Hate it or Love it the Underdogs on Top


[Chorus (50 then Game):]
Hate it or love it the underdog’s on top
And I’m gonna shine homie until my heart stop

Go head’ envy me
I’m raps MVP
And I ain’t goin nowhere so you can get to know me


The NBA Finals are over. The confetti that fell from American Airlines Area is cleaned up. The lights to the gym are turned off, and the seats are empty. The locker rooms no longer smell of champagne and sweaty men. The fan section no longer has popcorn and spilled soda sticking to the floor. It is all over. The Miami Heat repeat as champions, and the off-season begins.

If you are a sports fanatic or NBA junky you knew coming into the NBA season what the headline stories would be. Will King James be dethroned from Championship number 2? Will his supporting cast be up for the Challenge? Is LBJ the best player in the NBA? Anyone could tell you that Lebron James would be the focus throughout the regular season. This young man has been in the spot light his entire career, dating back to his high school, The Fighting Irish. Since living in Akron Ohio, LBJ has had to deal with flashing cameras, over aggressive media and rude analysis since a teen, comparisons to MJ and Kobe Byrant, his place in history, his mark on the NBA brand. At the age of 28, LBJ has been given a lot of responsibility (A lot of which he has not asked for/Some of which he did). All of this, not allowing, Lebron to be Lebron.

The Expectations

On June 26th, 2003 the NBA was given an instant attraction. Though the draft was filled with 3 other superstars (Do you remember who they are), they did not receive the hype, in which the kid from Akron received. This kid was already given the crown, and an audience was waiting to see if the crown fit perfectly. At the age of 17 he was given the nick name “The Chosen One, by Greg Kelly an SI senior editor (NBA Players usually do not come up with nicknames for themselves/If they did it was whack or not really a nickname), talked to NBA superstars on a regular basis (Tracy MacGrady, Antoine Walker, and coach John Locus of Cleveland at the time) and also spent time with rap legend Jay Z. Not to mention the $100 million dollar endorsements deals before a game on the hardwood.

His path and hype was like no other superstar who has ever entered the NBA nor any other professional sport. The expectations from no other individual have been this high. The pressure from teammates, organizations, fans and media was at its all-time high, not to mention he was still 17-18 at the time. Entering something new is easy when you have nothing to lose. The world (for some reason) gives you 1-2 years to mess up and make mistakes. Everything after that is considered a fail or you will be highly criticized for your actions. It only took 1 year for the world to focus in on LBJ and his progress as a superstar, and what he has YET to accomplish. Or better yet what he has to accomplish to be considered great. How did he respond?


All of this and the world still doubts what he can do:

NBA Championships Details:

2011-12 with Miami Heat

2012-13 with Miami Heat

Awards and Honors by Type:

Season MVP – 4 times 
2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-12, 2012-13

Finals MVP – Twice 
2011-12, 2012-13

Scoring Leader – Once 

All-NBA First Team – 7 times 
2005-06, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13

All-NBA Second Team – Twice 
2004-05, 2006-07

All-Defensive First Team – 5 times 
2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13

Rookie of the Year 

All-Rookie First Team 


Everyone makes mistakes. We go through life and learn from the decisions we make as an adult and as a kid. If we did not make mistakes and go through ups and downs we would not learn as much as we learn and grow as much as we grow. Everyone has their reasons for why they dislike Lebron James. Moving from Cleveland to Miami. The Decision. The way he plays the game. The way he speaks. What he does in the community. Possibly even the things he eats. How he works out. Some simply have no reason at all. Some just like to follow a trend that is floating in the media (The Bad Guy). Some just hate hearing comparisons to him and other players.

Lebron is amongst very few players (in the world of sports) who have been hated for being so damn good. Hated for making life choices, he felt (key word “HE”) would be best for him. Everyone believes to know what is right for Lebron James. In the mean time, he continues to do what he feels is right for himself. There comes a time in life where you have to make choices for you, you can either allow others to dictate future goals and dreams, or you can decide to determine these experiences and expectations on your own.

Lebron James went through a variety of hatred. Scooter Magruder has it all in his 2012 skit Stuff Lebron James Haters Say

Scooter makes a point of emphasizes to show that no matter what LBJ does throughout his career, people will always find a way to hate him, or dislike his accomplishment. And this does not “only” go for Lebron, James, this is a fact for everyone. Know matter how good or great you are at something, people will always try to find a way to bring you down, or make you feel less of a person. It is up to you to manage this storm, and come up with ways to weather the storm.


