Hate it or Love it the Underdogs on Top


[Chorus (50 then Game):]
Hate it or love it the underdog’s on top
And I’m gonna shine homie until my heart stop

Go head’ envy me
I’m raps MVP
And I ain’t goin nowhere so you can get to know me


The NBA Finals are over. The confetti that fell from American Airlines Area is cleaned up. The lights to the gym are turned off, and the seats are empty. The locker rooms no longer smell of champagne and sweaty men. The fan section no longer has popcorn and spilled soda sticking to the floor. It is all over. The Miami Heat repeat as champions, and the off-season begins.

If you are a sports fanatic or NBA junky you knew coming into the NBA season what the headline stories would be. Will King James be dethroned from Championship number 2? Will his supporting cast be up for the Challenge? Is LBJ the best player in the NBA? Anyone could tell you that Lebron James would be the focus throughout the regular season. This young man has been in the spot light his entire career, dating back to his high school, The Fighting Irish. Since living in Akron Ohio, LBJ has had to deal with flashing cameras, over aggressive media and rude analysis since a teen, comparisons to MJ and Kobe Byrant, his place in history, his mark on the NBA brand. At the age of 28, LBJ has been given a lot of responsibility (A lot of which he has not asked for/Some of which he did). All of this, not allowing, Lebron to be Lebron.

The Expectations

On June 26th, 2003 the NBA was given an instant attraction. Though the draft was filled with 3 other superstars (Do you remember who they are), they did not receive the hype, in which the kid from Akron received. This kid was already given the crown, and an audience was waiting to see if the crown fit perfectly. At the age of 17 he was given the nick name “The Chosen One, by Greg Kelly an SI senior editor (NBA Players usually do not come up with nicknames for themselves/If they did it was whack or not really a nickname), talked to NBA superstars on a regular basis (Tracy MacGrady, Antoine Walker, and coach John Locus of Cleveland at the time) and also spent time with rap legend Jay Z. Not to mention the $100 million dollar endorsements deals before a game on the hardwood.

His path and hype was like no other superstar who has ever entered the NBA nor any other professional sport. The expectations from no other individual have been this high. The pressure from teammates, organizations, fans and media was at its all-time high, not to mention he was still 17-18 at the time. Entering something new is easy when you have nothing to lose. The world (for some reason) gives you 1-2 years to mess up and make mistakes. Everything after that is considered a fail or you will be highly criticized for your actions. It only took 1 year for the world to focus in on LBJ and his progress as a superstar, and what he has YET to accomplish. Or better yet what he has to accomplish to be considered great. How did he respond?


All of this and the world still doubts what he can do:

NBA Championships Details:

2011-12 with Miami Heat

2012-13 with Miami Heat

Awards and Honors by Type:

Season MVP – 4 times 
2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-12, 2012-13

Finals MVP – Twice 
2011-12, 2012-13

Scoring Leader – Once 

All-NBA First Team – 7 times 
2005-06, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13

All-NBA Second Team – Twice 
2004-05, 2006-07

All-Defensive First Team – 5 times 
2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13

Rookie of the Year 

All-Rookie First Team 


Everyone makes mistakes. We go through life and learn from the decisions we make as an adult and as a kid. If we did not make mistakes and go through ups and downs we would not learn as much as we learn and grow as much as we grow. Everyone has their reasons for why they dislike Lebron James. Moving from Cleveland to Miami. The Decision. The way he plays the game. The way he speaks. What he does in the community. Possibly even the things he eats. How he works out. Some simply have no reason at all. Some just like to follow a trend that is floating in the media (The Bad Guy). Some just hate hearing comparisons to him and other players.

Lebron is amongst very few players (in the world of sports) who have been hated for being so damn good. Hated for making life choices, he felt (key word “HE”) would be best for him. Everyone believes to know what is right for Lebron James. In the mean time, he continues to do what he feels is right for himself. There comes a time in life where you have to make choices for you, you can either allow others to dictate future goals and dreams, or you can decide to determine these experiences and expectations on your own.

