Why Writing A Journal Is Important

BeAwesome: #330 Why Writing A Journal Is Important



Sometimes we need to express our thoughts. We have so much to say and no one to tell it to. Sometimes a friend is not what you are looking for. Sometimes our mom and dad are not the ears we want to express our feelings to. Sometimes your thoughts need to written instead of spoken. Here is why a writing in a journal is important:

Talk about yourself:

Who doesn’t like to toot their own horn (Talk about yourself) once in a while? A side from being cocky or full of yourself, you should be able to praise some aspects of “you” every day. We often forget that this is an important part of mental health. In your journal should reflect on how life is going, the people around you, the past and things you love most. It is an open book for you to talk about experiences and “you”. You should always be able to find something positive about your self in your journal.


A journal is a great place to write down your goals and accomplishments. It can also be used as a schedule. For starters, you can write the things you want to complete in a day, week, month and eventually a year. A long with planning, a journal should also be used for goal setting. Making a list of things you want to accomplish is important, and should be used as a reminder for everyone.


Hold yourself accountable for what you write in your journal. Your journal should be a place were you tell the truth. Writing down what you truly believe will allow you to make a bigger and more realistic picture of what you want. With that, it will help you figure out how and what you need to do to get there as well.

Writing a journal today is more than, talking about a girlfriend or a boyfriend. It is not about gossip or telling yourself how much you hate your best friend, teacher or coworker. Writing a journal is about relaxing your mind. Taking you away from your normal life and writing. Writing about what makes you feel good. How things are going. What you can do to make your life more pleasurable. Journal writing is about finding you. Finding different interest. Finding what that makes you smile. Of course it can be used for sad and angry times of your life, but remember: All negative things in life should be used to motivate you in a positive light.

Be a Writer



BeAwesome: #227 Reliable

BeAwesome: #227 Reliable

The most reliable way to forecast the future is to try to understand the present- John Naisbitt 


When you say you are going to do something, do it. When someone ask you to do something and you are unable to. Tell them. You do not need to give an explanation as to why. It is simply, you telling them that you are unable to complete a task that is asked of you. It is not a crime. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It is life. When you agree to something . You then become reliable. Be reliable for each one of your commitments. Before you say/agree to do something, think about what you’ve agreed to. Once you’ve agreed, you’ve verbally signed a contract with that individual and yourself. If you decide to break this contract, you will hurt two people involved. Your self and the other person. If you cannot commit to something within yourself, think deeply before you commit to something with someone else. Be reliable. Stand behind your words. Allow know one to change your thoughts. Or convince you into something you are uncomfortable with. Those who are AWESOME are reliable. Take on what we can handle. Reliable


Caileigh: MommaLove

Caileigh: MommaLoveI

This is an image I always wanted to create. Caileigh gave me this opportunity when she requested a painting that represented a mother’s love/intensity for her child. While painting this piece, I started to think about how important my mother is to me. I’ve been extremely lucky to have her my entire life. A lot of people question the theory behind, “finding a soul mate like their mom”. I, personal, would love to have anyone close to the individual that my mom is. She is my queen, she is my best friend, she is my mom (corny eh.ahaha)



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