Spending 7 years in Cleveland without a ring left Lebron upset and hungry for better results. A Decision in 2010 rocked the sports world and easily gave fans and media something to hold onto for a lifetime. Another loss in the 2011 NBA Finals to Dallas made one think and take a better look in the mirror.

The lessons learned through experience have forced Lebron into one or 2 mindsets. He could either allow others to determine his future or take control. Lebrons latest decision was overlooked this year. Lebron decided to block out all of those who negatively affected his game. He used these (Haters) individuals as motivation to create one he best all time performances over an NBA season/playoffs. And he said it best when he received his MVP award in-game 7.

Last Thoughts:

All of your failures should be used as motivation. The pressure and outside influences are more reasons why you should want to be successful. This should be the gas for your engine. Never take a negative comment too serious. Never allow a word or gesture to go to the heart. Use it. And create something out of it.



BeAwesome: Fitness Extraordinaire Ryan Trueman: What foods make you look fat?

How to tell which foods will make you fat! Know your Glycemic Index numbers!

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So I was talking with a couple guys today and it kind of dawned on me that there needs to be a more in-depth conversation on carbs with you.  We all know how I feel about carbs, and for more information you can view my previous blog (if you haven’t I recommend you do before reading this, but you won’t have to) by clicking here! But today let’s explain it a little bit further, and better yet, let’s start looking at food in this way so we ensure a healthy diet, great healthy weight loss and lean muscle gains!

Before we start! I do not go completely carb free.  This is one huge mistake people can make.  Yes it is true that it does  lead to quicker weight loss, but you will also put weigh back on quickly when you start eating carbs again (one major pitfall of the atkins diet).  This can lead to yo-yo dieting and much less safe alternative.  I often recommend low carb diets that incorporate slow carbs with low GI numbers.  You can have carb free days, but there are some days you need slow carbs to be incorporated  ESPECIALLY if you don’t take a cheat day.

I will quickly give you the summary of carbs.  Unlike what you might think, fat rarely makes you fat, but it is rather carbs that make people fat.  Carbs are things like Bread, Pasta, Candy and sugars.  When you eat foods like this you put your body into fat storing mode and open up pathways for these nutrients to become love handles.  They do this by spiking your insulin levels which in turn activates a compound called GLUT 4 which is basically the guy holding the doorway to tubby town.  Take note, carbs are drastically different in terms of quality.  Many foods are given a Glysemix Index (GI) number, and this will essentially rank food as a bad carb.  It’s simple, A bad carb will have a high GI number and load.  A healthier carb will have a low GI number and load.Keep in mind these are easy small changes from things like white rice to brown rice that can drastically increase your weight loss.  Not to mention that low GI foods make you feel full longer, and you will eat less!

Below you will find a chart provided by Harvard that works great for evaluating foods!  If you see foods that aren’t here try googling them, product’s GI numbers are relatively easy to find for almost any food!  Thanks Harvard!

Cheers! Ryan

Note: white bread (~ 70) is known for being fairly awful.  Aim for foods with at least a lower GI number than this with the ideal being around 50 or less.  Take notice also of nuts and beans being awesome carb sources for diets (~30)

*For anyone dealing with blood sugar issues or is a diabetic, you should always consult your doctor before adjusting your carbohydrate levels.