Lebron James went through a variety of hatred. Scooter Magruder has it all in his 2012 skit Stuff Lebron James Haters Say

Scooter makes a point of emphasizes to show that no matter what LBJ does throughout his career, people will always find a way to hate him, or dislike his accomplishment. And this does not “only” go for Lebron, James, this is a fact for everyone. Know matter how good or great you are at something, people will always try to find a way to bring you down, or make you feel less of a person. It is up to you to manage this storm, and come up with ways to weather the storm.


Spending 7 years in Cleveland without a ring left Lebron upset and hungry for better results. A Decision in 2010 rocked the sports world and easily gave fans and media something to hold onto for a lifetime. Another loss in the 2011 NBA Finals to Dallas made one think and take a better look in the mirror.

The lessons learned through experience have forced Lebron into one or 2 mindsets. He could either allow others to determine his future or take control. Lebrons latest decision was overlooked this year. Lebron decided to block out all of those who negatively affected his game. He used these (Haters) individuals as motivation to create one he best all time performances over an NBA season/playoffs. And he said it best when he received his MVP award in-game 7.

Last Thoughts:

All of your failures should be used as motivation. The pressure and outside influences are more reasons why you should want to be successful. This should be the gas for your engine. Never take a negative comment too serious. Never allow a word or gesture to go to the heart. Use it. And create something out of it.



Be Awesome Africa Day 1 Results

Hey everyone,

Day one is in the books and Be Awesome Africa is  underway !

Our goal for week one:

Facebook storm!

What we want to do with week one is shower the largest social media network in the world with post, re-post, statues and private messages about our campaign! It is still very early in regards to where we are in funds and publicity, but we believe that Facebook Storm will be a large part of our success. This week up until next Wednesday, the facebook team will post like crazy, and message as many of our friends about Be Awesome Africa.

What can you do? We ask that you do the same. You may not want to get to crazy (it can get annoying for most people) but a private message is better than a direct link on someone’s wall (Unless you are comfortable doing do). Copy the link: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/be-awesome-africa/x/3442576?c=home and send it to all of your friends and family!

Contributions: Thank everyone who has funded our project on Day 1. Our project is 6% completed and we are so pumped about that! With lots of time left we are confident in reaching our final goal $27,993 !!!

Until next time!


BeAwesome: #310 Adventurous

BeAwesome: #310 Adventurous

I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them- Elizabeth Taylor 





If someone told me 5-10 years ago that I would be an elementary teacher in Kuwait. I would have probably looked at them like they were crazy. Followed by an enormous amount of laughter. The traveling. The doing things that are out of my comfort zone. Not entirely out of the norm for me. But this experience has definitely been something I could have never guessed. Sometimes trying new things can be easy. A simple taste in new food. A scary ride at the waterpark. Or even a simple hello to a crush or a new friend. These things can be challenging for different people. Traveling. Trying on a new dress. Working at a new job. Doing something you enjoy. Whenever the opportunity is there, I think it is best to embrace it. I think as a culture (world), we miss out on opportunities, new friendships and life changing ideas and moments because we are scared to try new things. Or better yet, walk outside of our comfort zone. If I could take anything from this experience early on, it would be to relax and enjoy the new things that are presented to me. Life happens once on earth. So enjoy it.


Willing to take rise or to try out new methods, ideas or experiences. Involving new ideas or methods. Risky. Before anything I would like to clarify what it means to take a risk. Some of you may quickly think it means, something has to be dangerous or uneasy. But risk taking is about (like said above) stepping outside your comfort zone and being or trying to be comfortable in a new setting. Being adventurous or taking a risk does not have to conclude by jumping out of a plane in a parachute. It does not have to be jumping from a bridge with a cord wrapped around your waist. Being adventurous means you are willing to try new things in hopes of finding what you love and feel passionate about. A lot of people think this term is about doing threatening events that may cause harm to your body. Or worry your friends or family. Those acts are not adventures. They are usually called stupid. Or simply dumb. Be adventures not stupid.




Those who are AWESOME are adventurous. We love to try new things. We love to get outside of our comfort zone see what happens. Maybe not right away. But we try to experience, and take every experience and learn something from it. About ourselves. And about other people. We are adventurous.


