Why life is like crossing the street..

BeAwesome: Life is like crossing the street




I’ve talked about it briefly before. But I never broke down the importance of  looking first before involving yourself into a situation or occasion. What is this “first look” you ask. Well it is something we do (should do) before involving ourselves into something new.

Throughout life, things normally do not “just happen”. Of course during the odd time, something will happen that we are unaware of, or have no control over. But for the most part, we are aware of outcomes, and possibilities that may occur on a day-to-day basis. We have an idea of what may or may not happen.


We have 7 days in a week. 24 hours in a day. And a long year. We as society, are so busy. We get involved and carry out our professions and occupations every day, without realizing the time and months that pass by. Why slow down and look right? Today the average person finds him or herself wrapped into conversations, jobs, events and even experiences without really realizing the time and efforts that is taking place. We never stop to see first. Or just take a look. We try to climb mountains without knowing how high it is. We get into our cars and drive, without understanding the direction we are going. We eat food without realizing the temperature. In society we often forget to “look first”.

Something I’ve learned at very young age from my parents, is that “ you should always look both ways before you cross the street”. Now this may sound like a normal thing to do, but should remember to consistently look, every time we cross. Is their anything coming? Is it okay to step out, and make our way to the next street or sidewalk. What color is the traffic light? We forget to visualize the image of what may or could happen if we do not stop and “look” first. We just walk out in front. That is when we get ourselves into trouble. We forget to create a mental image. We forget to look first.

– Red Light: Stop: If you see the red light—–>Stop and think about what you are about to do. Are your prepared for what is about to happen next, after you cross the street. Are you mentally and physically ready for any type of outcome. Uncertainty. Failure. Disappointment. Love. Happiness. Change. Emotions. Anything can happen once you’ve made it across, it is up to you to figure out how you react to this outcome. Don’t be afraid to stop. Stopping simply means you are big enough to understand the situation and willing to think about it before you go forward.

Green Light: Go: If you see the green light—–> Go don’t look back. Confidently take this direction and move with a head of steam until you reach your destination. Be aware of the changes that may take place during this walk across the street. But again, be brave and confident that this is the right decision.

-Yellow Light: Yield: If you see the yellow light—–> Yield and step back. Be tempted but really think about what it is you are about to do. Is the temptation worth the risk or reward. Are you ready to make this big step. What and how will this affect you and the people around you. Why are you doing this. And what are my options now. And later. Yellow means take your time and think about what you really want to do. Seek advice and take a step back from the idea.




While growing up, and becoming a specific age, you have the freedom to make your own decisions. Sometimes we take this privilege for granted. When we were young, all of these decisions were made and decided for us. IT was easy. What color clothes we would wear to school. What was in our lunch boxes. Today is a little different. Today considers a first look at the situation. Or experience you are getting yourself into.

Be careful how you live, you will be the only Bible some people only read-  William J. Toms

Consider life-like crossing the street. Always look both ways before you get wrapped up into a situation you are unsure of. Unbalanced. Worry. Always be aware of the traffic lights that may cause you to stop, yield or go in a specific direction. First look at YOUR idea of satisfactory and what will make you happy from the outcome you are about to make. Cross carefully. And First look.



BeAwesome: #46 Patient

BeAwesome: #46 Patient

Deliberately seek opportunities for kindness, sympathy, and patience– Evelyn Underhil

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world- Harriet Tubman


How does one become patient? Let’s face some facts here, everyone is not born with patience. Some people never had it and never will. Some people have it, hold on to it, and maybe need to share a bit of it with others, but patience is definitely a virtue (to tolerate delay, show self control while waiting and express moral values). It is simple, to be patient you must be able to wait for periods at a time without becoming frustrated nor upset. The drive through. Red lights. Commercials. Halftime. Phone calls. Lines ups. Food. Books. Text messages. Everything. You name it. We cannot go a day without waiting for something. It is simply how life works. Life is full of “forced patience.” They are situations we have zero control over. So we must wait. We must wait until our time comes. When you are working towards a dream, passion or goal, it is important to be patient. In reality… it will feel 10x better when you are able to look back and realize how much work you’ve put in. Those who are AWESOME are patient. They understand ALL of the hardwork and dedication before the grand finally and ultimate goal in being successful. Try to be patient. Patient