FOOD Glycemic index (glucose = 100) Serving size (grams) Glycemic load per serving
Banana cake, made with sugar 47 60 14
Banana cake, made without sugar 55 60 12
Sponge cake, plain 46 63 17
Vanilla cake made from packet mix with vanilla frosting (Betty Crocker) 42 111 24
Apple, made with sugar 44 60 13
Apple, made without sugar 48 60 9
Waffles, Aunt Jemima (Quaker Oats) 76 35 10
Bagel, white, frozen 72 70 25
Baguette, white, plain 95 30 15
Coarse barley bread, 75-80% kernels, average 34 30 7
Hamburger bun 61 30 9
Kaiser roll 73 30 12
Pumpernickel bread 56 30 7
50% cracked wheat kernel bread 58 30 12
White wheat flour bread 71 30 10
Wonder™ bread, average 73 30 10
Whole wheat bread, average 71 30 9
100% Whole Grain™ bread (Natural Ovens) 51 30 7
Pita bread, white 68 30 10
Corn tortilla 52 50 12
Wheat tortilla 30 50 8
Coca Cola®, average 63 250 mL 16
Fanta®, orange soft drink 68 250 mL 23
Lucozade®, original (sparkling glucose drink) 95±10 250 mL 40
Apple juice, unsweetened, average 44 250 mL 30
Cranberry juice cocktail (Ocean Spray®) 68 250 mL 24
Gatorade 78 250 mL 12
Orange juice, unsweetened 50 250 mL 12
Tomato juice, canned 38 250 mL 4
All-Bran™, average 55 30 12
Coco Pops™, average 77 30 20
Cornflakes™, average 93 30 23
Cream of Wheat™ (Nabisco) 66 250 17
Cream of Wheat™, Instant (Nabisco) 74 250 22
Grapenuts™, average 75 30 16
Muesli, average 66 30 16
Oatmeal, average 55 250 13
Instant oatmeal, average 83 250 30
Puffed wheat, average 80 30 17
Raisin Bran™ (Kellogg’s) 61 30 12
Special K™ (Kellogg’s) 69 30 14
Pearled barley, average 28 150 12
Sweet corn on the cob, average 60 150 20
Couscous, average 65 150 9
Quinoa 53 150 13
White rice, average 89 150 43
Quick cooking white basmati 67 150 28
Brown rice, average 50 150 16
Converted, white rice (Uncle Ben’s®) 38 150 14
Whole wheat kernels, average 30 50 11
Bulgur, average 48 150 12
Graham crackers 74 25 14
Vanilla wafers 77 25 14
Shortbread 64 25 10
Rice cakes, average 82 25 17
Rye crisps, average 64 25 11
Soda crackers 74 25 12
Ice cream, regular 57 50 6
Ice cream, premium 38 50 3
Milk, full fat 41 250mL 5
Milk, skim 32 250 mL 4
Reduced-fat yogurt with fruit, average 33 200 11
Apple, average 39 120 6
Banana, ripe 62 120 16
Dates, dried 42 60 18
Grapefruit 25 120 3
Grapes, average 59 120 11
Orange, average 40 120 4
Peach, average 42 120 5
Peach, canned in light syrup 40 120 5
Pear, average 38 120 4
Pear, canned in pear juice 43 120 5
Prunes, pitted 29 60 10
Raisins 64 60 28
Watermelon 72 120 4
Baked beans, average 40 150 6
Blackeye peas, average 33 150 10
Black beans 30 150 7
Chickpeas, average 10 150 3
Chickpeas, canned in brine 38 150 9
Navy beans, average 31 150 9
Kidney beans, average 29 150 7
Lentils, average 29 150 5
Soy beans, average 15 150 1
Cashews, salted 27 50 3
Peanuts, average 7 50 0
Fettucini, average 32 180 15
Macaroni, average 47 180 23
Macaroni and Cheese (Kraft) 64 180 32
Spaghetti, white, boiled, average 46 180 22
Spaghetti, white, boiled 20 min, average 58 180 26
Spaghetti, wholemeal, boiled, average 42 180 17
Corn chips, plain, salted, average 42 50 11
Fruit Roll-Ups® 99 30 24
M & M’s®, peanut 33 30 6
Microwave popcorn, plain, average 55 20 6
Potato chips, average 51 50 12
Pretzels, oven-baked 83 30 16
Snickers Bar® 51 60 18
Green peas, average 51 80 4
Carrots, average 35 80 2
Parsnips 52 80 4
Baked russet potato, average 111 150 33
Boiled white potato, average 82 150 21
Instant mashed potato, average 87 150 17
Sweet potato, average 70 150 22
Yam, average 54 150 20
Hummus (chickpea salad dip) 6 30 0
Chicken nuggets, frozen, reheated in microwave oven 5 min 46 100 7
Pizza, plain baked dough, served with parmesan cheese and tomato sauce 80 100 22
Pizza, Super Supreme (Pizza Hut) 36 100 9
Honey, average 61 25 12
The complete list of the glycemic index and glycemic load for more than 1,000 foods can be found in the article “International tables of glycemic index and glycemic load values: 2008” by Fiona S. Atkinson, Kaye Foster-Powell, and Jennie C. Brand-Miller in the December 2008 issue of Diabetes Care, Vol. 31, number 12, pages 2281-2283.