ImInKuwait: Week 16 (Camels)

ImInKuwait: Week 16 (Camels)



The weeks fly by here. I am not sure exactly what it is, but it seems as though we are consistently on a weekend (or approaching one). Sunday’s through until Wednesday go by really fast. Last week was fun. We are approaching our holiday here (Dec. 20th) and everyone is excited for the break. For some of us (most of us), it is much-needed. And we are planning to travel (BERLIN & BARCELONA FOR ME)

So besides school, what happen the last week? I keep experiencing so much, and telling myself this experience has to be the best one yet. And again, this weekend was the same. I was invited to go camping with a friend (Kuwaiti friend). I was hesitant to go in the beginning for a variety of reasons. 1. Just not up to it. 2. Already spent some time in the desert 3. Not sure how comfortable I would be. There were other reasons in my head, but I ultimately decide to go for it. And did I ever have a great time.

It started Saturday morning. I was supposed to leave around 10:30-11 but the driver that was picking me up got lost (Everyone gets lost, trying to find Mahboula). When the driver finally arrived (In a Lexus) we went off into the desert. From the city to the desert, it took 45minutes. The drive seemed fast, seeing I had a little friend to talk to the entire way. It was neat. The driver U-turned and took off into the dirt (desert). You could barely see the tracks in the dirt . (I’m pretty sure there was none) This time, we are driving off the pavement into the sand. The driver continues to drive straight; it felt as though we were on some type of safari. The only thing we were missing were the animals (Mind you, we did see a sheep and camel farm).



Once I arrived on the campsite, I was introduced to uncles and cousins. And given Turkish tea. I am not a big fan of hot beverages, but at this time I would not refuse. After tea, we sat in a comfy area and drank more tea and ate sweets; along with a variety of nuts and dried fruit. It was very peaceful. I noticed right away how silent and soothing this campground was. You could not hear one car in the distance.

After talking and hanging out for sometime, we went to a nearby market (12-15minutes away from the desert). As we approached the market, we noticed a loud sound. We started to see smoke in the air as well. Little did we know it was Kuwaiti Drift in a near by parking lot. What it look like, to be, teens or middle age boys spinning and doing burn outs with 2 door Dune Buggies. Mine you, this was very entertaining once we were able to get closer, but boy did it look dangerous. No fence or guard rails what so ever. Kids and adults sitting on top of cars and right next to the track? It was a sight to see. Watch video:


After the drifting, we went back to camp were we ate supper. This was a bit of a shock for me. As I entered I noticed a large portion of rice. On top of the rice were 2 chickens. In the tent, 4 of these plates (huge plates) with 2 chickens were set up. I would say each plate gathered 4-3 men around it. Without knowing, our host suggested that we eat the Kuwaiti way (With our hands). I was a little taken back at first, but really wanted to take in the culture so I did. One gentleman suggested that there are scientific studies that prove that eating with the hands gives more nutrition and enjoyment to the food. He seemed to know what he was talking about? But I honestly have no idea.The rice and chicken was very good.



When supper was over, we watched tv (Yes we watched tv in the middle of the desert) and drank more Turkish tea. Talked about life and followed some camels out and along a trail. The entire experience was great.



NOTE: This was the only male camel on the camel farm. Amongst this lonely male were 40 other female. The owner said, that is how it usually works. Lets just say this fella has lots of options.


You actually do, only live once. Each experience can be great. It may not be what you expect it to be, but it is something you can learn from. Something that allows you to think about the meaning of why you are here on earth.


BeAwesome: #272 Produce

BeAwesome: #272 Produce




We hear about this story all the time. One get’s cut from his high school basketball team. From Brooklyn New York, he was out to prove himself at a young age. With his close friend Harvest being the only sophomore to make the team that year. He was motivated. He was hungry to make his life what he wanted it to be. He feed from failure. He was pushed by the words and comments of others around him. The following summer he grew and found a spot on the varsity team averaging 20points per game in his final two season of his high school career. What happen next? Well if you haven’t figured it out already (I would be surprised if you didn’t). 5 NBA Most Valuable Player Awards. 6 NBA Championships. 10 NBA Scoring Titles. 10 All-NBA First Team. 14 NBA ALL Star Appearances. 2 Olympic Gold Medals. 6 NBA Final MVPS. And the list goes on and on and on. How did this happen? Did this individual just wake up and be given all of these things? Did he magically grow tall and be given the skill to compete at a high level. This individual produced. He produced at a level in which everyone should be trying to reach. Can we all be Michael Jordan ( Of course not) Can we try to work hard like him (Definitely)


