blowing the doors off a conversation is a big no, no.  What is blowing the doors off? Giving too much personal information when not needed or asked.

What Happens When I Think They Are the One

Umm. How about ask them? May sound a little silly, but why not? At least you’ll know for sure. If they haven’t popped the question, why can’t you. The worst thing they can say is no right? Some people are too perfect to ask, will you be my friend? Better yet, will you be my best friend? When you are older it is a lot more difficult. When you are younger, you have no idea what you are doing anyways, and you could care less about the results because eventually someone will (hopefully) say yes.

Slowly give information to this individual and (IF) they share back, you have potential right away. If they do not, back off a little and see what they say next. If you still see potential, ask them a question and see if they tell you a sincere answer. If they do not, maybe they need a little more time with you to open up. Or maybe they are not the right person. Note: You can’t share information and expect information to be shared back. Most people don’t operate that way. And remember,  YOU are volunteering to share information, they never asked you to do so.

Take it slow, and ride it out. Be careful with your questions and see how they respond:

Sample questions you could use:

1. Do you have brothers or sisters?/Follow up question: What do they do for a living?

2. What do you like to do for fun? /Follow up question: Do you prefer to do this with friends or alone and why?

3. Who is the most important person in your life? Follow up question: Why?

Use this to get a feel for who the person is, and what they value in a person.

How do I ask a FRIEND out?


You’ve finally built a relationship with your new friend and you are bored. You want to ask them to do something and you have no idea what you want to do. Before anything, friendship stuff is never usually planned. The first 2 or 3 outings are usually organized really well between the two of you. Everything else after turns into a “your going with me right?” or “I need you to come with me”. And that is what you want it to be like. Unfortunately, you end up doing things you additionally do not want to do, but more often than not you have a good time, and your friend appreciates you a little more for coming with them.

If you are looking for ideas with your new best friend here are some options:

1. Simply hang out and watch re-runs of old television shows

2. Eat ice cream/Order food and gossip (Gossip is bad, but builds relationships)

3. Make pretend you have to go on an errand to the mall or to the grocery store

4. Help babysit a little sister/brother/or animal (dogs are cute)

5. Make pretend you need help fixing something, but have it fixed before they come, offer to stay for a cup of tea or hot chocolate


Best friends can’t be packed and delivered to your front doorstep. If you think you can turn someone into that person you are creating a fire that is going to be very difficult to put out. Give others the time to breathe and make a decision on their own. The best friends are found through experience or surprise. Some people find friends instantly and some people need time. If you honour every conversation and interaction you have with new people, you will slowly see who you want to become closer with. With that, you have to understand that everyone you feel connected with, may not necessarily feel the same way about you. Either way, that doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.

Do you have another way of making friends? How do you know someone is going to be a BFF? Contact use through Twitter: @BeAwesomenow_ca or Facebook: BeAwesomenow . We’d love to hear your response!

Until next time!



BeAwesome: #310 Adventurous

BeAwesome: #310 Adventurous

I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them- Elizabeth Taylor 





If someone told me 5-10 years ago that I would be an elementary teacher in Kuwait. I would have probably looked at them like they were crazy. Followed by an enormous amount of laughter. The traveling. The doing things that are out of my comfort zone. Not entirely out of the norm for me. But this experience has definitely been something I could have never guessed. Sometimes trying new things can be easy. A simple taste in new food. A scary ride at the waterpark. Or even a simple hello to a crush or a new friend. These things can be challenging for different people. Traveling. Trying on a new dress. Working at a new job. Doing something you enjoy. Whenever the opportunity is there, I think it is best to embrace it. I think as a culture (world), we miss out on opportunities, new friendships and life changing ideas and moments because we are scared to try new things. Or better yet, walk outside of our comfort zone. If I could take anything from this experience early on, it would be to relax and enjoy the new things that are presented to me. Life happens once on earth. So enjoy it.


Willing to take rise or to try out new methods, ideas or experiences. Involving new ideas or methods. Risky. Before anything I would like to clarify what it means to take a risk. Some of you may quickly think it means, something has to be dangerous or uneasy. But risk taking is about (like said above) stepping outside your comfort zone and being or trying to be comfortable in a new setting. Being adventurous or taking a risk does not have to conclude by jumping out of a plane in a parachute. It does not have to be jumping from a bridge with a cord wrapped around your waist. Being adventurous means you are willing to try new things in hopes of finding what you love and feel passionate about. A lot of people think this term is about doing threatening events that may cause harm to your body. Or worry your friends or family. Those acts are not adventures. They are usually called stupid. Or simply dumb. Be adventures not stupid.




Those who are AWESOME are adventurous. We love to try new things. We love to get outside of our comfort zone see what happens. Maybe not right away. But we try to experience, and take every experience and learn something from it. About ourselves. And about other people. We are adventurous.


BeAwesome: #306 Young

BeAwesome: #306 Young

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age- Lucille Bal

We are all young at heart. If we decide we want to be. We always talk about life. And how it is your choice to live it the way you want it to be. Life is about choices. And we have the power to make anything happen. If you have the determination and desire to do so. Your images. And thoughts will come to life. We are young. We grow old in age. But our hearts remain the same. Don’t be in a rush to get older. Or wish yourself a happy birthday. Take some time out and enjoy your age right now. You can never go back. Your age always goes forward. Fun. We are young. Tonight is the night. Let’s set the world on fire. Every opportunity you have to sit aside work. Or really enjoy yourself. You have to go for it. Life moves so darn fast. That every second. Every opportunity. Anything you decide not to do. May not come back around. We can be young forever. But if our choices remain the same. Our bodies will not move. And we will not enjoy life and the many experiences waiting for us.