BeAwesome: Death of the Cell Phone

Death of the Cellphone

There are some of you, who, if you give up your cellphone, you will be successful- Eric Thomas



This is an honest statement “I love my cellphone”. I check emails. I use text messaging. I read Ibooks. I surf the net. I do a lot on my phone. Rule number one #ADMIT IT. It is the first or second thing I check in the morning. I use it for an alarm. I touch it. I watch videos. I check stats. And creep facebook once in a while. A cellphone is a hand-held computer. Computers will know longer be used in the near future. Everything will be shaped and designed like a cellphone. (You heard it here first)


Of course the cellphone has a variety of benefits (See list below). Easy to contact a friend or a family members. Quick searching of the internet. Easy to access information and banking.  Videos. Stats. And pictures. All at your fingers tips. It is a great source. It is a great invention.


Benefits of a cellphone:




Music Player



Now. The reality of this is that cell-phones is ultimately stopping you from working and presenting your very best. Every second. Minute. Hour. You spend on your phone. Someone else is getting ahead of you. Someone else has found a way to separate his or herself from their cellphone. The benefits of this are enormous (See #DEATHOFTHECELLPHONE) and the amount of focus and real life work being done increases 100%. When you say you love something. Or better yet. You feel passionate about it. You begin to dream it. Sleep it. And wake up in it everyday. You think you’re really dedicated. You think you are trying really hard. And then your phone rings…

If I wrote a blog about how much I never use my cellphone. I would be liar. If I told you I never checked emails or text messages. I would be a liar as well.I love my cell phone. It is something I use on a daily basis. But I am most efficient when my phone is put away and my mind is focused on my goals and dreams. Cellphones are not going out of style. They are still very popular. But they are one thing that is keeping you from being the most successful person you can be today.





If you want to get beat in a race or scored on during the last second of the game. Continue to use your cellphone, every minute and hour of the day. Today, the cellphone is more than cellphone in our lives. It is something that controls our actions and movements on a day-to-day basis. It is a consistent excuse for us to not work and give 100% during a task. It is a distraction during a test or an exam. It is the reason your C+ will never be a B+. Your B+ will never be an A+. But your cellphone down and give your undivided attention to what it is you are trying to focus on.

When this tool (the cellphone) is out of your way, you are free of all distractions. That is right. You are free. When you are able to go hours without looking at your phone, you are committing your self to what you really think is important. Not a message to a friend. How are you doing? What are you doing this weekend? The common message and alert on your phone is not an emergency. It is not something you have to, or must respond to right away. A cellphone is that, a distraction for you and your friends. It keeps you unmotivated. And further away from your dreams. You may not want to hear this but. It is a consistent excuse for you not to work hard.



When trying to reach are maximum amount of potential. Climbing the highest mountain. Overcoming difficult odds. Breaking stereotypes. And fighting against the norm. The cellphone is not going to do the work for you. If you want to be fully committed, put it down. Some of you can’t put it down for 2 minutes. Some of you have it attached to your waist. The cellphone is not only stopping our dreams. It is hindering out way of conversation. Our speaking and language. Our personal approach to situations. We can hide behind emails and text messages. But we cannot hide behind the person we see in the mirror.

Some people will not put their cellphones down in light of having a good future. Think about the moments you have and what is going to help you go forward. Every second you have is precious. Every minute you waste is gone. You cannot get that back. Put it down. DeathoftheCellPhone


BeAwesome: #283 Speak

BeAwesome: #283 Speak

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another- Napoleon Hill



Some people find it hard to talk about them self. Some would say people talk about themselves too much. When you start to accomplish goals. And do great things in life. That you are proud about. You need to start sharing that. You need to speak up. People ask me what I do. What are your goals and what are you trying to accomplish. Up until now (literally right now/Dec/20110 I use to tell them I’m not sure. I am trying to motivate others. Up until now that answer is not good enough. I am trying to organize a group of individuals who believe in a common set of values in reaching ones goal, while being nice to one another. I run a movement. I speak and care about what I talk about. I am not cocky. I am just very determined.




Declare. Express. Tell. State and Say. When we speak we must use our speaking voice. Try not to shy away from speak. Be proud of your accomplishments. Share. One needs to speak it. To believe it. It is one thing to think you can do something and believe. But yet it it’s entirely up to you whether you want to say it or not. Are you a pretender? Or a real life make it happen a type of person. To play the role you have to deep down, believe you are that person. You are the singer. You are the business owner. You are the king or queen of the crop. Without a voice. Without speak. You are minimizing your shinning moments. Let it out. Share your specialties.


Those who are AWESOME speak. We are not full-of-oneself. We love who we are and have decided to share what we love with the world. We walk. And talk the talk. Individuals with pride. Love. And heart for what they do. We breathe it. We sleep it. We eat it. We are professionals in our craft