Be AWESOME Updates: New Line, Awesome Project, YouTube Collaboration and MORE!

Before anything, I would like to apologize for haven’t posting anything in a while. Things have been really busy here in Kuwait over the past number of weeks. In and between teaching and report cards, and finalizing some big ideas for the worlds fastest growing motivational brand, its been a ride I am sure I will never forget.

So what’s new:

My Life: Besides the 25 report cards I had to finish this week. The grades being entered into the computer. The NBA playoffs (My poor Clippers). Being sick (cold or some sort of flu). The past few weeks have been very challenging for me. I must say, I’ve had times were I looked myself in the computer screen (because that is where I usually am) and asked myself, is it worth it. And directly after these thoughts, I asked myself, why would I even think that. I believe that if you are trying to help others in ANY kind of what it is worth it. It is worth the heart ache. The pain and the suffering. So if you are out there like me, trying to make a difference in anyones life, through friendship, parenting, mentoring, anything! Don’t feel down or upset about it. Don’t let your ego, or hard work get in the way of making someone else’s life more fulfilling. Believe in good faith, and all that good faith will come back to you. Keep grinding everyone!



The NewsLetter: If you haven’t already you please check out our splash page. Notice the .CA (yes I am Canadian) if you did not know.ahah Oh. Canada! We are going to release a news letter a week, that will let everyone know what we are doing as an organization, and what they can look forward to as we prep for a crazy and fulfilled summer.



Charities/Organizations: We’ve locked down a number of cool charities and NGO’s that we are really excited about. We are unable to confirm their involvement just yet because of paper work that has to be filed and returned. We currently have 6 that are really interested, and 3 that have confirmed they want to get involved! For a start, that is AWESOME. The tough part about this is, I am still me. My friends know me, my followers (kinda know me), and these individuals, do not know me at all. I understand that it is hard to trust people now a days, and that is what I am trying to build this company with “TRUST”. To those of you who’ve given me the go, and have shown the smallest amount of interest, I am honoured and I thank you for that! Stay in the loop for more on these organizations and what they have to offer. We will be working with some awesome people!

Website: For me this has been the most challenging part of my early stages of building this brand. In the past it was easy (well not easy, but sort of in a way that I needed to get things and the word out there as fast as possible) things were kind of rushed, and not done professionally (in my opinion). This time everything is being done in progress. We are taking the steps to make this company “real”. Not just an online store. Not just a fancy website with cool pictures. We are going to re-vamp the way you look at websites and the value of information you receive.

Our new look is clean, photo heavy, and dependent on motivation and inspiration by you. You will find daily motivation to keep you going. Clean images for reminders of what life really means. People and stories to think about. We are giving you a place to come, relax, take some time out of your day and really find the meaning of life. What we have so far is #AWESOME. I cannot say more, about the guys at and what they’ve done for me as a new company. All I can say is stay tuned! You are sure to be impressed by our decisions on this website.

awesome10New Line: Lots of exciting news in regards to our new line and what we’ve decided to do with what the world provides to us. We are changing the look and feel of the shirts “entirely”. New logo’s (as you can see), new designs but the same motivation and purpose. We’ve taken a sweat-shop free approach to our-line that includes a number of incentives that we will release through our newsletter. We are excited about this change and we hope you are to. Our fitted tees and sweaters will be more dry, comfy and motivational. We plan to release a number of limited edition products as well.

The Awesome Project: If you haven’t read the news letter, I will give you a little run down, as to what this is all about. This project is about spreading Awesome around the world. We’ve decided that how else can we do this, other than taking a boat load of tees around the world each year and spreading them to everyone we possibly see and contact ourselves with. People on the airplane, restaurants, playgrounds, villages, families, schools, teams, you name it. Our goal is to visit 5 continents in 5 years and give out 200+ tees to a given country, state or province in each continent. Again, stay in the loop for more information on this project and how you can get involved!

Topic - Youtube-676854Youtube collaboration: I can’t give you too much on this until I sign the papers and send the information BUT let’s just say Be Awesome will (inshallah) be working with and up and coming YouTube start on a new Be Awesome Commercial!





Help Us Help Others!!


Well it’s been two years now (I think, maybe a little more) since  I’ve decided to try to change the world, one T-shirt at a time. How is it going? Well pretty good! I have a family of supporters who have helped me continue this journey and I am learning and growing every day. Since I started selling t-shirts from my apartment in Antigonish, during school, I have been through variety ups and downs. Negatives that I quickly turn into positives. And great friends I’ve found along the way.

Today, I live in Kuwait (If you didn’t know already) It has been a unique experience so far. This is a little country in the Middle East. What am I doing here? Well I teach grade 2 (Not just ENGLISH/Science, Math & Social Studies too). It’s been a challenge trying to manage two separate things that I love doing: Teaching & Spreading Awesome; but I some how keep both rolling. With experience comes learning, and I do not regret taking this journey for one second.

