Family: “Swing”

Family: “Swing”

What does it mean to “Swing”? (Really think about this meaning) In the dictionary it means, “to cause to move to and from or oscillate, as something suspended from above” (over your head any?). Okay, yes dictionaries are stupid and they make things a lot harder than they should but that is the definition. Another definition I found, ” the rhythmic element that excites dancers and listeners to move in time to jazz music” (again, over your head I know). After confusing my self a lot more than what I wanted to, I came up with my own definition, “to remember child hood experiences and or continue to live childhood dreams”. Complicated? Nope.. I didn’t think so…

A few days ago as I was driving home from work (Ps. Work is not fun unless you are doing something you love), I noticed a young girl swinging on a swing. Nowww, without looking like a creep, I barley noticed her because I was driving with a purpose (to get home, my feet were sore.olol). As I arrived home, I started to think about the little girl swinging. I started to think about how happy she was when she went into the air.I remember a laugh or a slight smile on her face. I started to think about her mom (sort of) paying attention as she dug in the garden on the side of their house. I started to think about what she was thinking about, probably, “this is so fun!” or ” I wonder what’s for supper later”, “why is the sky so blue?”. I started to think about my childhood, and how I use to “Swing“. I remember Swinging in front of my great grandma’s house, waiting for the bus to take me to school. I remember Swinging, Jr.High school, 735am basketball practices before class.I remember Swinging, school clothes pressed and ironed to perfection by my mom in the morning.

This little girl made me think. She was a reminder. She reminded me to Swing in the moments you have with others and cherish life. She reminded me that tomorrow is not granted and today is almost over. She reminded me that Swinging is not only for kids, Swinging is for everyone.

Below is an image of what I saw:

Step 1

StepOne: I used a 16×20 canvas to create this picture











StepTwo: I started to play with a blue sky ( I did not like this at all so I changed it) See StepThree..









StepThree: I covered the blue sky with a yellow and white. I also started to create a tree on the right hand side.









StepFour: I finished the tree in the picture and I added a garden. I used a variety of greens, splashes of red and very little black.









StepFive: Here I started to create an image to represent the little girl Swinging










StepSix: SwingCompleted


         Everyone needs to Swing

Swing 4 Today Come Down Tomrrow -BeAwesome