Make or manufacture from components or raw materials. Grow. By Farming. By Grooming. Creating. Generating something. Present. Output a manner that is impossible to be broken. Get up and create something you believe in. When an individual is asked to create something out of nothing. They have 2 options. Try it. Or Quit. Individuals who try to figure out what works, what produce at a higher level. Individuals who quit. Will never find out. They will miss out on the experience and reason why things happen. Everything in life has a reason why (this is my own opinion) I think the worst things are used to create better things for the future. We cannot control bad things from happening. (This is life) But we can try to make these things never happen again. Produce a level of commitment to reach a goal or a passion you want to create. Produce a level of confidence that other people do not understand. Produce a way of life that is fitting for you and not the people on the outside of your life.


Those who are AWESOME produce. We grow from experiences and produce what we want our future to be. We are guided by our thoughts and motivations. Not by a book. Or another human being (Though we take advice often). We understand our life and where we are going. We create a plan and stick with it. We find a love or a passion and follow it.


BeAwesome: #257 Collect

BeAwesome: #257 Collect

Collect as much as you can, only if in good faith- Anonymous


I remember when I was young my uncle use to collect baseball cards. He use to have all of the cool players. The rookie cards. The all-star cards. Even a few that were autographed. We would go to the flea market. Card stores. And trade. Look and see what other speciality  cards we could collect. Looking back now, I understand the importance of collecting. Finding something you enjoy. Keeping a personal taste and interest in something. A sense of completion when you receive the final card to a set. Those who are AWESOME collect for the very same reasons. Individualism. Beauty. Art. Balance. Collecting is about finding something that allows you to separate yourself form the outside world. What makes you feel like a kid again. What makes you glow. What can make you get up 2 hours early for. Everyone in the world has this thing. Have they all found it yet? Probably not. But it is there. We all have things we like to collect. It is our duty to go out and find it. Collect a good feeling. And hold onto it. Collect


BeAwesome: #253 Coach ( @Ericthomasbtc )

BeAwesome: #253 Coach (@Ericthomasbtc )

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful. – Eric Thomas.

Eric Thomas

Now coaching is not for everyone. But I do believe coaching has a place in everyone’s heart. This type of coaching does not necessarily mean you have to organize or run a team or a sport.   It does not mean you have to play against another group of individuals. To coach is to instruct an individual/or group with your knowledge. To encourage others to do their very best all the time. To allow others to blossom and chase their dreams. To motivate and inspire others to go beyond expectations. To be an example. To want to get better at what you love to do. Setting goals and trying to meet them. To coach is to educate. Those who are AWESOME coach. Consistent reminders to others about their goals. Consistent positive action. We find a way that allows others to become comfortable in pursuing what they enjoy the most. Coach

Mr. Eric Thomas (The Hip Hop Preacher) is a true coach. He is extremely motivating. True. He is that guy who is willing to tell you what you do/and do not want to hear regardless of your situation. His words are simple and make sense. His message is uplifting and causes you to want to go beyond your expectations in life. He makes you want more out of success. He explains what it means to work hard. Quality over Quantity. Sweat over tears. His clever way of encouraging others is a gift. A gift that he works hard on every day. His knowledge and excitement about helping others is what motivates his push to change the thinking of others around the world (So I think so anyways). His story is amazing.

Presently, Thomas has a popular YouTube channel where his weekly “TGIM” – Thank God It’s Monday – videos are helping people change their perspective on what it means to be successful and happy. Take a look at TGIM

Quotes from ET:

– Don’t make a habit out of choosing what feels good over what’s actually good for you

 –You cannot afford to live in potential for the rest of your life; at some point, you have to unleash the potential and make your move(ment)

– Things change for the better when we take responsibility for our own thoughts, decisions and actions.

For more on Eric Thomas please visit his website

to become motivated.

Order his book: Here

The Secret to Success

-Be Awesome

PS: If you read this Mr. Thomas. Thank you for changing my sleeping habits ahahha