Help Us Help Others:

I’ve been thinking lately: What else can I do to make the world more awesome? I quickly thought about it. And thought about it. And came to the conclusion of reaching out to non-profit organizations, charities and programs. I want to give 16% of proceeds, and promote and raise awareness for their causes. ALL FOR FREE OF COURSE:-)

I have a written proposal ready to be sent to all organizations that are interested. For those of you who do not know who I am, I have university professors, doctors, lawyers, ministers,  teachers, friends, parents, aunts, uncles, dogs, cats and even rabbits ready to be my reference. I have given all of them notice that individuals may call or email them. I know it is hard to give a stranger a chance, but I promise you I am sincere and will try my best to help your organization reach its full potential, if it has not already. I’m just a young guy trying to make the world more awesome.

See Links:

Current Website:

Twitter: @BeAwesomeTm

Facebook Page: GaryGrayArt 

What to look forward to: 

Website: Be Awesome will get a fresh new look thanks to the gentlemen at Q&A, Orange County, CA. A new website will launch this summer 2013! Check out Q&A on the link provided.

Awesome Logo: Be Awesome will look a little different once the re-launch! A great design has been developed and we are excited to present it to you very soon!

My Mission:

My mission is very clear. I want to make the world Awesome. If I have to go broke doing so. SO BE IT. Whether that is giving T-shirts  away. Raising money for groups or individuals independently. I am ready to put my eggs in the basket. Be Awesome will find a way to give and make people smile. You can help too! Contact: for more information on the concept and ideas. Follow us @ the links above!

How can you help?:

Repost. Retweet. Share. Like. Call. Write, ReBlog. This post to all of your friends and family. Please help Be Awesome Support Awesome Causes!

Until Next Time,

Stay Awesome;-)


What Women Look Good In

BeAwesome: #324 What Women Look Good In



I am not a fashion expert. I think I dress pretty nice and I try to stay up to date with the latest trends. I usually never follow them but I think I know what is in and what is out. A lot of people call me a hipster (And I am okay with that), for those of you who are unsure of what that is:

Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.

(Urban Dictionary)

Fashion for Women

Some women are very trendy. Some women kind of roll with their own style (I like that). You can see it in their personality. How they carry themselves and what they take pride in when they dress. Over the pass couple of years (2011-2013) I’ve noticed a shift in fashion and women. And maybe this is just me. Maybe I am the only one that thinks this way, but it seems as though women now believe that less is good, and more is bad. Confused? Yeah me to. This is what I am talking about:





#More: 🙂


Ideally, how you dress is going to determine who approaches you (and how). What they say and how they say it. Let’s be real here. If you are half-dressed, don’t be surprised if some dude is trying to get your number with a pick up line from the Fresh Prince of Bell Air (Nothing against Fresh Prince , Will had some nice pickup lines.ahah) But do you really want the first thing a guy’s says to be a pick up line? If so? Again, that is your personal preference, and maybe, just maybe he is a nice guy as well. But again, this is up to you.

Will in Action:

I hear it all the time: Women: I always attract the bad guys. Women: I can’t find Mr. Right. Women: He was nice for the first few months. You cannot help who likes you. But you are responsible for who you let in the door. Sure, you may have had some so-called “bad luck” but what are you doing to better the opportunity the next time:

Double Check:

Before you leave the door. When you are going out with friends. On a date with a guy. What ever it is, ask yourself (honestly), would your mother wear this? What you are thinking: My mom is 45 obviously she wouldn’t wear what I am wearing. What you are thinking: Obviously not, my mom is too old to wear what I wear. What you are thinking: No way. It wouldn’t make sense, what are you talking about.

Think about it: Would your mom wear this?

You do not have to go and ask your mom what to wear. Or is this okay. It is about being respectful of yourself and your body. Guys will be guys (trust me I know, I am a guy) And some of them, simply do not care, what they say to women. Some of them are very selective, and they know (or think they know) what or who you are by what you wear. Do not get me wrong, I love when women dress up and look nice (When it comes easy). I hate when they try too hard. Or go to far over the top.

What women look good in:



Women look good in respect. Confidence in their body. And a dignity they carry when they present themselves to the world. Women look good in a smile. A laugh. Smart. Understanding of what looks good and what it means to be sexy.

Women are the most beautiful living things on earth. Don’t ruin it by trying to be someone you are not. Or making the obvious wrong fashion choice.

Remember: Would your mom wear this?


BeAwesome: #322 Why giving up sucks

BeAwesome: #322 Why giving up sucks



Being defeated is temporary, giving up is permanent 

Every day we go through trails and tribulations. We face things that we do not want to face. We have encounters with all walks of life and make decisions we sometimes do not want to make. One thing I’ve noticed through reading and studying people is that the happiest people never give up. The happiest people do what ever it takes to find joy and strength in what they love to do. Of course on different occasions, things will never always go the exact way you want it to, but having a mindset that is ready to keep going know matter what the circumstances are is important. Remember, you will become upset, you will want to start over or try something new, you will want to give in and let the thought of defeat win, bon’t don’t allow this to happen.