Those who are AWESOME are young. We look at every opportunity and outcome as a new beginning. Our youth and light heart is what drives us throughout life. It takes us on adventures. It lands us in strange places. Being young is about being AWESOME. And continuing to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Know matter how fast you grow up.




BeAwesome: #286 Pour

BeAwesome: #286 Pour

I like to pour my heart out in what I love to do. It is on occasion that I do not. But most of the time I do- Unknown




Have you ever watched someone pour something and really take in how things get into the flow. Yeah, well me either, until the other day I watched a kid pour milk into his cereal (I swear this was my first time watching) As he poured his milk into his cheerios, I noticed a great desire to get every drop of milk out of the carton. This kid went to an extent where he took the box and shook it over his head, trying to aim the open carton on his little bowl. After getting himself and his friends beside him wet of milk, he decided to find his spoon and start eating. I thought about why, he wanted to get “ALL” of the milk. Why not just some. Why did he want to pour every ounce into the bowl. For starters I thought, well oh, this kid really likes milk. Secondly, his mom or dad or who ever takes care of him, has taught him to empty the carton. Now in adult terms I thought why can’t we pour like that in real life all the time? Why can’t we try to get every ounce out of what we do or try to get.


To cause to flow in a stream. To dispense from a container. Pour drinks for everyone. To supply or produce freely or copiously. To give full expression. I am not asking anyone to pour his or her heart out. When we pour we need to give everything. And be careful. Empty your energy on what ever it is that influences you to get up. Influences you to pour everything you have into what you love. Your mind. Soul. Body. And actions pour out. Pour every minute and hour you have into your project. Pour every second into your focus when reading. Pour and shake like the little boy and the milk carton, until nothing is left. And do it over and over again tomorrow, next week and the following year. Pour it. Pour it all out.


Those who are AWESOME pour. We make sure we get everything into the glass we are aiming. We concentrate and make pouring an experience we remember and repeat until satisfied. Pouring is about receiving every last drop. Retaining every last bit of what we are looking for.


BeAwesome: #272 Produce

BeAwesome: #272 Produce




We hear about this story all the time. One get’s cut from his high school basketball team. From Brooklyn New York, he was out to prove himself at a young age. With his close friend Harvest being the only sophomore to make the team that year. He was motivated. He was hungry to make his life what he wanted it to be. He feed from failure. He was pushed by the words and comments of others around him. The following summer he grew and found a spot on the varsity team averaging 20points per game in his final two season of his high school career. What happen next? Well if you haven’t figured it out already (I would be surprised if you didn’t). 5 NBA Most Valuable Player Awards. 6 NBA Championships. 10 NBA Scoring Titles. 10 All-NBA First Team. 14 NBA ALL Star Appearances. 2 Olympic Gold Medals. 6 NBA Final MVPS. And the list goes on and on and on. How did this happen? Did this individual just wake up and be given all of these things? Did he magically grow tall and be given the skill to compete at a high level. This individual produced. He produced at a level in which everyone should be trying to reach. Can we all be Michael Jordan ( Of course not) Can we try to work hard like him (Definitely)


Make or manufacture from components or raw materials. Grow. By Farming. By Grooming. Creating. Generating something. Present. Output a manner that is impossible to be broken. Get up and create something you believe in. When an individual is asked to create something out of nothing. They have 2 options. Try it. Or Quit. Individuals who try to figure out what works, what produce at a higher level. Individuals who quit. Will never find out. They will miss out on the experience and reason why things happen. Everything in life has a reason why (this is my own opinion) I think the worst things are used to create better things for the future. We cannot control bad things from happening. (This is life) But we can try to make these things never happen again. Produce a level of commitment to reach a goal or a passion you want to create. Produce a level of confidence that other people do not understand. Produce a way of life that is fitting for you and not the people on the outside of your life.


Those who are AWESOME produce. We grow from experiences and produce what we want our future to be. We are guided by our thoughts and motivations. Not by a book. Or another human being (Though we take advice often). We understand our life and where we are going. We create a plan and stick with it. We find a love or a passion and follow it.


NS Artist of the Week: @KerryFraser

NS Artist of the Week: @kerryFraser

Kerry Fraser: Miss Kerry Fraser (Twitter: @KerryFraser) is an artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She started painting when she was around the age of 10. She used her creativity at a young age and continues to do so, whether that is with a brush and some paint or glue and craft materials,  her inspiration remains the same (her mother). Her work features a range of styles and skills. What I like about Kerry: I love the realism in each pictures. Her ability to blend colors and her story (inspirational and inspiring). Me and Kerry are becoming great friends!!! Check her out!!

You can find Kerry’s work @: http://www.inspiredbygladys.blogspot.com/



PaintYourShoes -BeAwesome

Ebox Art:#3

EBox (Electrical Box Art) : #3

EBox #3 is located on Main Street in Dartmouth. It is beside Panavista Drive next to Esso, on the hill is Vines Restaurant, Fast Fuel (Across the street) and Sobeys in close distance next door..ahah. This is one of my favorite boxes. The artist did a phenomenal job with everything. The people are realistic and the food/drink looks as though you could eat it. The amount of detail added to this picture can with no trouble cause any person driving by to drive off of the road.ahah This Ebox is amazing..



Painting is not only for the young -BeAwesome