Don’t give up so easily 

Today you should…

Write something worth reading

Read something worth sharing

Say something worth repeating

Give something worth getting

Choose something worth keeping

Sacrifice something worth giving up

Go somewhere worth seeing

Eat something worth tasting

Hug someone worth holding

Buy something worth treasuring

Cry tears worth shedding

Do something worth watching

Risk something worth protecting

Listen to something worth hearing

Teach something worth learning

Be someone worth knowing


Don’t give up

–       Be Awesome

BeAwesome: A Letter From A Weirdo



Dear Normal People,

I am sorry I am not like you. I am sorry I cannot go through life with a normal schedule and set plan. I apologize. I am sorry for being myself. Doing what I want and following my dreams. I apologize. I am sorry. I am sorry for not publishing my relationship status on facebook. I will be sure to update you on my love life very soon. I am sorry. I apologize. I am sorry that I enjoy time alone. Reading or Writing. I know that is strange so I am sorry. I apologize. Sorry for wanting to see the world and explore different cultures and backgrounds. I am aware that this may change my view on life, so I am sorry. I apologize. I am sorry for praying every morning before I go to school. I know you do not understand why I do this, so I am sorry. I apologize. I am sorry for being a teacher. I know males are not supposed to teach, so I am sorry. I apologize. I am sorry for being black and and wanting to be successful. I know you see the world in one color so I am sorry. I apologize. I am sorry for being motivated and trying to learn. Gather more information about life and how to treat people. I am sorry. I apologize. I am sorry you do not see my view on life. Being nice to people and believing in yourself. Taking chances and making mistakes. I am sorry. I apologize. I am sorry for liking Disney. And for eating lots of junk food. I am sorry. I am sorry I do not smoke and know longer drink. I know I ruined the party. So I am sorry. I apologize. I know this letter is getting long so I will stop now, I am sorry.

Yours, Sincerely



You should never have to apologize for who you are. If you find yourself doing so, STOP. You are allowing others to define you. How you should talk.What you should wear.The things you should do. Everyone is not going to like you. Unfortunately this is how life works. Find the common ground between the person in the mirror and who you present on a daily basis. Be yourself. Stop caring about what others think. Find all the reasons in the world to love yourself. Be a weirdo. Be different. It is okay. Follow your mind but take your heart with you.


BeAwesome: #317 How to Accept #Criticism

BeAwesome: #317 How to Accept #Criticism


If dogs can take it, we can too!

Criticism is not for the weak

What is the meaning of criticism? The expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes. An analysis and judgment of a literary or artistic work. To be critiqued or reviewed.

Criticism is something we all have to deal with. Some of us are good at it, and some of us flat-out stink. Growing up, I never really noticed when I was being critiqued or reviewed. In school (university), teachers would watch my presentations. While playing sports, coaches would critique my play. When others would give me feedback, I would never take offence to what they were saying. I never really thought about it as criticism (but it was). I embraced the facts, and use it to get an A+ instead of a B. 5 more points to make 10. I was blessed with the idea that it was simple help (which it truly is/depending on how you take it). I never really thought about it as anything else.

Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. When someone speaks to us about our skill, we act different. People “take offence”. Many of us show anger. Some of us go as far as physical involvement. Our body language changes and our tone of voice becomes different. Why? We often forget what others are trying to do for us. We forget how to act like professionals amongst one another. When being reviewed | critiqued | judged | in a proper manner, we need to sit back and take it all in. How do you get something from this experience? Here are some simple things to remember:




Know matter what is said you must consider it some form of feedback. This can be tough. What if it is not what you want to hear? Guess what? It very may well be. BUT you need to suck it up and use the feedback to better what ever it is you are doing. Feedback is what makes you approve. Feedback allows you to see what you need to practice or work on. Accept feedback and use it to keep the motivation alive

Be a good listener



The point of criticism is to get feedback (see above) and you can’t receive good feedback if you are not listening. You will run into people who you do not like (that is life). You will not want to listen to these people. Matter of fact, you may possibly not stand to even look at them. BUT. You still need to be a good listener. A friend use to tell me, “take something out of every conversation you have, and use it to your advantage”, and this is exactly what you have to do with criticism. Give your undivided attention even if it hurts. You will receive something that will benefit you, if you listen.

Reply with manners



Sometimes your trigger instinct is to respond in defence. In a different tone or manner. If you want to really get something out of this experience you need to reply with manners. Who cares, if it is not what you wanted to hear. Be a professional and take it like a grown-up. Why add more fuel to the fire. Even if you disagree with everything they are saying, say “thank you”. You do not have to go and do what ever they say. They are giving you ideas and suggestions for next time. It is up to you to put them into place if you think it will influence the results for the next time. If you want to be respected by others, you should probably do the same to them (even if they do not show it to you. Be the bigger person)

Criticism is the pathway to success



Criticism builds character. It gives you an idea of what you need to do to get better at what you love or need to get done. You can ask questions. Find out what others think about your progress. Everyone who is successful, used criticism to build on what they have to get what they got. It takes a lot to stand there and listen to someone critique you. Talk about you, and review what you’ve done. Know matter what they say, you should benefit from the conversation. Whether it causes you to work harder or change a few ideas, it is all-beneficial in the process of being successful.